Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 34

Esmeralda's pov ( in the shopping mall before the attack)

We were shopping for like hours. But the girls wasn't even a slight bit tired. "Come on we haven't even gone to the main store" Dani said excitedly.

I groan "seriously guys we've been shopping for three hours now can we go already? I'm tired" do you think they listened to me? Of course not they dragged me to the store they were all were so excited about.

"Come on you one more store then you can eat something" Dani said still dragging me and the others were just giggling. I eyed them suspiciously 'what are they up to' I thought.

My suspicious was soon cleared when they dragged me to 'Victoria's Secret'. I groan loudly. "Tell me why did I agree to come to shopping with you girls again?"

"Because you love us" Lucy said in a sing song voice. "But right now I'm having second thoughts about that" I mumble quietly but I'm sure they heard me cause Lucy immediately scowls.

"Come on Esme quit being a baby and let's go inside after this you can eat" Lilly said and we started walking again. I sigh knowing that they won't stop untill this one is done.

"So why did Sarah didn't come again" Nina asked when we entered the store and Dani, Lucy and Lilly went looking for some undergarments.

"She has gone to the late rogue kings Kingdom to gather those people who wanted to help her" I was looking around not in a mood to buy anything when I've god plenty of them.

"She have gone there all by herself?" she said looking concern.

"No Aron is with her they should be back by noon I guess I didn't talked to her since this morning" I told her walking out of the store.

It's not like I'm not worried about her. But I know worrying won't do any good at all infact it would cause unwanted problems. And I know Sarah she's capable of anything so I'm not that worried.

What worrying me the most is the pit feeling on my gut that something bad is gonna happen. 'Ugh.....I hate this feeling' I thought.

I looked at Nina who was looking slightly nauseous "hey are you feeling okay?"

She looked at me and shook her head Lucy and the the others came out of the store laughing but stopped when they saw Nina's face.

Lilly came rushing to her side "Nina are you all right?"

Nina was taking deep breaths so that she doesn't faint, I guess but right now I not really sure. "Can we all go somewhere and sit?" she said instead of answering our questions.

"Let's go to the food court to eat something and then you will tell us what the problem" I said and all of them nodded their head.

We made our way to the food court. Shopping for hours will drain your energy a lot and when you like food more then shopping. I didn't liked shopping since childhood.

I still remember when I was a child I really didn't like to go to shopping with dad or mom. And when Alex and I was leaving all by ourselves I didn't did shopping either. I love clothes especially those one which is comfortable for fights and have hidden places to keep my weapons. But that doesn't mean I have to love shopping.

We reached our destination and Nina was now very elevated to eat some food. Like she wasn't just going to puke in the middle of a shopping mall few minuets ago. We all took our sits susan went to order our foods.

She came back not a while ago and now we all are looking at Nina who was way too busy eating her food to notice the looks we were giving her.

The way Nina behaved it was clear she didn't came here to shopping there is a reason behind it. I waited untill everyone finished their foods. I cleared my throat to get everyone's attention including Nina's.

"So Nina wanna tell us the real reason why you bring us here?"

She looked at me then at the others "umm - "

"And before you say any lies I wanna tell you that I can detached lie so think twice before answering"

I really can't do that unless I open my mind link and connect with that person but she doesn't need to know that.

"All right I just wanted to get out of the castle for a bit and....and I have to tell you guys about a big news" we were all silent not interrupting her cause we know if we say something she will get another mood swing of hers.

"Well I'm pregnant"

"Your what" we all shouted together. Truth to be told I was surprised. But I really didn't attracted the whole food court's attention it was Dani's doing. She shouted so loudly that I'm sure the whole shopping mall have heard her.

And all those people were looking at us like we are some patients from asylum. And I wasn't the only one who noticed it, Lilly was sending them an apologetic look.

I focused on the very nervous girl in front of me. "Did you told Jack?" Lucy asked her but sighs when she shook her head.

"Why you know he needs to know right" Lilly asked her more softly.

Well she is the soft hearted girl on our gang. "I know but with all the things that is going on recently is hard I've tried plenty of times but every time I tried to talk to him but something always comes up" She said.

I was just going to say something but my attention went towards the people that just entered to the food court. They were six very well build mans and two girls. They were all wearing black the first sing that they are from some gang or enemies. And for us they were rogues and vampires.

'Okay whoever this person is he really is powerful or making rogues and vampires work together is impossible' I thought

And then they were looking in all of the people's faces that is present in this food court second sing that they were looking for someone. Susan saw my frozen sate first and she looked where I'm looking. Her eyes widen it could be one she know those people or two she knows they aren't here to eat.

The girls stopped talking and looked at the both of us then they noticed them. By that time when I look back at them one of their eyes connect with mine and that's all it took for them to notice us or rather I say me.

"Lilly and Lucy take Nina from here and before you argue that your capable of fighting I'm not suspecting that but I'm saving you from a very angry possessive mate and a very long lecture" I saw them coming towards us they "Dani and susan made sure that they don't hurt any of the humans here and I'll take care of them"

They did protest at first but comply it and did what I told them to do. They didn't even waited for the humans to go before that they throw a flying punch aiming on my face.

I caught it before it can landed on my face and twist it loving the crack that it made on the way. Another man came from my right side I kicked him and he landed on the juice machine. Another came from my left I caught the the hand that I was still holding more tightly ignoring the screaming and spin him around to make him clash with the man who was coming towards me from my left.

Dani and susan was fighting with two each. And by the looks of it they were fine. I looked behind me and two vampire girls were coming towards me with full speed I smirked I used my telekinesis power and stopped them all by making them stuck on the air.

'Perfect time to practice some spell of mine' I thought. Dani and susan came beside me "wanna have some fun girls" they both gave me a curious look and nodded there head. "So here it is"

I closed my eye's and started to chanting the air spell.

'Here and now
I evoke the elemental force of Air:
I call to the summer breeze
And roaring wind,
The echoing melody and lifting wings.
You that is ever - dancing,
That teaches lessons of the unseen,
That topples trees and embraces stars,
I call you here.
Infuse my intention with your
Swirling gifts of both song and silence.
Carry my will on your back
And rise my purpose into your sky.
Breathe and cloud.
Sound and song.
Air I call you thee.'

And immediately they started to spin when the wind started to make a little tornado. The tornado started to spin more faster and one by one all of them has fallen somewhere flying. Dani and susan just looked all of them by wide eyes and was trying pretty hard to hide there laugh.

But suddenly Dani fall on the ground and also susan. I crouched down to see what's wrong but I felt stinging pain on my neck. I touched behind my to see an injection. I looked behind me and what I saw made my eye's widen "you how could you do this you...."

Before I can finish I started to feel dizzy and I could see black spots. And before the darkness consumed me all I can think of is we've been betrayed by the one we trusted.


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