Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 35

Aron's pov (Meanwhile in the rogue king's old kingdom)

"Okay so why are we here again?" I asked my mate as I cracked the rogues head who was now laying lifeless on the floor.

She looked at me slicing another rogues head by her sword. I did a little magic and those body's are now gone. "We are here to save Rose's mother"

I rised an eyebrow "then why did you tell her that you were coming here to talk to some soldiers?"

She started walking towards the now empty hallway. It wasn't hard to catch up with her but the way she was walking it was fast but silent at the same time.

'Looks like it's not the first time she's doing this' I thought.

"Well I really didn't lie to her we have talked to them I just didn't tell her about saving her mother and besides if I told her she would stop me not because she doesn't trust me because it could be dangerous" she explained.

"And it isn't dangerous?" I looked at her but she was looking anywhere but me.

"It is but I know I can save her and if we have her then our biggest villain won't be able to use her against us in the war" she stopped and took my hand to hide behind a pillar.

Two guards was talking to themselves "I'm so tired of that old witch she's crazy don't know what boss has to do with her" one of the guards says.

The other guard shook his head "you know how boss is and then his busy with catching that witches daughter"

My eyes widen I look at Sarah she was clenching her fist. "Clam down angle don't do anything" I whispered to her so that the guards can't hear us.

She looked at me I could see that she was battling with herself. She wanted to kill them because they have disrespected her sister. But at the same time she knew that It's not the right time we need to gather as much information as we can.

She gave me a small nod and again looked at the guards when they started to talk again. It would have been missed by me if I wasn't looking at her.

"Yeah hey let's go to the kitchen to eat something boss won't be back by midnight so he won't know" the black head guard who was talking about Esme's mom suggested.

The guard that gave us the information about Esme's kidnapping unknowingly was hesitating. But the black head convinced him anyways.

Sarah took deep breaths to control her anger I guess. When she opened her eye's they were so determine but for what that is yet to know for me.

'My mate is full pack of mysteries' I thought.

"Come on before I change my mind and kill them we need to go to the basement" she said walking to a door I assume is where the dungeon is.

"How do you know this place" I was curious. Since we met we both didn't talked properly just a hi's and hello's. And beside that I don't know anything about my soulmate.

"I know this place because I've been leaving here for years as a spy well kinda for inside informations and to make sure that no news from the castle or about Esme and Alex that so called rogue king doesn't get" she said as she opened the basement's door.

Which those stupid guards left open. We walk down the stairs the basement has only one light but it was still dark. Sarah took my hand and started walk "you can't see in the dark and I know this basement as the back of my hand so it's better not walking alone" she said looking around I guess for guards.

I smirked closing my eye's I bring a torch one of my powers I can bring any object by my imagination. Sarah looked at the torch like it was a threat to us.

"How did you get that?" she asked still looking at the torch in my hand.

"Well Princess it's one of my many talents that you has yet to see" I said with teasing voice.

She glare at me and started to walk forward. I chuckle to myself "oh come on sweet you know it was just a jock" I said turning on the torch and catching up with her with few strides.

She didn't looked at me when I took her hand in mine neither she pulled away. "How did you even do that I thought healers can only heal people?" her curious voice asked me.

I don't have to look towards her direction to know that she was looking at me. But I kept my eye's ahead pretending to look around.

Shrugging my shoulder I said the truth "yes healer can only heal people but they have other powers like they can control one element some can and some only can do healings I can control earth like every eighty percent healers but I'm also a half witch so that explains the torch I can bring any object from my imagination"

When I didn't get any response I looked at her to see she was looking at me with a slightly shocked expression. "Your a half witch and a half healer?" she asked after a long silence.

"Well not really witches can heal people too" I said to her which is true. "And the only reason people doesn't know I'm a witch is because I don't want them my mother and father was killed by the council or I say only because of one person elder Raith he killed them because they didn't wanted to hurt anyone" It was silent after that only our footsteps in the concrete floor was the only sound that was echoing the almost empty basement.

Suddenly Sarah stopped and hugged me. I buried my face in the crook of her neck. Her scent was comforting and calming I instantly became relaxed in her embrace.

"I'm sorry about what happen to your parents but I promise that he will be punished for his doings very soon" she said in a hushed tone.

I gotta admit it, it still hurts remembering about them but not as much as it did before. But right now standing in our enemies creepy basement in my mate's embrace I already know that I'm complete.

And as long as my mate is with me I can do anything. After all she's my soulmate. "I know that sweetheart and I'm not worried about that but let's not forgot that we're in a secret mission here we can talk when we get back"

She pulled away from me with a little blush I chuckle at that. We started to walk again and this time there is a comfortable silence between us.

"How big is this basement? we've been walking for like hours" I whined. Sarah looked at me "why are you whining like a child and this is the old kingdom of course this basement is very big and they have kept her here so it has to be big".

I was going to reply but she put her fingers on my lips " shush hear that" I tried to listen more closely a woman's voice it was coming from the end of the empty hallway. It was like she was comforting someone or herself.

We exchange looks both of us thinking the same thing the most powerful witch Esme's mother might be here. We both walk towards that door slowly not to make any noises.

If it was any other time I might say it would be perfect for a horror movie. You know where they go into the a dark creepy basement when they hears a voice calling them from there.

As we get closer we could hear it more clearly but it wasn't full sentences. Like "they....for me....Kill....I know it" weird but this basement is so cold and I myself is starting to feel numb.

So imagine her being here for years. Sarah took her sword and broke the doors lock by it when we got closer. I opened the door and what I saw nearly stopped me in mid step.

Their was a woman looking exactly like Esme laying on the farther corner of the room. She have her face buried on her hands chanting something like a protecting spell. But she was so weak I hardly belief that it would work.

Sarah slowly walked towards her eye's mist with tears. "Olivia we are here to take you out of here" she said in a quite voice.

When she heard her, she looked up at her and I saw recognition on her eye's "Sarah the beloved sister and best friend of my daughter you finally came" she said in a very weak voice.

But you could still feel the power radiating from it. Sarah was confused "you know me?" I was surprised myself.

As I've heard Sarah never met Esme's mother but she have saw her and Esme's father's picture because Sarah came to their life when the both of them were gone. So it was kinda impossible for her to know her.

"Yes I do I've seen your image on my daughters head and also I've see this was going to happen you would come here with your mate who you recently discovered but I couldn't see more because of my lack of food I've become weak" Olivia said.

Sarah was quite shocked but she came out of it soon and her her eye's become cloudy. I looked at her worriedly "Someone has mind linked with her there's nothing to worry about" Olivia said looking at my worried expression with a small smile.

Suddenly we heard a thud when I looked at Sarah she have fallen to her knees I rushed towards her "hey sweetheart what happen are you all right?" I asked her crouching down.

She looked up at me and then at behind my back to look at Olivia a tear fall down from her eye's. "Rose has been taken"

Olivia was shaking she also fall down on the floor. The both of them are broken I don't think they are in any state of walking so I have to take them.

I don't use my telepathy power cause it takes a lot of energy but right now I think it would be the best situation. I grab both of theirs hand and imagined about the castle.

But before we could go Sarah got up and took her daggers and trow it to the two guards who was coming towards us when they saw us. I said some words and their body was gone. Sarah came back beside me and I closed my eye's and when I opened my eye's we were in the castle's garden.


Hi my lovely readers, I'm back and I'm sorry for keeping you all hanging.

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