Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 36

Xander's pov, ( in the office room)

I was sitting in my office thinking about what I have to do. I'm angry no that wouldn’t be the right word to describe how I'm feeling right now.

But I have to think and for thinking I need to be calm. There was a knock on my door. When I looked up Jack entered looking all serious.

"I've sent warriors to search the whole forest and Luca have went to our alliance packs to talk to them" he said as soon as he came inside.

I nodded my head and got up from my chair. "Jack do another work for me make sure that this news doesn’t go out of our kingdom for now"

I didn’t wait for his reply cause I know he will do as I ask him to do. After Mark's shocking reveal I have mind linked Jack and told him everything.

I know I can trust him in anything. But I'm not sure that if there is any other traitor in the castle. So I can't trust anyone other then my friends.

I walk towards my room I've mind linked Ryan and told him to tell the others to be present in my room. Harry, Alex and Rosa isn’t our pack members or a wolf so I can't mind link with them. Dani and the girls is on their way to the castle so they will be here soon.

Luca and the others still doesn’t know anything about Esme so I've to tell them about it. And I have sent guards in the forest to search the whole forest for any clues.

I might not know mark but I know how this kind of people’s mind works. So hiding Esme in the forest where I can find her easily would be a stupid plan. And I think Mark isn’t someone who I can take lightly.

He have taken my mate from me and I swear I will kill him myself when I'll get my hands on him. As soon as I entered my room I was welcomed by all the curiosity and worried looks.

I sigh knowing full well that this meeting won't end well. "What did you need to talk to us about Xander?" it was Harry he would always be the one to break the silence.

I looked around the room to see that Sarah and Aron is missing. "Where's Sarah and Aron?" I asked instead answering Harry.

Alex spoke before Harry can start fighting "they have went to the rogue kings Kingdom to talk to those guards and soldiers who wanted to help us in the war".

I nodded my head then look at Harry who was like going to explode any moment now. Looks like the list of impatient mans are going to be more longer then I thought.

"Esmeralda is taken by Mark" I said finally throwing the bomb. The room filled with gasps and angry growls. I think I don’t need to tell you all who growled right?.

If you still didn’t get it then the angry growls were from Harry and Alex they both looked like ready to kill. I think I was looking like the same when I found out or worse.

"What do you mean by taken?"

"What do you mean by Mark took Esme?"

Harry and Alex asked at the same time. "I was going to call the girls when I heard someone's talking when I went closer it was Mark talking to someone he was ordering them to capture the girls and if they fail then he will kill them and when I went inside the room he was gone and after that Dani mind linked me and said that Esme has been taken they have been attacked and many of them have attacked Esme then someone have injected them from behind" I explained to them.

"You mean our luna queen has been taken by that wizard?" Ryan asked.

I nodded my head and looked at Rosa who has become pale. Harry noticed it too cause he started to comfort her.

'I'm missing my mate' Alastair whined laying his head down.

'I miss her too that's why we need to bring her back' I said to him.

"His the one in the prophecy" Rosa said after a while. I looked at her rising an eyebrow "what you mean his in the prophecy?" Dani asked her coming out of nowhere.

"Whoa Dani I knew you were into ghost and all but how did you get in here" Jack asked entering the room.

Dani glared at him "we can say the same to you too Jacky"

"Okay we can discus who is more spooky then whom but not now" Nina stopped her mate before he can say anything. She then looked at Rosa "can you explain what that ment?"

Rosa looked at all of us then said in a soft voice "remember when I said the prophecy there also was written a betrayal is bound to happen I think it was talking about Mark"

All of us looked at her shocked "she's right it have to be Mark" Susan also joined. I looked at them "when did you all came back?"

It was Lilly who answered me "we came back few minuets ago Dani said that she know where all of our mates are so she brought us here"

"If Mark is on the prophecy then there must written what he want right?" I questioned Rosa.

Rosa shook her head "no a prophecy doesn’t work like that they tell you about a little of the future like a warning then It's up to you what you will do after it"

I was going ask another thing but stopped when the door of my room suddenly opened. There stood none other then Sarah and Aron but they aren’t alone.

With them was an older woman who's hair was dark black but what shocked me the most is her eye's it is the exact same eyes as Esme. Crystal blue eyes which I love so much.

'She's our mate's mother' Alastair said he was shocked as well.

Third persons pov,

As Xander was shocked to meet the woman who he and the whole supernatural world thought died. His beloved mates mother.

On the other side Olivia was looking at all the faces she have seen on her vision. She knows their names but that is all she can know when she was so weak.

But she remembered every single faces she have seen on her dream. She was looking at each one of their faces when her eye's locked with the brownish black eyes which is exactly the same as her beloved husband and mate.

Alex was confused, shocked, happy all at the same time. He doesn’t know what to do. His mother who he and Esme thought died years ago is now standing at the door looking right at him. He knew that she was alive but looking at her now was unbelievable.

If it wasn’t for Sarah's holding Olivia might have fallen on the floor because her knees have become weak by looking at her son after all these years.

The others on the room was just quiet looking at the both of them no one dared to interfere. Olivia walked towards his son with slow calculated steps.

Alex was just standing frozen on his place. He really don’t know what to do but when his mother hugged him he just broke down. All those years all the emotions which he has buried deep inside of him. All the controls took just one hug from his mother to clash down.

"Take it all out Alex take it all out you will feel lighter after this" Olivia said to her son.

Looking at them made Sarah cry she never get to know what a mother's love is because her parents never bothered with it. They were too busy with their own lives to care about her.

Olivia opened her arms inviting her. She doesn’t had to say twice when Sarah ran towards the inviting arms of the woman who claims her as her daughter.

"It doesn’t matter that your not biologically related to me because no matter what you're my daughter beside Esme" she said to her.

When they both calm down she looked at them both smiling lovingly. "Mom do you know that Esme has been taken?" Alex asked his mother.

Reminding all of them about the current situation. Olivia smiled at her son sadly "yes Sarah have told me about it"

Alex frown "Sarah how did you - "

"Harry mind linked me few minuets ago when we were in the cell they have kept Olivia" she explained before Alex could finish his question.

Alex just shook his head he was a little angry about that Sarah have gone to rescue his mother without informing him. But he know at the same time that being angry won't do anyone any good.

"Mom have you met my mate Daniella" Alex said bringing Dani to his side.

Olivia nodded her head "yes I have seen her on my vision and you too Xander" she finished looking at Xander.

Xander's pov,

I was nervous no I was beyond nervous. When Esme's mother looked towards me I was nervous. All I could do was nod my head I couldn’t speak at all.

Olivia just smiled sweetly at me. Now I know from where my mate got that beautiful smile of hers. And the others were laughing. My glare didn’t stop them from laughing infact it made them laugh even louder and harder.

"Harry I know that my spell book isn’t here that is with Mark but I can still feel something else is also here can you tell me what?" Olivia asked him after when everyone calmed down.

"Yes that might be the ancient scroll which is with Xander" Harry answered her.

Olivia looked towards me. I walked towards the secret drawer in my room. Took the real scroll which Esme gave me and kept the copy with her.

I gave it to Olivia who took it and started looking at it line by line. Suddenly her eye's widen and a gasp left her lips. I looked at her worried

"Mom is everything okay?" in a flash Alex was in front of Olivia.

She looked at him then at me "Mark is planing to sacrifice Esme". I froze looking at her for something that would tell me it is a mistake. But the look on her face told me it was the truth.

"How did you know that?" I didn’t wanted to snap at her but right now I'm in a fight with controlling myself from shifting and killing whoever came in front of me.

"In this scroll there is a spell which is for summoning the death but for that you need a very powerful witch's blood and magic only then you can do it the rules is pretty big and it is on my spell book and I know that Mark wanted to summoned the deaths to take control all over the world and he has this scroll he wants to sacrifice Esme for it"

That's all it took for me to lost control and I shifted into my mid night black wolf. I jumped out of the window to the forest before I do something I will regret. Running through the forest I know one thing if I wanted to kill Mark before then I want to annihilate him now.


Hi readers sorry for the late update. I was confused as to whose pov I would write in this chapter.

Here is the chapter now hope you all enjoyed it. Vote and comment your thoughts about this Chapter. Next chapter will be on Esmeralda's pov so be ready.

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