Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 37

Esmeralda's pov,

Darkness is the first thing that I saw. Slowly opening my eye's I tried to recall what exactly happened. But the throbbing pain in my neck making it hard for me to remember.

It is not something that I never felt before. Looking around the cell it is dark but my vampire eyesight has no problem with that. Speaking of which I was chained by silver chains with magic spells. 'For gods sake'

I tried to break the chains but it was in vain. I huff in annoyance I hate when this happens.

Being a half vampire silver really doesn't effects me but looks like they have used black magic that is stoping me from just breaking from this chain.

Then it came to me shopping, the surprise attack in the cafeteria, the backstabbing by none other then....

"Ah my dear Princess is finally awake" I heard him before I saw him. I clenched my fist.

"Unfortunately, why did you locked me here Mark?" I was seriously thinking to attack him by fire balls and seeing him running in this cell calling for help.

He just smirked "straight to the point that's the thing I like about you"

"Do you really think that I give a shit about what do you think of me? Just answer the damn question" I was so determine to make him choke in my own water balls.

He just shook his head "oh come on Princess you don't have to be so rude now do you? what will your mother think of it?"

I glare at him I swear if looks can kill he sure will be turn into ashes by now. "Don't you dare bring my mother in all of this I knew we couldn't trust you from the start"

"Well it really doesn't matter now that your the one in chains" he really was testing my patience.

"You call yourself powerful huh if your that powerful why don't you unchain me then we'll see who is the powerful one" I snap at him

Mark bent down so we were on the same eye level. "Don't worry my dear Princess you don't have to stay here for long"

I frown "what do you mean by that?"

He just smiled and got up "that you will soon find out but right now I've some things to take care of I'll see you later"

He was going to walk out of the door but stopped before adding "oh and Esmeralda the injection that I gave you have a little bit of vervain so don't even think of anything stupid"

With that he was out of the room. I took deep breaths it's not time to thinking of murdering Mark I can do that when I'm out of here.

I need to be calm I'm powerful after all. So this black magic and little vervain won't stop me. I just have to be patience.

I was thinking how to get out of this damn chains when I heard the door of the dungeon open. A man who I didn't see before came in front of the cell I was in. With an evil grin on his face he started to eye me up and down.

I immediately cringed in disgust. But made my face emotionless as soon as I spoke "what do you want now?"

He just smirked and opened the door of the cell and came in. 'I so want to shoot laser through my eye's right now' I thought.

He came closer to me I saw an injection in his hand "If you get any closer to me I swear you will regret it when I'll get free"

He just laughed "master sure have forgot to tell me about how comedian you can be"

"Relax I'm giving you a sleeping injection" I swear they all just wants to die in my hands.

Before I can ask him any more questions he injected this to my hand much to my dismay. He sure have sealed his own dead warrant after this.

Mark's pov,

Demon came into my office after a while "have you done what I asked you to do?"

He nodded his head "yes I've injected her but can I ask why are you doing this again?"

I just smiled evilly. They don't know anything about what I'm going to do. And I'll keep it that way "you don't need know about it call Medusa"

He didn't say anything and went out of my office. Of course they can't say anything. I'm their king they do what I told them to do.

After awhile I heard a knock on my office door and the black witch came in. "You called me master?"

"Yes is everything ready for the ritual?" I asked her.

"Yes master everything is as you planned but we must do the ritual very quickly because she is very powerful I can't hold her any longer and if she wakes up now then I can't hold her my spell has become very weak" she said.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?" I yelled at her. She flinched at my tone fear was evident on her eye's

"I'm sorry master but - " she stopped when Demon came into the room looking alarmed. I rise an eyebrow "I thought I told you not to interrupted"

"I'm sorry master but we have an emergency there's a fae outside of the castle attacking us" he said.

I cursed looking at Medusa an idea came up in my mind "can we use the blood as the sacrifice?"

She was thinking for a second before answering "yes we can but what are you thinking?"

I smiled "Medusa why don't you go and pay a visit to Esmeralda and take her blood while I take care of this fae"

She nodded she was out of the room before us. I looked at demon "Let's go" I said to him and we were out of the room walking towards where the fae is.


Hi readers here's an update. This was a quick update. And my brain was a little fuzzy so I guess this chapter may have confuse many of you.

And also you might not like this chapter this was a little short from my previous chapters. I wanted to make it short all the long chapters were making me tired.

But the next chapter will clear everything and that is going to be very big so this short chapter was needed.

But really writing more then one pov's is very tiering. Whoever think this chapter is confusing or short I wanna tell you all that everything will be cleared on the next chapter.

Stay safe everyone Love ya all :)
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