Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 38

Nathan's pov, ( in the fae world before the surprise attack)

"No Nathan you aren't going don't you know it's so risky" Victoria my twin sister said to me.

"Come on Vic you know that you can't help them alone as elder Robert said they're powerful" I tried to reasoning with her.

She shook her head "that's the whole point I don't want you to get into trouble because any of this"

I sigh "I know your worried about it but I need to do this I feel like I will meet my mate in all of this and you know very well how much I want to find my mate"

She was still looking a little worried "let him come with us Vicky you know your brother, he will come even if you say no"

I saw Kyle ( Victoria's mate) come towards us more like to Victoria. He smiled at his mate and kissed her on the lips "hey I approve of you but that doesn't mean you get to kiss my own twin sister in front of me"

He just chuckled but pull away after a peck. Vic being Vic she shook her head "your right he would go even if I said no"

"All right stop with all of this we need to go we don't have much time" Kyle said.

"What's the plan?" I asked them when we were getting all the things we needed before teleporting.

"Kyle is gonna explain everything to the alpha king and I'm gonna go to the dungeon that elder Robert said and now that your tagging along you will take care of the power greedy dogs" Vic explained.

I groaned "why do I always have to do all the nasty works"

She just shrug her shoulders "you wanted to go in the first place so don't complain"

I huff 'I swear she's taking revenge from before when I made her do all the works she didn't wanted to' I thought shaking my head.

When we have everything we needed we all teleported ourselves to each of our destinations. Me handling or more like distracting the master mind behind all of this.

Victoria taking that distraction as an opening and going to help Esmeralda. I've heard many things about her so I'm kinda looking forward to meeting her.

Kyle going to speak to Xander the alpha king about our plan for this and also the war. After all he was the one who asked more like ordered us to help them.

Xander's pov, ( after running in the forest to his office room)

After running for a while me and my wolf calmed down a bit. But we both still were on the edge that will only go when our mate would be in our arms.

Alex was pacing around the room. Harry was much calmer then before. Rosa and Olivia was looking for some kind of magical way to bring Esme back.

And about the girls they all are in Nina's room doing only they know what. Accept Sarah and Susan they said they aren't going anywhere untill they know a way to save Esme. Jack, Luca and Ryan has also took part on the searching.

As for me I can't attack them. Why? Because my beloved mates beloved mother told me so. She and Rosa both said that I needed to be here as much as ridiculous it sounds to me and to my wolf I didn't argue much after they told me that as their vision I need to be here.

What the vision was only they knows. Olivia has been well rested when I came back. They immediately got into work to find some way to bring her back.

"I can't believe this first my mother was captive and when my mother is here my sister is captive and the most amazing thing is I still couldn't do a thing about that" Alex said stopping in the middle of the room sighing.

I wasn't any good either before I could explode and yell at any of them Olivia spoke up with an Idea. "We can take the Fae's help"

All of us in the room went silent and looked at her like she suddenly has three heads. She sighs looking at our reaction like she was accepting it.

"What do you mean we can take fae's help Olivia?" Harry asked first, like always. She smiled "didn't my daughter told you about the fae that is on our side"

This time it was Rosa "sure she has but only elder Robert can connect with them and Esme is the one that had connected with elder Robert so how are we supposed to do it?"

"Your forgetting that I'm her mother Rosa, yes I'm still a little weak but I'm stronger then before and I can connect with them" she explained.

"But what if elder Raith know that your going to try connect with elder Robert?" Sarah asked looking concerned. Olivia just shook her head "no he won't I'm still as powerful as I was before I couldn't do anything before because of the lack of food but I'm fine now" she assured her.

But before she could do anything the door opened and came in Jack, Luca and Ryan who was carrying elder Robert by his shoulders wounded.

Rosa and Olivia gasped looking at him. Ryan made him lay on the sofa and Olivia rushed to his side inspecting his wounds carefully. Closing her eye's she started to chant some words. 'I guess she's healing him'

"Elder Robert what happened?" I asked him I know he wasn't in any way to talk but I have to know what exactly happened that lead him to this.

He hissed in pain opening his eyes as he looked at me "Raith have found out about that I've talked to Esme and told her about him we had a fight and I came out of it somehow"

"Your leaving some details" Susan said from behind me. He winched again "let's not go to the details now I'll tell you all everything when I'm not laying here with wounds"

Suddenly there was light in the room when we all looked towards it there was a girl who I didn't saw before but she was like a blur image right now she was like a ghost but all I know that she isn't a ghost. She looked at elder Robert who's eyes was closed. "This is Victoria she's the Fae I've told Esme about" he said without opening his eyes.

Olivia stand up and looked at her "are you going to help us bringing my daughter back"

"We can bring her back from there
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