Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 4

Esmeralda's pov
Let me tell you one thing, that travelling around the world is the most frustrated thing.

Currently we were in a plane waiting for it to land. And beside me was Alex who were sleeping peacefully. After finishing with packing and all the erasing, we rushed to airport just in time or else we would've lost the plane ( how I wish that could've happen) but luck wasn't on my side.

I sigh just as the pilot announced that, we have reached our destination and we're going to land in five minuets. I shook my brother as gently as I can and told him it’s time for landing so put his seat belt on.

When we landed safely, both of us stand up to get out of this plan. Australia's air was warm not like London's weather but it was nice.

"let's take our bags and get out of this airport there must be a car waiting for us outside of the airport" Alex said beside me and I nodded my head. True to his word there was indeed a red mercedes waiting for us outside. I wasn’t surprised though cause knowing Alex he had his ways.

Alex and I throw our bags in the backseat, he went to the driving seat and I went to the passenger seat. He start the engine and speed off to our destination. (Wherever that is)

"how far is the house where we're staying?" I asked him when it became more then twenty minutes.

"We'll be there soon, i've selected a house near the forest cause I know how much you like your privacy" was the only answer I got after he went silent again. I nodded and closed my eye's, I was quite tired for not sleeping on the plane and need some sleep.


'I was running afraid if I stop then he would kill me. Alex's grip on my hand was so strong that I was sure that'll be bruised but I was too scared to care.

As we were running we heard a growl that was so inhuman that send shiver down my spine and by the sound of it that creature was close very close.

Alex must have sensed it too cause he started to run faster and either was I. But we stoped as a figure jumped right in front of us.

It was looking directly at us like a predator look's at it's prey. Then it jumped right on us.'

'End of dream'

I wake up, and sigh another nightmare it stopped for few days but now it started again.

"Esme are you okay?" come my brothers concerned voice. I looked at him and meet his worried eyes. I shake my head that everything was alright,"it was just a nightmare" I said when he didn’t looked convinced.

"Nightmare!! I thought that it stopped coming" he said eye's on the road but sounding more worried and the frown on his face deepened.

"I thought so to, didn’t have any since last week but I guess I was wrong" I surged my shoulder and looked out of the window. Alex might have get the memo so he didn’t ask any further questions but I know he will.

It was about that day when we lost our parents. when that creature nearly killed us but we were saved by a hunter. Who currently is a vampire but unfortunately he couldn’t kill that monster.

But harm him enough to make it retreat and leave us alone. That vampire's name is Harry. He then listened to our story and took us in his wing and trained us to what we are today.

Undefeated, fearless and no one haven’t seen us but they surely have heard about us, because of our parents and our killings.

I came out my train of thoughts when the car came to a stop. "We're here" Alex announced and I looked outside there was a beautiful two storeyed house with light cream colour and I could see that there is forest behind the house.

We got out of the car. Took our bags and went toward the house. When we got in, it was all furnished and decorated. "this house is lovely" I said when we put our bags down.

I walked to my room which was upstairs. It was quite big not that I'm not complaining. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room, there was two doors each side of the bed.

One was bathroom and the other was a walk in closet I guess. Also there is a balcony on my right and I could see the forest from here and immediately wanted to go there.

But I need to shower so I think roaming around the forest has to wait and it's a double bonus. That Alex have chosen a house in middle of the forest. I could train there and there won't be any human to question about it.

"all good sis, unpack your clothes and everything and come downstairs we need to talk" Alex said and started to leave then I heard him saying,
"And no running away or excuses this time sis"

I sigh I knew this was gonna happen he won't let me go that easily. And I know I've to face it but I wished I can postpone it.

As much as that idea is appealing I know I can't do it, he deserve some answer and I'm the only one that can give him those answers he seeks.

I unpacked my bags and placed everything to it's place, now I only have to shower and face my brother as easy as it sound it's not that easy.

I showered and wear a black shiney jeans and a red tank top with my crescent moon locket which was a birthday gift from my mother and the last one.

I shook my head no It's not time to think about the past. I let my hair down and a little chapstick, a little mascara and wear my black boot heals which I love. They are comfortable to train with and fight.

We are in a new city doesn’t mean that there won't be any dangers. And I've to be ready for everything. Well now is time to face my brother, with a deep breath I went downstairs to look for my brother and answer all of his unanswered questions.

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