Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 39

Third person's pov,

Esme and Victoria they both reached outside of the house where Esme was captive. Mark look at them and smiled evilly. It was conformed that he was planning something evil.

"Oh looks like my dear Princess have finally managed to escape" he said tauntingly.

Esme clenched her fist but before she can run towards him some rogue attacked her. Stopping her from cutting down Marks head.

Nathan was fighting some of Marks minions too busy to help them. Victoria was also fighting them sometimes with magic and sometimes with her sword.

Mark looked at his right hand "make sure that they stay occupied"

Demon was confused "why master?"

"I've collected Esme's blood when she was unconscious now all I need is another substitute" with that Mark went away from the fighting place.

Victoria was taking care of few rogues when Nathan used his fae magic and send the rogues they were fighting to the castle's dungeon.

Esme was the same but the only difference is she's making sure that they don't get up again. They don't need so many rogues to investigate and letting them go isn't an option.

As much as merciless it sound they have killed so many innocent people. And tortured so many supernatural species. They don't have any right to live.

"Watch out" Esme yelled as soon as she did a rogue came from behind Nathan to attack him. Esme throw her dagger that she brought magically and that rogue lays lifeless on the ground.

One by one they have killed some and the others whose alive they are on the cells of the castle. And very few was successful to run away.

Nathan looked at Victoria silently asking her if she's okay. She nodded her head looking around to make sure that no one is left to attack.

Esmeralda's pov,

I looked around to see that Mark and the guy from the dungeon ( whose name is yet to know) is gone. "Esmeralda are you okay?"

I heard Victoria questioning me. Turning towards her I nodded my head "yes I'm fine"

"But looks like the traitor has ran away" Victoria's twin brother said coming towards us.

"Yes but we'll take care of him later now let's go back to the castle we need to be prepared for the war cause I think if Mark came back this time it wouldn’t be for a friendly talk" they both nodded their heads.

"Let me introduce myself first my name's Nathan I'm 5 seconds younger then Victoria over here but believe me when I say I'm the best twin" Nathan said bowing a little with a small smirk.

"Hey don't flirt with her you know her mate will kill you for that right?" Victoria said knowing her brother very well.

I chuckle seeing Nathan who has a pout on his face. "What! You have a mate? Why? Why does all beautiful and strong girls are taken?" he whined like a child.

Victoria just shook her head "come on now big baby we have to go to the castle" she said but before he can say anything she teleport herself. Nathan just huff at his sisters behaviour.

He looked towards me as he also teleport himself. Shaking my head, hardly holding my laugher I teleport myself. I thought of the our room in the castle.

I know that people are worried about me, but I need a shower first. to get rid of this disgusting cells smell. When I teleported myself to my room it was empty I walk towards the closet taking a t-shirt and jeans and went to the bathroom for a long warm shower.

After an hour I came out of my room fully freshed and dressed. 'But where is everyone?'

Wasn't in a mood of searching I closed my eye's and imagined where Xander is. When I opened my eye's I was in Xander's office room. Everyone stopped what they were talking and looked at me shocked. 'Opps looks like they didn't accepted me to just came out of thin air'

"Umm...guys -" before I can finish what I was going to say Xander kissed me. The kiss was desparet and like it's an assurance that I'm actually here and I'm not a dream.

After what felt like hours he pulled away and looked at me more like scanned me head to toe to see for any trace of injury. "I'm fine don't worry they have used varvein and black magic that's why I couldn't escape before" I said smilling at him.

Soon Xander was pused back and in his place was Sarah and Alex. They hugged me so tight that if I wasn't a vampire my bones would've been crushed. "will you ever listen to me and stop being in trouble or kidnap" Alex said still hugging me tight.

"Yes I've just left your side for one shopping trip and you got yourself kidnapped" Sarah said next.

"Guys it wasn't my fault I was injected from behind and I'm here now right that's the main thing" I said to them trying to get out of their strong grips.

They pulled away and glared at me. "What did you just say" both of them said it together. "You know how worried we were and now your saying that - "

Before they can lecture me any more Rosa interrupted them "kids stop it you both can scold her as much as you both want but not now right now let Olivia meet her"

I silently thanked her but was confused as to whose shes referring too. But my eye's went wide I nearly break down into tears when I saw the person 'my mother'

Olivia's pov,

I saw my daughter before but seeing your daughter spiritually and seeing her in person is two very different thing. I could see that she is shocked to see me in person.

"My Rose won't you give your mother a hug?" that made her broke from her shocked trance. She run towards me so fast that I was nearly going to fall. But I balanced myself before we both fall on the floor.

"I missed you mom I missed you so much!!! - " she was sobbing so loudly.

"Shh my dear I'm right here I'm not going anywhere don't cry okay" I was comforting her rubbing my hand on her back soothingly untill her crys turn into small hiccups.

She pulled away her nose was red from crying. I smile sweetly at her "oh my Rose I will be here as long as you need me and will support you, Alex and Sarah"

"But mom how did you escaped?"

"Well dear Sarah helped me before you were taken"

Her eyes widen and looked towards Sarah "why am I not surprised" she had a small smile on her face. She wasn't mad it was like she was kinda knew this was going to happen.

"Ummm I don't want to ruined this moment but where's Susan?" Sarah asked.

Esme looked at her but Xander was the one who answered "she might have gone to tell the others about Esme's return"

Right then the door opened and Susan entered to the room "I've told the boys about Esme's return and - " before finishing her she was engulfed by a hug.

"What the hell?"


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