Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 40

Susan's pov,

After Xander sprint through the window Rosa took Olivia to one of the guest rooms. The girls started to look at each other when Jack looked at them questioningly.

"What are you all up to?" he was suspecting them. Who wouldn't they were making so obvious that they're hiding something. Shaking my head I walk outside for some fresh air.

Walking through the empty hallway makes so many memories from the past fresh. I shake the dark memories from my mind not in the mood.

When I inhale the fresh air it calmed me down instantly. Being a half breed isn't any problem because I'm powerful the way I am.

I started to feel cold. 'What! It isn't winter so why the coldness' I thought.

Searching around I saw a girl and a boy. 'Another vision?' I thought.

I have vision's of the future but they always came as blurry. And come whenever they wish to. I've asked Rosa about it and she said that with time I can control it but untill then it will come when I needed them the most.

'But what's up with this vision?' I thought.
My attention went back to the vision that I was seeing right now.

'The girl that was sitting on the grass looked up when the brown eyed boy came. He smiled sweetly "what are you doing here Choco?"

She smiled in return that's when I recognise the girl was me? And the boys face was blurry I can't see it clearly. But his eyes is the one thing that was calling to me.

"Just sitting here after everything is done I just wanna sit and digest everything"

He smiled and sit next to me. "Your right after everything happened we really need a break"

He then grab my hand and said "no matter what happens in the future we will be together" with that he kissed me.

And I came back to where I was. Looking around I was all alone in the castle's garden. I sigh knowing full well that it wasn't my future. I'm so unlucky that I hardly believe I will have someone who will love me.

Walking inside the castle with a heavy heart. Seeing the girls where all talking in hushed voices. "What are you all talking about?"

Sarah looked at me "nothing they plan to not to tell Jack and hide in Nina's room are you coming with me to Xander's office room or are you planing to go with them?"

"Xander's back?" I questioned her.

Sarah nodded her head "okay then I'm going with you to Xander's office room" I said.

They look towards us and bid there goodbyes and went to Nina's room. And we make our way towards the office room.

Nathan's pov, ( when he and Victoria came back to the castle)

"What do you mean that he ran away?" the guy (who's name I think is Alex) asked.

I stand between him and my sister "watch your tone or else you would regret how your talking with my sister here"

He was going to respond but stopped when the door opened. Came in Esme silencing everyone in the room. And she was immediately crushed by Alex and another girl.

'Why are you looking like you would be anywhere except here' Vicky asked in our twin link.

Fae's can't talk in mind links but we can cause we are twins and we have our own personal link.

'Because I want to' I answered her casually.

From the corner of my eye's I saw her looking towards me. But I didn't look at her cause I know what look she is going to have on her face.

'You said that you will find your mate here any luck?'

I didn't answer I didn't have to cause she knows the answer very well. She looked at me "Nathan - " but stopped when the door opened.

Came in a very beautiful blond beauty that I ever seen. I was instantly attracted to her. I feel my heart pound so fast I'm shocked that it didn't came out of my chest. Then and there I know that she is my mate the girl I'm destined with.

"I've told the boys about Esme's arrival and - " before she can finish I hugged her tightly. Afraid that she might just disappear.

"Your finally here I can't believe your finally in my arms" I nuzzled my face in the crook of her neck. Inhaling her heavenly scent.

"What the hell" she pushed me away but I made sure my arms stay around her waist. She was few inches shorter then me that's why she have to look up to talk to me.

"Leave me who are you?" she said again trying to push me away but I only tightens the hold on her and pulled her even more closer.

She looked at my and all her movements stopped. Her her eye's widen in realization "It's you? The brown eyed boy".

Mark's pov,

"Demon where is the girl that was supposed to be here as a substitute?"

He bowed his head "she's on her way master"

"Great make sure that elder Robert doesn't came in between this all"

He nodded his head and went out of the room. I looked outside it's not long before I rule this whole world all by myself.

Just few more days and this all will be mine. And I will be the only one everyone will bow down too. 'The most powerful and feared king that the world have ever seen'


Finally this Chapter is done. I have to rewrite it like two times for you all. I know some of you might think that this chapter was unnecessary but I can't go to ahead without explaining this.

Hope you all enjoyed it. See you all in the next chapter. Stay safe Love ya all :)

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