Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 41

This Chapter is dedicated to all of my followers and to them who gave my book a chance ( I know it's a bit late for it but I just wanna thank you'll for the support) and them who voted my book ( you guys might not know it but it does means so much to me) Hope you'll will enjoy this Chapter.


Amy's pov,

I was sitting on the grass looking at the sky which is now becoming dark. "Amy come inside you know it's not safe for you to stay outside when it's dark" my mom shouted from the doorstep of our house.

"Coming mom" I shouted back. My house is in the forest away from outside people's. I don't mind that because I have the animals who's my friends I don't need some mean human friends.

My mom always says it's for my own good. But I really don't understand what's good in this aside from talking to the animals. I always wanted to have friends but couldn't because mom said we can't trust anyone.

Nor that I mind because Whenever I tried to make friends they always end up being mean to me which I don't like. I know I'm only 10 but still I can take care of myself if only my mother let me.

The only friend I have is the animals and my angle who is so nice and always have my back. When my mother says something I can't do she always have my back. But I haven't met her since we moved in here.

With a sigh I got up and started to walk towards my house but stopped when I heard rustle behind the bushes. When I looked behind my back there was no-one in sight.

'I think it might be one of the bunny'

Shaking my head I once again started to walk towards my house. All of a sudden a hand grab my mouth before I can react a voice that I've known too well said.

"Shh Am don't scream" with that she removed her hand from my mouth and I smiled a megawatt smile. Turning around I gave her a tight hug as tight as I can.

She laughed "I missed you too squirt" Esme said the nickname she gave me years ago.

"Hey I'm a big girl now stop calling me that" I pouted.

"Uh-huh I can see that but it won't stop me to call you whatever I want" she said and started to look around the smile on her face was gone replaced by a hard look.

"What's wrong?" she didn't answered me for awhile then she asked me "nothing squirt just checking now tell me what are you doing outside alone in the dark you know it's dangerous right?" coming to my eye level.

I gave her an innocent look she rised an eyebrow and shook her head with a light smile "all right you don't need to explain anything because I know what will be your answer, let's go inside your mom might be worried"

She extended her hand for me to take which I took without hesitation. "Amy what were you doing outside so long" my mother asked but stopped when she saw who was with me.

Her eyes widen when she looked at Esme. "Mom look Emmy is here after so long" I say with a wide smile using the nickname I gave her. My mom looked at me and smiled then again looked at Emmy.

"Why are you here Meri after all those years?" my mother asked.

"No greeting?" Emmy asked with a smirk.

"Amy dear why don't you go upstairs and freshen up Meri and I need to talk about something"

I looked at her then at Emmy unsure. But she just smiled "go squirt do as your mother told you and come downstairs okay?" I nodded my head and ran upstairs.

Esmeralda's pov,

As soon as Amy goes upstairs Regina again looked towards me with a serious expression "why are you here Esmeralda?" she asked again using my full name. Telling me she's in no mood for jokes.

I sigh "you need to come with me it's not safe for Amy nor you to stay here so you both need to move again" I continued "before you freak out listen to me carefully nothing is going to happen to Amy as long as I'm alive and where I'm taking you is a safe place"

She nodded her head but I'm sure she's still worried. I can't blame her after all she's her mother. She then went to grab a suitcase to pack her and Amy's clothes.

Amy came down after awhile but stopped on the end of the stairs when she saw her mother packing bags with their clothes. She furrow her brows in confusion.

"What's happening mom? Why are you packing our clothes?"

Regina looked at her with a slight panic. I know what she's thinking about she doesn't want her know about anything but she will eventually.

"I'll tell her" immediately she looked at me shaking her head pleadingly. I shook my head "no Regina she needs to know how long are you going to hide it from her she will know about it sooner then later"

'If you don't tell her now then she'll hate you when she will know it from someone else' I added in mind link.

She was deep in thought. It is hard for her I know telling and recalling the past is hard but she have to do it. She can run from the past for as long as she want but she can't hide from it which I've been doing for years but it always came back.

I walk towards her "come on Regina your more powerful then before and you know nothing will happen to you as long as you face your fears right?"

She nodded her head and looked at Amy opening her arms for her to come. She have a confused expression but gave in to the invitation.

"What's wrong mom?" she asked her. Regina smiled looking at her "it's time for you to know the truth the truth about you"


Hi my lovely readers. I'm so confused as to why it took me this much of time to write this easy chapter.

But whenever I set down to write I couldn't write like I wanted to. took me this long to write ( dramatic sigh).

I really needed that break cause if I don't then my mind would've explode. With all the pov's plot twists and evil Villains has made my head hurt.

So to make my head clear I sat down and write what was on my mind on a page so that's how my mind have become clear. Because I don't know about you'll do but writing is kinda my escape from the world and all those things I want break from.

Oh and also to them or all of you whoes curious about how Esme knew that Demon come after Amy. You all will know in the bonus chapters which I'll write after epilogue. So don’t stop reading after that.

Hopefully You guys will read this note.

And I'm thinking that I won't write Mark's or the villains pov for a while. Stay safe and happy I'll meet you'll in the next chapter.

Love ya all :)

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