Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 42

Third person's pov,

Amy was still standing frozen by the door. She really doesn’t know what exactly is happening. She was looking between her mother and Emmy. When her mother said that it's time for her to know about her real self it confused her to say the least.

Regina on the other hand was anxious about telling her daughter the whole truth. Why they have to hide from the world. But the most worried she was to tell the other truth about Meri who was so oblivious about it.

She can't blame her either. She was the one who hide it from her and the real identity of her own daughter. She don’t know how the two girls will take the truth especially Amy. Esmeralda is a strong girl and she without a doubt will be fine after she knows about it.

But Regina wasn’t sure how her daughter will take it. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Esmeralda untill she spoke.

"Regina" her voice had a slight worry. She might not be related to this woman in front of her but there’s still a bond she's not quite sure how.

Regina looked at Esmeralda and smiled sweetly not sure if this worry will last after she will reveal the whole truth she was hiding all along.

Regina took a deep breath "why don’t you both sit down because I'm sure you both needed it"

The both of them looked at each other in confusion but took a sit on the sofa. "Mom will you tell me what's wrong why are you behaving like this?" the worried 10 year old said.

The preteen is so confused not seeing her mother like this before, was worrying yet confusing. Amy always saw her mother's calmness. She have seen so many kids mother loosing their calm and saying things that will trigger someone being out of control.

But her mother would still be able to be calm in the shittiest situations. But now all she is seeing is a stressful anxious woman who was afraid of something she doesn’t know off.

Regina looked at her daughter with a sad smile "what I'm gonna say to you two I want you both to to listing very carefully and don’t interrupt me I will answer all of your questions in the end"

Not getting the answer she wanted Amy scoffed but didn’t said anything only nodded her head. On the other hand Esmeralda was confused as to what part she had in all of this but she knows that she can't interrupt Regina.

Not knowing what else to do the two girls just sat there in total silence not uttering a single word. When Regina saw that they aren’t going to say or ask anything she began to tell them about their past where Esmeralda's father plays an important part too.

With a deep breath she began telling them the story of her past.

'20 years before' ( Regina just knew she was pregnant and visited her mom)

Regina's mother was a very great healer who can control and talk to animals. But she doesn’t knew about it untill her last day. She feels so angry and confused that whenever she started a conversation about it her mother just chose to ignore it.

And now on her last breath she told her about everything. Regina walk deep inside the forest she was so devastated. She couldn’t saw all the new faces who she never met.

The house was fill with sad atmosphere which was suffocating. Whoever came in front of you whether you know them or not gives you sympathy or pity on their eyes and telling you they are so sorry for my lose.

She shook her head with all the negative thoughts. With the house is full with sadness and mourning crys it was hard to think. Regina remembered what her mother said before she took her last breath.

"Ma fille Je suis desole J'aurais du te le dire avant a propos de il" ( My daughter I'm sorry I should have told you before about it)

"Quoi vous parlez de ma?" ( what are you talking about ma?)

"Vous n'etes pas normal vous avez une puissance spatiale chaque fois que vous parlez aux animaux tu n'etais pas fou" ( you are not normal you have a spacial power everytime that you talk to animals you wasn’t crazy)

"Ma please stop talking the doctor is on the way please stay with me"

"No they can't do anything now it’s too late but before I go I need to tell you about yourself so let me finish don’t interrupt"

"Your spacial because you have the power to control any beast or animals in the world......which came from my blood I can also heal but you didn’t get it or you have but still......haven’t established it....I don’t have much time but ma fille ( my daughter) you have to trust your instincts I can't see the future but you have a very big part to play whatever happens don’t.......give......u...up"

With that her mother took her last breath. Her eyes mist up at that thought no matter what she was her mother and now she's gone. She shook her head and started walking again.

After few minuets of fresh air Regina's head was working again. She went back to her house where she saw her mate standing on the doorstep waiting for her. When he saw her coming towards her he smiled sweetly.

"Feeling better?" he asked her pecking her lips. She smiled at her loving mate and answered "yeah mon amour ( my love) my head is clear now" she said rubbing her flat belly.

His eyes went to her belly and he smiled lovingly garbing her hand which was on her belly he kissed the back of it. Looking up at his mate who was already looking at him with a gentle smile.

Both of them were lost on their own world. But they soon snap out of it when they heard a growl. That's when all hell lose everything happened so quickly that Regina couldn’t even tell what was happening.

All she knew is that she and her mate was running through the forest. The creatures whatever they were have destroyed Regina's house. And have captured her father and many other elders and children’s who have powers.

She couldn’t save them because everything has happened so fast her head was still trying to warp every details. She doesn’t have anytime to thing or stay still because if they stop then they will die.

The dark creature with red eyes is following them like an angry predator whose hungry for blood. Her mate Philip who is very busy at making sure that the creature doesn’t reach them and also making sure that his pregnant wife doesn’t stay behind.

Regina again looked behind her but the creature wasn’t behind them. "Philip stop look that creature is gone"

That made him stop on his tracks he looked behind him and indeed that creature is gone. Panting heavily he looked around for any trace of danger when he didn’t find any he looked at his mate who was so tired from running that it was hard for her to breath.

As soon as they catch their breath Philip took His mate hand and started to walk. "Philip where are we going?"

"Somewhere safe I'm not taking any chances when it comes to you and the little one" Philip answered still looking around.

"But where will we go? We can't go back to our house so where will we go?"

"I know someone who will keep you safe his house isn’t far from here and I'm quite sure that he lives there with his mate and kids he has guards so you will be safe there"

Regina nodded but one thing caught her attention "wait what do you mean he will keep me safe what about you? Aren't you coming with me?"

Philip stopped and sigh knowing very well that this conversation isn't going to end very well. "Love listen You need to stay safe don't forget that you also have to think about the little one and I can't stay with you there because - "

Before he can finish his sentence someone attacked him from behind. Regina was in shock she was frozen for few seconds but her mate's scream broke her from her trance.

She wanted to scream but she couldn’t she knew if she scream then the creature might leave her husband. But at the same time she noticed her mate's look which was telling her to run.

Regina shook her head repeatedly "no". Philip pleaded her with his eyes throwing off the creature from his body. "Regina run I'll took care of this creature I promise nothing will happen to me please run"

Philip again looked towards the creature who was charging towards him. He used his sword and also charged towards the creature.

Meanwhile Regina was contemplating to run or not. She doesn’t want to leave her mate alone but at the same time she can't risk her child's life either.

With a heavy heart Regina started to run where Philip told her his friends Castle would be. Tears were flowing from her eye's freely she couldn’t believe she's leaving her mate in danger.

Regina put a protective hand on her belly 'don’t worry little one your mother will keep you safe'

Regina couldn’t help but feel worried about her mate and prey to the god above that her mate to be okay. After few more minutes walking or more like running she finally found the castle.

There was guards who were doing patrols. Regina yelled "help please help a creature is attacking my mate and have also attacked my home and captured my parents he said that his friend will help us here"

"Regina?" Blake was surprised to see his dearest friend's mate outside his castle. He haven’t met his friend for few months but he have also met his mate for once.

Regina on the other hand remember this man from the party they had on their anniversary. "Blake oh thank god please help Philip his being attacked on west side by a creature"

Blake didn’t think twice and told his few guards to go the way where she was telling them. Olivia heard the noises and came outside "Blake what is happening?"

Olivia looked towards Regina and immediately rushed to her "oh my what happened? You look like you've seen a ghost come inside it’s not good for you and the baby come"

Olivia took the panting and anxious Regina inside. Blake followed them behind "where's the kids?" he asked his mate when he didn’t saw Alex or Esme.

"They are asleep on their bedrooms" Olivia answered making sure that Regina set on the sofa and told one of the maids to bring a glass of water. And sat with her rubbing her hands up and down on her back.

Regina drank the glass of water and took deep breaths. "Calm down okay? Now tell us what exactly happened"

"Me and Philip was just talking outside of our house when we were attacked the death of my mother left my father so shocked so when we were attacked wasn’t ready and they captured them and one was behind us we were running through the forest when the creature disappeared so that's why stropped but then he attacked us from behind which took Philip by surprise but he was fighting that creature when I ran.....ran away"

Regina broke into tears once again. "Shh......Regina we have sent guards he will be okay calm down" Olivia said soothingly to her.

Present time

Regina broke down in the half of telling them about that night. No one spoke a single word the two girls were on their own world. Amy couldn’t understand a thing on the other hand Esme was confused as hell.

But one thing she knew is that, that was the same night when she and Alex lost their father and mother. Although they captured their mother but that dark night they killed their father.

"I need fresh air" with that she walk outside to clear her head.


Hi my lovely readers, exam week and I'm full with work. I don’t have that much of a time because my teachers thought of giving a deadline.

Hope you all like and enjoyed this chapter I'll try to update more.

Stay safe and stay healthy be happy and don’t forget to smile.

Love ya all ♥
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