Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 43

Esmeralda's pov,

Deep breaths in and out. That's what I've been doing for past few seconds. Hearing the half of the story made me shocked. I didn’t even knew that my mom and dad knew her or she has also been attacked by the dark creature or I might knew but I forgot.

The same dark creature which have been haunting me on my dreams since I was a child. I sigh for like hundredth time but still didn’t get the answer of the question I don’t know of.

But I'm sure of one thing that Elias wasn’t behind all of this. My eyes widen at the realization 'Mark' all this while it was him. Using us as the pawn of chess and Elias wasn’t any other exception.

And so is elder Raith I have a feeling that this is not it but I can't really pin point it. Shaking my head I went inside knowing very well that Regina will start to break down and blame herself.

I went inside and as I thought Regina was sitting on the sofa her head is in her hand. Her shoulder was shaking indicating that she's crying. Amy was beside her mother trying to comfort her by rubbing her back soothingly. They didn’t notice that I came inside.

"Amy sweetheart" she looked towards me with tears on her eye's. My heart hurt's seeing her like that Regina's shoulder stopped shaking and become tense. "Why don’t you go upstairs and see if there’s is anything left for packing your mom and I need to talk" she nodded her head.

With one last glance at her mother she went upstairs. I walked towards Regina and sat beside her. A silence fall inside the room the only noise was heard my and her breathing and Amy's footsteps upstairs.

Finally Regina broke the silence by talking the rest of the story. "After Olivia calmed me down a bit I started to think straight Olivia was still sitting there comforting me and Blake was talking to the guards through mind link, I still remember that day like it was yesterday

After few minuets which felt like hours Blake told us that they couldn’t find the creature nor my mate that all took me to breakdown again Olivia tried to calm me down but the that was on my heart was so painful that I couldn’t hear her

My world just crashed down but Olivia's words were ringing in my ears I needed to be strong for Amy that was the only thing that kept me sane for that time and also for now"

I didn’t said a single word not interrupting I know she's on her breaking point so I let her talk it all out. After few seconds she spoke again.

"Blake came in front of me and told me to that he have told his driver to drive me somewhere safe and that's how I ended up Spain"

"Where I found you and Amy after few years" she nodded her head.

"I'm still not sure how you found us I didn’t even knew you were Blake and Olivia's daughter I knew that after few years when you helped us to move from Spain and the eye colour of yours and the many languages that you spoke gave it away"

I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out of it. I wanted to tell her what happened that night after she went away but I couldn’t because someone else has the right to know about it before her.

Amy came down with a small bag on her hand. She stand still at the doorstep looking between me then at her mom. Regina smiled lovingly at her daughter "come here dear"

Amy come towards her with slow steps and sat beside me Regina looked hurt with that but didn’t say anything.

"Amy dear the reason I didn’t told you about your father before because you were too small to understand it" Regina tried to talk to her but Amy was still looking at her lap.

I put my hand on her's squeezing it giving her as much comfort as I can. she looked up at me and then again looked at her mother. "Why are we running? And who are we running from?" her voice was like a whisper but we heard it.

I guess Regina wasn’t accepting this question cause she looked shocked for a second but answered it nonetheless. "The creatures I've told you about is still after us I don’t know how but they really is dangerous and want you because of something and Mari have seen it herself"

Regina continued "we couldn’t stay in the city's because we really can't trust anyone"

Amy didn’t say anything she just went silent. That's when I felt it a vibration into the shield I've put on the forest. Someone's here and I can feel it that someone isn’t friendly.

I can feel the vampire power through it because I made the shield like that so I can know if anyone dark pass through it. And the person that cross it is literally coming fast I got up from the sofa getting both of their attention.

"We need to go now"

Regina caught something on my tone and she nodded her head. I took their hands and teleported us to one of my safe house in Australia. Because that was the first thing that came to my mind after the castle.

I really can't take them there because one. Regina will freak out and two. Amy doesn’t do good with new people.

"You both stay right here until I came back okay and this safe house is totally safe so no need to worry I'll explain everything when I'll came back"

I didn’t wait for any reply and teleport myself back to the house on the forest. I sent out a little vibration through the earth to see where that person's is. And the earth sent me the hardly recognizable vibration back.

That means that vampire is way to fast to step on the ground. I smirked knowing very well what was coming. Very casually I walk outside of the house the exact time the oh so familiar face came in front of me.

He was shocked to say the least "well it’s nice to meet you too Demon"


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