Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 44

Esmeralda's pov,

"Well it’s nice to meet you too Demon" I smirked seeing him in this state sends so much satisfying.

My voice broke him from his trance he shook his head and again looked at me wide eyed. "How did you know my name? And how are here?"

I smiled sweetly "well your not the only one who have connections I have some two and as for how I'm here well let's just say that, that is for me to know and for you to never find out"

All the confusion replaced by anger. I smirked internally and keeping an cold face. "Your so gonna regret that you ever stepped in this forest"

With that he charged towards me with full speed but to me that was slow. I stepped aside easily and he stumbled forward but balanced himself in time.

I fake yawn that made him more angry if that was even possible. And he used his dagger that was on his boot to attack me which I douched easily.

I hardly douched the punch that Demon throw towards me when I felt Xander and Alex was trying to mind link. I blocked them I need to be focus. I'll talk to them when I'll reach to castle.

Demon was pretty pissed I can feel it. Another thing Harry taught us in our practice is don’t let your emotions came between your fight or else your enemy will use it against you.

Demon throw another round kick towards me making me stumble few step back. But I quickly balanced myself and gave him one of my own round kicks which made him fly back and hit by the tree which was behind him.

He groan in pain but I used my telekinesis power to keep him in place and stoping him from moving. I walked closer towards him and bend down so we are now eye level.

"Now listen carefully because I'm an impatient person and your really getting on my nerves, Where. Is. He?" empathising each word.

He shook his head and laughed like a maniac "you won't win master will kill you no matter what master has the upper hand"

I sigh in frustration "look Demon, I'm asking nicely tell me now or I'll know the information I need from your head either way I'm going to find out"

His eyes widen but it wasn’t in what I told him it was from pain. I looked at him in confusion when he started to gag and shaking. My own eyes widen when I realize what was happening.

He was going to blast I backed away as soon I was few steps away Demon's body immediately explode into million pieces. His blood scattered everywhere even on my face 'Ewww'

Rubbing my hand on my face trying to get rid of this disgusting mans blood. I couldn’t clean all of it but was enough to at least stay put untill I reached to my room and shower.

Walking close to that spot where he exploded I started to look around. There has to be something that made him explode when he was going to say Mark's location.

I saw something shiny when I took it, it was a locket. 'Oh no this isn’t happening' I thought.

This locket is black magical so when someone do something that is forbidden or even think of doing it. This made the person whose wearing it kill or explode is the right word. What exactly happened with Demon.

'I saw the exact same locket on that witches neck who came to stop on the cell where Mark kept me' I thought to myself.

Mark is planing something very nasty if this locket is involved. Who am I kidding his a wizard himself. At least I've stopped him from calling the dead people from underground.

I teleported myself to where I left Amy and Regina with the bags that Regina packed. When they saw me Regina sighed in relief and Amy came running to hug me.

"Are you okay Esme?" Amy asked me. She didn’t used the nickname what she gave me that means she was very scared about me. I crouched down to be on her level "I'm all right squirt don’t worry your pretty little head much okay?"

She nodded her head Regina came closer and I stood up "you both will be safe here there is a protecting and invisible shield outside of this house so no one can enter here unless you wanted them to be" I looked at Amy.

"When I'll come back everything will be fine and you don’t have to hide anymore I promise you that"

Nodding at Regina I teleported myself back at the castle. Unfortunately I teleported myself where everyone was and not in my room and Demon's blood was visible on my body.

I used my magic to make the blood invisible for few minuets so that Regina and Amy don’t think to much about it. Thought that I would teleport myself back to my room so I don’t have to answer all the questions.

But the all mighty fate wasn’t on my side and all them decided to be on mine and Xander's room together. All the curious, concern and worried eyes was on me including my beloved.

They all was going to open their mouth to ask when I stopped them. "Don’t......just don’t I'll answer all of your questions when I'll come back from a warm shower because this is starting to stink"

Without waiting for any reply I went to the bathroom and locked the door stripped from the dirty clothes and turn on the shower. After two and an half hour I came out with a towel because I forgot to take fresh clothes with me.

When I looked around the room was empty. 'Looks like they are waiting for me in Xander's office' I thought. "Oh well they was going to ask me anyways better get this out of the way before they barge through the door in curiosity"

I walk in the walk in closet to dress myself. I wore denim shorts with a black crop top and also the locket of my moms and matching it with ankle high boots. Not in the mood for any jeans after all of that.

Walking through the hallway towards Xander's office. I started to think what Mark would now that I've stopped him from sacrificing Amy. He isn’t stupid he think through his brains.

I'm sure he has something on his sleeve for the right moment. 'Whatever you have up too your sleeve Mark I promise that I will kill you when we'll meet and that's a promise I'll fulfill no matter what'


Hi my lovely readers. I'm sorry for the late update I don’t know why I didn’t wrote this chapter before.

I was supposed to but when I was inspired and all exited about to write this Chapter. But I didn’t because of something the spirit I had to write this chapter after chapter 43 was gone.

And my mind was filled with tons of words that I can't even take a grasp of. So I needed to do something I nodded to post something that would make my head a little liter.

So that's why I posted on Instagram but mostly on Bookstagram ( Bookfam) write the things was on my mind. And finally I was able to have ideas.

Okay not gonna bore you guys with my words and all. I'll meet you all to the next chapter. Stay safe and try to be happy not for anyone else for yourself.

Love ya all,🖤

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