Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 45

Esmeralda's pov,

As soon as I entered to the office room I was welcomed by the sea of questions. Everyone was asking at the same time like they were just waiting for me to come. Well that was true but still they don't have to ask at the same time.

Being an hybrid gives you extra hearing then any other supernatural species. And all those noises is making my head hurt more then it already is.

"STOP" I yelled in frustration seriously can't they see or feel how annoying it is to hear so many words at the same time?

"Seriously guys one at a time my heads hurting even more then it already is"

My mom came and took my hand and lead me inside. Rosa pulled a chair for me to sit. Mom sat beside me and Rosa on my other side. Harry stood beside her.

Xander came closer and kneeled in front of me taking my hands in his. The others were just standing or sitting on the sofa looking expectedly.

I sigh Xander squeezed my hand encouraging me. I looked at him and smiled. "The blood you guys saw on me wasn't mine it was Demon's Mark's right hand more like another pawn to his game"

No one talked they all were silent listening carefully. "The sacrifice mom talked about was someone I know so that's why I teleported myself there before Mark's any man can before any of you ask I can't tell you because I've promised her as long as this isn't finished I'm not revealing their identity"

They all nodded their head. "So.....what now Mark can't call the dead people but now what will we do"

"We will train even harder Mark is not stupid that he would plan to attack without a backup plan" I said and the room again become silent.

"Esme is right I know Mark he have something big on his sleeve that is only explanation why he is so quite right now" Harry said after awhile.

"Call all the worriers on the field outside we needed to talk about strategies for the war" I said and got up along Xander.

He looked in my eye's for few seconds when he got what he wanted to see he nodded to himself. He grab my hand and walk out of the room towards the training field others following behind.

When we reached to the training field everyone was present there whose above 10 years old. 'Xander might have mind linked them on the way' I thought.

When they saw us they were talking to themselves in a hushed tone. Xander silenced them by his one growl. I internally rolled my he doesn't have to be like this to them.

"Before you all asked why you all are here this is an spacial training today I'll tell you guys how to fight a newborn vampire and an old vampire because we are not only going to fight with rogues or werewolves we are also going to fight with vampires is that clear"

They all said "yes luna" I nodded my head "okay then everyone divide into four groups. Those who is well trained come together with one group, Those who has some problems with fighting come together with one group, Those who can only defend themselves come together with one group, and those whose new to fighting come together with one group"

When they did what I told them to do there's pretty much exact same amount of people on each group. Now all of your question might be that they have trained then how came there's still some people who doesn't know how to fight. Well Xander thought that it would be great if we start with basics and then train them.

So basically turns out that they have been training the same thing before I came to this pack. So they didn't learned anything. Now that my dearest mate have done his job of training them It's my turn to take it in my hands to change and made their trainings more hard then before.

"Okay then listen everyone and listen carefully you all will start training in 5:30 to 8:00 in the morning and then 6:00 to 9:00 in the afternoon and I've made some new training strategies for you all so the training that you had untill now is over and now you all will train to be even more better then before understood"

Their was groans but they didn't object because they know that it is needed and said "yes luna".

"Okay so let's star by knowing how to fight new and old vampires we will train on the new strategies from tomorrow"

"All right listen up you all when you guys fight a newborn vampire the most important thing is don't let them touch you in one word stay away from their hand because newborns hands grips are like steal so once they caught you they will immobile you and that will make you all weak

The newborns are very cunning but they are also easy to pissed being new means lack of control and that includes anger, they also are very fast so you have to be very alert"

"As for killing an old vampire isn't easy either the gifts that they have are pretty dangerous too I'll make a shield for that killing a newborn and old vampire is the same use stake but the best way is grab their hands and pull it out of their bodies or just rip their head or heart off got it?"

They all nodded their head then I taught them how to kill an old vampire easily and also some ways to kill the newborn either The others have also helped but they also learned some new things by this. After few hours they have learned many things and can take care of few vampires without any help.

"All right that's all for today we will start our new training from tomorrow be ready and don't be late" with that I dismissed them all. Then I looked at the remaining people "you guys also should rest we will talk tomorrow" they all nodded and went to their room.

It was dark now not sure what time it was but I was tiered and I just wanna lay down so I took Xander's hand and teleported myself to our bedroom. I changed clothes first, when I came out Xander went next. I didn't wait for him I lay down to the and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was in deep sleep.


Hi my lovely readers so here's another Chapter and I think it was small but the next is going to be a little tricky so that's why a normal ( kinda) was needed.

Hope you all enjoyed it. I'll see all to the next chapter. Stay safe be happy. Love ya all ♥

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