Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 46

Xander's pov,

When I came out of the shower Esme was fast asleep. 'My poor mate she must be tired after all of this' Alastair said.

'Yeah today was pretty long after all' I said. And walk towards the bed only in my boxers. Shutting off the light I pulled Esme close to me and immediately sleep surrounded me.

"Xander come on wake up" I hear my beautiful mate's voice. I groan and buried my head on my pillows not in my mate's neck.

"Xander wake up we need to train remember, come on wake up already"

"Ugh......fine I'm up what time is it?" I said half asleep. Esme laughed lowly "your such a baby, it's 5:00 am"

That made me open my eye's and I look at her widely. "What! 5 in the morning? Why are we up this early?" she giggled lowly when she heard me whining.

"Who knew the big bad alpha is a baby, well for your information alpha king we have decided that we will train at 5:30 to 8:00 and since we are the king and queen we need to wake up early, now stop whining and get up get showered so we can go to the training field" she said already out of the room.

I sigh now I can't just sit in my bed when my mate said we need to train. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Don't get me wrong but I enjoy the sleep especially when I have my mate in my arms.

Finishing my business and shower I get out of my room fully dressed and went search for my mate. I see her on the training field talking with Alex. When I get closer I heard that they were talking about some new strategies.

Esme has been very tensed since she got back from wherever she has gone. And she looked more worried. I don't like to see her like this I know we have a war to think about but I don't like to see her this way.

They both noticed me and stopped talking. "So what's the plan"

"Nothing just consentret on the training" Esme said after awhile.

I furrow "Love you know you can tell me anything right?"

She smiled "I know Xander and I promise I'll tell you everything after the training now is not the time" she and Alex Shared a look and I know they were talking through mind link.

Before I can ask anything everyone started to arrive to the training field. I let it slide for now and we began training. Esme and Alex were showing them some moves of how to fight a newborn vampire if he catch us.

Esme told them to devide to four groups like yesterday and gave them each a training plan. I was confused that when did she did that but knowing her she might have done before waking up.

After 4 hours of training everyone was much better then before but we still needed more practice. You might think I just stand and watch well no. Esme made sure that everyone in this training field trains.

And who am I to defy my mate. 'Whipped' my wolf said to me.

'Shut up' before he can say anything I blocked him. And looked to see that everyone was very tired from today's training. "Okay guys now you all can go home and rest and do the works you all have to do but don't miss this afternoon's training" they all groan but didn't object cause they know it's for the best.

"Wanna talk to elder Robert?" Esme looked at me when she heard that question. She nodded her head "how is he?" he asked on the way to the infirmary.

"Last time I checked he was doing very well all his wounds have healed and his fine but Jenna said he needs more rest"

She nodded her head. Opening the door of the infirmary we saw elder Robert was sitting on the bed leaning his head on the wall behind him.

His eyes was closed but I think he knows that we are here. He opened his eyes when we get closer "My queen it's good to see you here"

"Skip the formalities Robert and tell me how are you feeling?" she asked him with a serious look.

"Oh Princess I'm feeling absolutely fine thank you for asking"

She nodded her head right then a guard came loking alarmed "alpha" "luna" he slightly bowed his head. "What's the problem?"

"We have caught two rogues alpha, they have crossed the border and tried to kill one of the patrol guards but we caught them" he said still looking at his foot.

"Where are they?" Esme asked him. He flinched in her tone and answered in a shaky voice "the-they are at the dungeons luna"

"I'm sorry for yelling I just don't like rogues and thanks for the information" she said now in a soft yet confident voice. She turned and looked at elder Robert "get well soon okay because once your on your feet there's a lot of things you need to do"

Elder Robert nodded his head. She again turned towards the guard "can you show us where the cell is?"

He nodded his head and walked out of the infirmary room we also followed him. I looked at my mate who has her fist clenched so tight that her Knuckles has become white. I toom her clenched fist in my hands and gently open it intertwining our hands together.

And kissing the back of her hand. Whatever the reason is behind the hate of her towards the rogues I know it's deep. And I'll be here to help her through it all. Because she accept it or not I love her and I would do anything to make her smile.

To see her eye's twinkle with the slightest thing. I would do anything for the girl beside me no matter what.


Hi my lovely readers. Hope you'll are well and safe. I was actually making somethings clear for this chapter so that made it a little late.

But don't worry I've cleared some things and I'm sure I'll be able to write it down without a problem.

Ignore all type of weird mistakes and typos. I'll edit this book once I'm done with it. Untill then stay safe and don't forget to smile.

Love ya all ♥

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