Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 47

Esmeralda's pov,

On the way to the dungeons my head filled with so many reasons as to why rogues are here. The guard from earlier opened the dungeon door for us.

The rogues were kept few cell's away from the door. I really don’t care about what is on the other cell's but the smell of fresh blood told me exactly what happened here.

That reminds me I really haven’t gone out for hunt since I came here. Naturally a vampire doesn’t go that long without blood. Human blood or animals we need to feed or else we might just go out of control.

But since I'm an hybrid I can eat human food for survival but I need blood once in a while. I guess finding my mate has something to do with it. The sound of the cell's gate made me came out of my thoughts.

There was two boys who was nearly my age. They were chained in silver chains which was coated with wolfsbane. You could see fresh blood dripping out of their faces.

When they heard our footsteps they looked up and I immediately saw sadness, guilt overall fear. The boy with brown hair and hazel eyes started shaking. The other boy with black hair and light brown eyes was just like a statue.

He was emotionless like he couldn't care less about the fact that the werewolf king was in front of him. "Who send you?" Xander asked in his alpha voice.

I just stand there and looked at the brown hair boy who was now shaking like his was on current. On the other hand the boy with light brown eyes didn’t care he just looked at Xander in a defeated gaze like he gave up any hope he has to live.

When Xander didn’t get any answer from both of them he used his alpha king voice which I'm pretty sure everyone in the castle heard "WHO. SEND. YOU?" his voice was less patience his eyes were turning black and green and then again black.

I'm pretty sure his too control his wolf who wants to nothing but kill them who dared to came to his territory and dared to attack his pack member. I put my hand on his back he immediately turn around and buried his face into my neck.

Inhaling my smell to calm himself down. I didn’t do anything I just stand there and hold him waiting for him to calm down. "Let me handle them" I whispers in his ear his head shoot up to look at me like I'm crazy.

But I'm sure he can see how serious I am about this so he better not try to stop me. He hesitantly nodded his head and sidestepped for me. I smiled at him and then looked at the two boys who were rogues but for some reason they don’t look guilty to me.

I walked closer to them just few steps because I know Xander's wolf won't like it, neither Xander. So I kept my distance looking at the brown haired boys eyes "now without wasting anymore time just answer all the questions I ask okay?"

His eye become foggy and he was in a trance when he nodded his head. I smirked I haven’t done this in a while but it still works like before. The boy beside him was shaking his head repeatedly "No, Noah don’t he will kill everyone if we tell them anything"

I was confused what is he talking about? He shut up when I gave him a look. Then once again I looked at the brown haired boy I thought for a moment then I release him from the trance.

"Look I'm not gonna force you to tell me anything but I'm sure that your doing all of this against your will so think carefully, you two can be safe and also the ones whose not on our enemies side I Promise you both that, but you two need to be honest and have tell me the whole truth or else I can't help"

Taking few steps back I once again looked at them "I'm giving you both time to think but I'm not opening the chains you both haven’t earned my trust yet so I'm not taking any risk"

I grab Xander's arm and walk out of the cell. Looking at the guard that informed us about it "inform me or Xander as soon as they’re ready to talk" he nodded his head.

And I teleported myself and Xander to our room. "Why did you do that?"

I looked at his confused expression "they were doing they don’t wanted and I could clearly see it in their eyes that are forced to do it and everyone deserves a chance to at least for explanations and besides I really need to tell you about my past which I've been avoiding for long"

I walk towards the bed and sat on the edge patting the space beside me for him to take a sit. He walked towards me and sat looking at me with his brows frown.

But I didn’t met his I looked ahead of me because I know if I look at him then I won't be able to talk. "The night when we were attacked was the night when everything changed for me" recalling the dark night send shiver through my whole body.

20 years before ( in Esme's bedroom when she was 6 years old)

I opened my eye's when I heard some noises came from downstairs. "Mom? Dad?"

Climbing out of my huge bed I walked out of my room at the same time I saw Alex was also opening his bedroom door. We heard shouts from downstairs that was odd that never happened.

I looked at Alex who was consenting to listen what's going on but I know he can't we still need to work on out powers and listening is one of the.

"Alex should we go downstairs and see what's going on?" he looked at me and was thinking for few minuets but then he nodded his head.

We both closed our doors as quietly as we can and Alex grab my hand tightly and started to walk towards the stairs. "Go take care of the Prince and Princess they need to be save the king's and queens order" we heard one of the guards yelled.

We both shared a confused looks but then it drowned to us "we're under attack" we both said it at the same time.

We heard some footsteps and Alex took my hand and we hide behind a pillar right on time few guards ran towards our rooms. "We should check on mom and dad" I said to Alex and he nodded his head in agreement.

Making sure not to alert the guards about where we are we slowly make our way to the meeting room where I'm sure dad would be. Alex opened the door and I saw mom sitting there with a woman I don’t know I can't clearly see her face because she has her back towards us.

But she didn’t turn at the sound of the door either. Dad stopped his conversation with the head of the worriers and mom also stopped talking to a witch from her coven and looked at us eyes becoming wide.

"Sweethearts what are you both doing here? You both were supposed to be in your rooms" came moms worried yet sweet voice.

"We heard few noises from downstairs so we came out of our room to check but then we heard a guard and that's when we knew that we're under attack, aren’t we dad?" I said it all in one breath one of my habits when I'm nervous.

Dad smiled at me "you don’t have to worry about it Princess, we have everything under control okay? All you two has to do is go to guard outside and stay at the safe house all right?"

Just then a guard came inside the room "sire we've lost many the creature is more powerful then we thought his just like miss have described"

Dad face become hard once he heard that many have been killed. Dad always loved his people and seeing them die made him angry and let me tell you angry dad isn’t good at all. "His only one how can he kill our fighters like no big deal, take more guards and keep all the people who can't fight safe James and I will take care of the creature"

"No Blake you aren't going alone I'm coming with you" mom said in her queen voice but you can hear the desperate behind it.

"No Oli your not coming with me"

"Yes, yes I'm coming with you and there's nothing you can stop me from I'm your beloved for goodness sake how do you accept me to stay here when you fight for the the kingdom I'm also their queen and it's my responsibility to fight for my kingdom, our kingdom"

Dad looked at mom for few minuets then nodded his head mom goes towards dad and grab his hand "remember in worse and good I'm not leaving you in your worst time Blake Williams I'll never will"

Dad smiled and kissed moms forehead lovingly. But what made my heart beat faster was that it felt like the last time I'm seeing them together. I looked at Alex to see if he feels the same and I see in his is the pained expression. And I knew he can feel the same.

"Sweethearts" I looked away from Alex and towards my dad when he called us "you both are going to be fine okay, don’t worry about anything"

I shack my head "no dad we aren't worried about us we are worried about you and mom"

He smiled lovingly and walked towards us kneeling in front of me he kissed my forehead and also in Alex's forehead before getting up and hugging us both tight. "I'm so proud of you both remember no matter what happens today dad always will love you both and I'm always proud of you both"

My eyes watered "please dad don’t say it like that" Alex said from beside me. I only nodded my head dad just smiled and kissed my forehead. "Sire everything is ready we're just waiting for your orders"

Dad face hardened when he looked at the guard. He swiftly nodded his head and looked at mom "I'm ready whenever you are" she said with a look that I always see when she's in her queen mode.

Dad looked at us one last time and then he went away from the meeting room not before giving the guards order to protect us with their life.

Present time

Tears are flowing freely from my face I made no move to wipe them. "Only mom knows what happen on the field but after dad and mom has gone we've benn attacked from behind the guards have done their best to save us till their last breath but they were more Powerful the creature was only one thankfully but some other people was with him and they attacked us from behind

We have succeed to kill few but our training wasn’t complete so we ran out of the castle but not before hearing the siren that was supposed to be rang when something bad happened to the king or- or worse the king have died the next siren made what we thought real"

A broke frome my lips and Xander immediately warped me in his arms. "Th-that was the last time I saw my dad Xander the last time I get his hugs, the last time I see him smile Xander the-the last time I thought we lost mom too but we didn’t thank god for that but dad died to save us he-he"

I couldn’t anymore all the feelings I buried deep inside of me for years. All those tears that I never shed because I was too afraid to let people see my weak side. But Xander's hug made all my wall's crumble into pieces.

" you don’t have to say anything else, I'm here don’t worry let it all out" that made me cry even harder. And I cried myself to sleep in my mate's arms.


Damn my heart I'm crying over my own fictional character. I wanna tell you guys that do not skip any chapters cause in my book every chapter is connected to one another. Aside from my grammatical mistakes you can be a little confused if you skip any chapter.

As I said I'm gonna edit this whole book after this book is done and English being my second language so there will be mistakes. Hope you all like this chapter. Vote and comment your thoughts. Stay safe and don’t forget to smile.

Love ya all ♥

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