Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 5

Esmeralda's pov

When I went downstairs I saw my brother sitting on one of the couch in the leaving room his back is facing me. And I know that he knew I'm behind him but he still stays silent.

I took a deep breath and started to walk towards the other couch. I sat opposite of him so now we are face to face.

The silence in the air is tensed. Neither one of us is ready to talk. Alex's eye's were tense and his brows were together it only happens when his worried or stressed.

"we should make everything clear between us brother, we can't be like this we're a team and if we both behave like this more, then others would use it against us" I said finally breaking the silence. And I know I hit the point cause I see him taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"your right sis if we behave like we're enemies then it would be used against us, but you also know that why I'm behaving like this" he said in a low but strong voice.

"yes you're right I should've told you from the start, but try to look at it by my side how do you accept me to react when I knew that one of the killers who was involved in our parents death is close to me and I'm letting him roam around freely" I said more like shout at him.

But what else I can do he also have to see my point that letting the person free who's the reason why we are now orphan is...making me mad to myself.

So I had to do something before I drove myself totally mad. "I know sis, but going there alone and killing him is not the solution. You should have at least told me what you were planing" come his response.

"Then what did you accept me to do sit around and let the criminal free?!? You and I both know, what Harry have taught us and letting the criminal free is not one of them, especially our own parents killers" I was now breathing heavily.

I can't think straight and talking about our parents is the worst. But I know we have to do that or else I can lose my brother and I'm not going with that option.

"yes sis I know but you could've told me I would've supported you with it" Alex said now looking sad and I immediately soften.

"I know brother, but you were already worried about Harry I didn’t wanted you to worry more so I took care of that bastard and took what rightfully is ours" I told him what was the truth since I've killed that bastard. I showed him the book that was in my bag which was on the couch.

He took it from me and started to read it. "this....this is mothers spell book, the one that got stolen the day before she died" he said whispering the last word. We both were close to our parents and losing them is one of the hardest thing in the world.

"yes and I've saw it there on the bookshelf and took it with the scroll" I said and gave him the scroll. He opened it and his eyes widen slightly "sis is this the ancient witch magic spell scroll" he asked but it more like a statement then a question.

"yes and it was on that bastard's office drawer were I found it but glad I did cause it’s very hard to find" I said and he nodded in agreement.

"I see, I forgive you sis but next time if you go to kill one of our parents killers I'll come with you" he said with a stern brotherly voice. I didn’t even think twice to answer "yes brother I promise that I will tell you and this goes for you too brother you will tell me too if found any news about it" and he nodded in agreement.

"well brother if it is settled then I would like to see the forest, so I'm going but I'll be back by dinner time" I said excited to go to the forest.

Alex started laughing "sure sis I know how much you love forest, and don’t worry about the book and scroll I'll keep it in a safe place" with that I hugged him before going to the backdoor to go to the forest.

"thanks bro, I'll see you later" with that I'm off to go to see the forest. But little did I know about the change that was going to happen after that.

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