Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 49

Esmeralda's pov, ( few hours after training)

After 3 hours of training 1 hour of the annoying meeting and half an hour of Nina and Jack's arguing ( which still is going on) my head is hurting. Like it would just crack any moment now.

So to tell you guys after training and the meeting that was for the pack members for them to know about the new members. Yes y'all have heard it right. It took me few minuets to convince Xander for excepting them but he did.

And annoying because some of the she wolfs who haven't found their mates yet was eye fucking my mate. Like literally in front of me and one of them had the audacity to flirt with him. Like they don't know he have a mate and he isn't interested.

So after a long full hour of hardly controlling myself I was finally free. But did I get a little peace 'no' apparently when I was kidnapped Nina planed to hide her pregnancy from her mate.

She had done a good job of hiding it but she have forgotten that Jack is the beta for a reason. One thing about him is he has a great sense and being a werewolf is a bonus. It took him awhile okay few weeks to find out his mate is pregnant and when he did he wasn't too happy about it.

"You are not going out" Jack's angry voice nearly shouted at Nina whose expression was similar to Jack's but the difference is they were gentle the Jack's. There was a little guilt behind the angry facade.

"See this is the reason I didn't tell you I knew it that you will react like this and will stop me from training" Nina said in a calm voice.

"But Nina what about the baby it could harm him or her" Jack's was now calm but still tensed.

"Jack I know your worried but I'm the one whose carrying him and besides 4 months he or she will come to the world, you know I'm a werewolf" and here we go again.

It's like your seeing a old movie on a old tv where the movie stops halfway and start from the start again. Nina have told this line to her mate like 10 time yet that dumb werewolf didn't wanted to accept it that his mate can do whatever her fucking mind wants to do.

"STOP" I yelled out before Jack can start his oh so lovely lecture of her not to go outside. Both of their attention turns towards me including all the people who were present in the room.

"Jack I know that you want to protect your mate and the unborn child of yours but Nina hasn't even have her full baby bump yet so she can fight and as for the baby he or she will be fine as long as Nina stays careful which she was this few weeks so now stop being dramatic"

Then I turned towards Nina "and you, you didn't do that right, you should've told him about the baby and the both of you would've talked about all of this calmly not yell at each other like kids, you both were right yet wrong at the same time so you both will go to your room and sit down for few minuets then talk it out like adults not like freaking childs"

They both opened their eyes to protest but one look from me was enough for them to shut their mouths. I sigh rubbing my temple which is throbbing like a bitch.

"Leave" I heard Xander command all of them in the room they left without a word. His heavy footsteps were getting closer with each passing second it stopped in front of me. But I still didn't looked up.

Warm fingers cupped my chin and slowly pulled up soon I was greeted by the forest green eyes looking at me with a emotion I can't actually tell. He smiled sweetly at me "wanna go for a run?" his velvety voice broke me from my haze and I nodded my head.

"I've heard from Alex that you and he didn't get fresh blood since you both came here and Alex have gone hunting few after the training so I thought that you would like to go hunting too and you never get to meet my wolf Alastair properly so I thought that it would be great if we go together you don't have to if you don't-"

I kissed him stopping him from his rumbling. He was shocked for few seconds not excepting I would kiss him but he recovered fast pulled me by my waits kissing me back.

His one hand was running on my hair and the other rested on my waist. My hand like always make her way from his stomach to his chest and finally on his neck pulling him closer. His hand on my waist tightened like I would disappear if he let go.

I wanted to deepen the kiss but I know that if I do then I won't be able to control myself. So I pulled away much to his dismay Xander has an adorable pout on his face making me laugh. I bite my lip to stop myself from laughing but that seemed to be wrong move.

His eyes immediately looked at my lips, his eyes become dark with lust. He then leaned down once again capturing my lips in a rogue and passionate kiss which took my breath away. He pulled away not before biting my lips in hard yet gentle way.

When he looked into my eyes there was again the same expression which I saw earlier but still I can't tell which emotion is that. He pecked my lips "let's go before I change my mind"

I nodded my head he again pecked my lips and walked towards our closet. He came out with a T-shirt and a sweatpant when I gave him a questioning look he smiled sweetly "I need extra clothes just in case"

All I could do was nod my head but then I remember "I have to talk to Nick and Noah about Mark's plans"

When heard that his face fall "oh" he was going back to keep the cloths back but I quickly stopped him "I can talk to them tomorrow and besides I want meet your wolf, I want to know you better"

Instantly like a switch his expression brightened and an adorable smile make it's way on his lips. But then his smile stopped and I frown "what's wrong?"

"Alastair wants to talk to you"

When he saw my confused expression he explained "Alastair is my wolfs name"

"Alastair" I tested the name on my lips and from my peripheral vision I saw him shiver slightly. But when I met his eyes it wasn't the forest green eyes It was dark "hello mate"
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