Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 50

Esmeralda's pov,

I blinked few times I really don't know how to respond really. I waved awkwardly, now don't get me wrong I'm not Afraid or anything I'm just a little nervous about it.

After all it was Xander's wolf and I haven't met him since the first day. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice Xander or Alastair had come in front of me.

"Why so nervous mate? Don't you like Alastair?" he pulls me close by my waist.

I shake my head immediately "I do like you Alastair It's just I haven't talked to you before so that's why I'm nervous that's all"

He smiled not a small smile he smiled a big smile which I think you all call an ear to ear smile. "Mate likes Alastair?"

I chuckle a little "yeah I like Alastair"

His smile now has become more big if that was even possible. And I'm afraid he will hurt himself like this. "Mate wanna go out and run with Alastair? Alastair promise won't hurt mate or mate could sit on Alastairs back and see me run" he said with puppy dog eyes.

His eyes were pleading me although I have said yes he might still afraid that I might reject his offer. I smile "I will go with Alastair an run with him"

His smile fall a little then I quickly added "I have to hunt because I need some blood in my system but I can ride your back after the run and hunt?"

His eyes lit up at that and he nodded his head enthusiastically. That time I didn't see the big bad alpha wolf who everyone scared of. I didn't see the heartless king who everyone says.

I wonder how anyone can call him heartless when I have witnessed that he has the kindest heart. I don't what everyone is scared of because all I see is a guy whose in need of love, a king who is in need of someone to take care of him.

A wolf who was lost without love. Right now I see my mate whose as happy as the kids who get their Christmas gift. "Come on mate" Alastair said grabbing my hand and practically dragging me out.

"Someone's pretty excited" I teased him. "Well I am happy because it's the first time I'm gonna run with you so of course I'm happy" he said with so much seriousness it's like his making sure I know his telling the truth.

I just smiled and chose not to say anything. When we reached the forest he took few steps back leaving my hand and shifted into his midnight black wolf. His wolf was 7 foot tall I guess because his the alpha king.

Alastair come towards me and I put my hand on his head to pet him. I laughed lowly at how cute he is. He then nudged me forward to run. I rised an eyebrow "can you keep up with me alpha? I'm a fast runner when I'm in a hunt" I called him alpha so that he knows that I'm challenging the both of them.

He nodded his big wolfy head telling me that his ready. And I smiled mischievously "on count to three alpha one....two....three" as soon as I said the number he sprints forward.

I stand there for few minutes observing his steps until I couldn't see him any longer. I count to ten in my head and then I started to run too. Soon enough I was beside my mate who looked at from the corner of his eyes. I smiled at him sweetly and run even faster then before when my eyes caught the sight of a group of dear.

I thought Alastair would stay behind and run until I drank the blood but he surprised me by running with towards them. The dears started to run different directions. I smirked knowing full well that chasing is the fun part among this all.

My mate caught a dear easily and it wasn't too hard for me either. So I drank his blood quickly not to make more painful for him. When I looked at my mate he was eating the dears raw meat. I made a mental note to ask him about it later.

Now you all would question that if I can talk to anyone through mind link then why am I not talking to him. Well I really can't talk to him through mind link because his my mate and that only will happen when we will complete our mate bond.

Untill then I can't read his thoughts nor talk to him through mind link. After few more hours Xander nudged me and stand in front of me indicating for me to get on his back. I do as he told after all I promised.

He make sure that I'm secure on his back and he started to run towards the castle. When we reached near the entrance of the back of the castle Xander sat down for me to stand. And went behind a tree to shift back.

He came back wearing a black t-shirt and grey sweatpants when he saw my questioning gaze "we always keep some food and clothes behind the bushes so that no one has to walk naked" he explained.

We went inside "I'm gonna go and talk to Nick and Noah" I said to him.

"I'm also coming with you remember we are in this together" he said with a smile. I nodded and an conferrable since between us. When we reached the twin brothers room I knocked two times "It's me Esme and Xander we need to talk" I said. After few second I heard a small come in.

They both wanted to stay at the same room. I don't blame them they don't know us and trust is a thing that you need to earn. I opened the door and entered to see Nick was leaning against the wall a scowl on his face. Noah was sitting on the bed few papers on his hand.

He looked up at me and smiled sadly. I looked at Xander who probably have saw the reaction but I think he isn't showing because his become emotionless as soon as we entered their room.

"So.." I cleared my throat "you both have stayed with Mark so can you guys tell me that about his plans?"

They both were silent for few long minutes but Noah spoke "we don't know much because he doesn't trust people easily I don't think he trust his right man Demon either like he barely tells him anything"

"So there's nothing you could tell us?" I questioned them.

"We both have heard one day that he was going to kidnap the werewolf kings mate and would make them all believe that he would use her for sacrifice but in true word he will use her blood to make them more stronger" this time it was Nick who spoke.

I furrow my eyebrows "them?"

Nick nodded "I'm not quite sure that what his plan is but I know that his preparing an army of dead"

"What do you mean by that?" Xander asked them.

"They are like robots they don't feel anything, they can fight nonstop, and their eyes are blood red, they don't stop at any cost" Noah explained farther.

"And his using your blood to make them more powerful I've seen one and believe me I really don't wanna come in front of dozens" Noah said with a shudder.

My mind went back to that night when we were attacked. "You mean he kidnapped Esme to take her blood but made sure that we believe that his using her as a sacrifice?" Xander asked him to make clear.

"I know it's sick but his mind works like this it's not the first time his making those creatures infact he was trying to make more for years when he made one he started to made more and now I've lost count of how many he made" Nick said.

"What's on your hands?" I finally asked Noah when the room fall silent.

Noah hesitate but answered in a low voice "this is some papers or you could say proof against the the council member he tried to hurt mama that's why we gathered proof against him, proofs that explains his with the Mark and what else he did with his head of the councils power and what type of guy he exactly is underneath the mask of a good guy"

He gave those to Xander who nodded his head telling him silently that he will use it in good terms. "And one more thing The creatures I told you about is controlled by someone because they will go out of control if no ones their to control them" Nick said when we were leaving.

I nodded my head "thank you for all the informations I'll try my best to bring the both of your family members safe from the war" they both nodded their head. I smiled and then came out of the room.

In the empty hallway we both were silent busy with our own thoughts. Regina said that her mate was attacked by a red eyed creature and how Nick described them it could be those creatures.

I looked at Xander who was looking through the peppers that Noah gave him. I took deep breath "Xander will you tell everyone about what we learned from the twin brothers I have something important to do and I'll explain everything when I'll come back"

Not waiting for his reply I walked more like ran towards the back of the castle. 'Alex, Sarah meet me at the back door of the castle right now' I mind link them in our group link.

I reached the back of the castle after few seconds and after me Alex and Sarah came. They both looked at me in questioning gaze so I explained everything to them. Alex has the same expression I had after I heard about it but his controlling it perfectly.

"What do want us to do now Esme?" I looked at Sarah who asked the main question when I didn't spoke.

I cleared my throat knowing well what their reaction would be. "I want you both to help me in something"

They both rised their brows in question. "Alex I want you to go to the vampire Kingdom and talk to the person whose king now and Sarah I want you to go in search for the crystal witch coven"

They both looked at me for few minutes like I'm crazy. Well what I said it is crazy but it's needed to be done.

Alex and "Are you out of your mind Rose the vampire Kingdom?"

"And how do you except me to go to the coven when it's vanished years ago?" sarah asked at the same time.

"Look guys we need them because it would benefit us and Alex your the rightful king so that's your Kingdom your just going there to take back what's yours" then I looked at Sarah.

"Sarah I know they were vanished but the truth is they still are the strongest coven just they put a cover so they would stay out of trouble and I want you to find them and convince them to help us in the war"

"Look I know you both doubt that you both can't do it but believe me I know you both are capable of anything" I said to them when they have a doubtful look on their face.

"What will you do then?" Sarah asked suspiciously.

"I'm going to the night hunters pack" they both looked at me again like I grew two heads.

"Will you two snap out of it I know what I'm doing before you ask Alex and I'll be careful Sarah now tell me are you guys going to do what I told you or not?"

They both nodded their heads "if were doing this then we'll do this together like before" Sarah and Alex said together.

I smiled I knew they won't left me hanging. "Okay then we will do this now because we won't have time later and keep open your link so if anything happens to one of us we will know it immediately"

They both nodded and we both made our way towards our destinations.
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