Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 54

Sarah's pov,

I woke up panting, my room was dark when I looked at the clock beside my bed it says 4:00 am. Closing my eyes a frustrated sigh left my lips. I've been asleep the whole day.

'They are just nightmares nothing new everything is fine, Esme and Alex is fine, I'm here to help them they're safe at the castle'

"But that doesn’t mean I'm fine" I rested my head on the headboard closing my eyes for few minutes.

Getting from the bed I walked out of the current room I was staying in. Aron was given the next room beside mine. It was still dark but light was coming slowly. I walked from the hallway towards the backyard.

As I was walking alone I can't help but think about the plans that we came up with.


"Do you know anything about their exact location?"

Quinn looked like he wanted to say something but couldn’t at the same time. "Quinn I know that you know about thier whereabouts after-all you were the only one who were able to come back alive from that day"

"You know the reason Sarah" he still looked guarded. But I won't give up.

"Yes I know but I need their help"

"In what exactly do you need their help for?" Quinn still is a little skeptical.

I sigh "I think I don’t have tell you the reason"

"That wasn’t an ans - "

A hand slapping on the table stopped him mid sentence. I looked towards Aron who was now glaring at him. "Will tell us or not if help us then we'll stay but if you just want to waste our time by talking useless things then we don’t have any reason to stay here"

He was silent for a while "I don’t know their exact location Lusaka does she was the one who brought me back from there, after that day I don’t remember many things the memory of it is vivid so I can't tell you much"

I clenched my hand and unclench them. "Where are they?"

Quinn looked shocked for a moment but he covered quickly from it "Rina has gone in a few days trip along Lusaka and....Ashton they will be back tomorrow you can talk to them if you want, but I think you already know how that will go"

I again clenched my hand and unclenched them "I can't give up, I have to try my best no matter how hard that is for me"

'End of Flashback'

"Couldn’t sleep?" Someone's voice broke me out of my thoughts. I turned towards him and again looked up the sky.

"Some memories came back to life which I thought have buried deep inside of me" I looked towards Aron and smiled sadly "coming here have brought them back but aside from that I thing I have slept the whole day seeing it’s 4:00 am in the morning"

"Wanna talk about it" he asked walking closer to me ignoring my last comment.

I shake my head "not now it isn’t the right time to open the dark side of my past but I promise I'll tell you in the future"

I heard him sigh "all right as you wish sweetheart but can you tell me who the Queen was talking about so I at least know what I'm going face after few hours"

I chuckle lowly "his name is Quinn Aron, and as for who he was talking about they aren’t that important to me but I'll give you a little heads up"

"Rina is an old witch and when I say old I mean very old, she had a coven once upon a time where they took me in when I was alone but her coven broke apart after few years"

"So after that you met Esme and Alex?"

I nodded head a smile automatically made It's in my lips remembering about it. "Yeah Lusaka and Ashton they both was Rina's coven members they both were the same age as me, you could say they wanted me to feel at home but I couldn’t"


"Lusaka hated me still do I'm sure of it, from her perspective I stole everything from her when I came Rina took care of me more so she hated me for taking her mother's attention, Ashton was like a big brother he always tried to protect Lusaka and me but she says he now loves her less, and the coven destroyed when I came, I'm not gonna blame her for that it was my fault the people who were after me attacked them and they weren’t ready and"

I sigh again "you know it wasn’t your fault right?"

"I know Esme and Alex made sure about that, 'we'll even print it in you head if we have to but what happened then wasn’t your fault' was Esme's exact words"

"If they were from another coven or still is then what's their connection with Olivia's coven?"

"Olivia's coven helped them that time it was before all of the Chaos happened Olivia was still happy with her family away from all that drama but it was far before the darkness caught them"

"Then when did you meet Esme and Alex?"

"I was still unaware about their existence, but one day Lusaka and I had a big fight she tried to attack me with her magic once again but Olivia's mother stopped her, I ran away from there for years I've been on the run can you believe it a 9 year old girl was running and hiding from people that she doesn’t even know name of when all other kids do was play or live there life carefree, I met them then actually they found me, they both were training when they found me wounded and shivering from the cold and they both took me with them"

I didn’t know I was crying until I felt his hand on my cheek. I looked at his eyes which were filled with sadness and understanding which I was glad.

"I owe them my life, they never said they wanted me to do anything both of them have accepted me with open arms without even asking they know how I'm feeling and.....all I want to do is make them happy that's why this is so important to me because it’s important to them"

Aron was silent for a moment "they're happy"

I looked at him questioningly. He smiled and explained "I don’t know much about your relationship between them but as much I've seen I know that they’re just happy to have you, have your support, I don’t think they expect anything else from you they won't be even angry if you say you can't do that and do you know why?"

I know the answer before he says it but I know them more then him. "Because they love you Sarah they love you unconditionally just like - "

"Sarah? What are you doing here at this time?" I turned and saw Quinn walking towards us I again looked at Aron whose eyes were closed and he was taking deep breaths

"Just woke up I'm going back to bed I'll meet you both at breakfast" I didn’t wait for their reply and walked away. Was Aron going say what I think he was going to say? With another sigh I entered my room 'it’s going to be a day full of drama' I thought.

"Let's sleep while I can don’t know when I'll be able to sleep peacefully again"


I was sitting on the dining table eating waffles when there was a knock on the door. I stopped what I was doing and prepared myself mentally. 'Control yourself don’t kill her as soon as she step inside' I thought.

Quinn opened the door and The first person who came in was Ashton and then Lusaka laughing like a maniac 'don’t blame me I also hate her like no tomorrow' and then Rina.

They were talking among themselves which I didn’t payed any attention too and was quietly eating my breakfast. But of course that peace didn’t last long Ashton noticed me first and when Lusaka saw he wasn’t paying attention she looked where his eyes was glued 'on me'.

Everything really happened in slow motion her eyes met mine they widen in surprise I could see the emotions that were changing on her eyes. 'Here we go'

Rina also saw me and she smiled a genuine smile 'I guess she recognized me'

Before anyone can open their mouth Aron came down from the stairs looking as handsome as ever. He eyes immediately found mine and he came towards me. He stood beside me and kissed my forehead "Good morning Sweetheart" he murmured against my forehead.

And when he pulled away he has a big smile on his face which vanished as soon as he saw there is some other people in the room. His hands on my shoulders tightened and his face was emotionless.

When I looked towards them they all have different emotions on their face. Rina and Ashton seems happy for me ( which honestly I don’t think I care), Quinns eyes were burning and he was glaring at Aron's hand which was on my shoulders, And of course Lusaka's face has nothing but anger and hatred.

'Looks like everything's the same between us' I thought. I'm sure my face is blank from any emotions. I stood up from my Chair 'let's over it'
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