Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 55

Sarah's pov,

"Can we already over it standing here in silence will never answer our questions which I'm sure we all have" I said sitting down on my chair.

Rina told them to take a seat and they silently took it. Aron didn't took a seat he stood beside me for few seconds. Then he the picked me up and sat on my chair and making me sit on his lap.

I wanted to get up but as soon as I moved Aron's hand on my waist tighten. "You should sit down quietly sweetheart, or do you want to give your nemesis the satisfaction?" he asked me lowly so only I can hear.

And I can imagine him having a smirk on his face while he was saying this. He definitely is having fun in this situation. Quinn cleared his throat breaking us from our little world.

Rina was the one to talk first "How are you my dear?"

"I've been better Rina thanks for asking"

"Then what do we owe this pleasure that the almighty Sarah visited us?" Lusaka asked with an extra sweet voice.

I forced smiled on her way "not that it concerns you Lusaka I'm here to only talk with Rina so it would be great if you shut up for few minutes"

She glared at me, 'if her looks could kill I sure would've burned into ashes by now'

I ignored her and looked at Rina "can you tell me about the location of El corazón de las brujas coven?"

Rina's eyes widen slightly but she nodded her head "I can tell you about them but why do you need it?"

"You'll know when the time comes but right now isn't the right time to tell you about the reason" I said after a long silence. I'm not clearly sure should I tell them or not.

They have given me shelter when I needed but I clearly don't trust them at all. Rina is that kind of person that is good with hiding their true feelings so I can't trust her or them for that matters.

Rina sighed but nodded her head "very well I won't ask you anything else" then she looked at Ashton "give her the map"

I blinked few times "you'll give it to just like that?"

Rina looked at me with serious look "I don't want to give you this without knowing what your motives or reasons are but I trust you and the look on your face and tone is telling me enough that this is important"

Ashton walked towards me and Aron. When he came closer a paper appeared on his hand out of nowhere, he gave me that with a sad smile and went back where he was sitting.

Lusaka was going to protest but one look from Rina and she sat down quietly. I looked at the paper in my hands, it looked like somewhere in the forest not far away from here.

"What are you thinking?" Aron asked me quietly. "That if we go now then I guess we'll be able to reach there by evening but"


"But the place might be covered in magic for hiding it from everyone so it will take us time to search the exact spot"

Aron thought for few seconds "I could help you in that but in only one condition"

I looked at him suspiciously "and what that condition might be?"

"You have to give me kiss on the lips, not the cheeks kiss I want a proper kiss" he said with smirk.

He very well knows that he won the argument. "Alright you have a deal" I told him and a big smile made it's way on his face.

We came out of our little world when we heard a throat clearing by none other then Quinn. The smile that was on Aron's face vanished immediately and became hard void from any kind of emotions.

I looked towards them and saw Lusaka was nowhere only Rina, Ashton and Quinn was sitting on the couch.

I cleared my throat awkwardly looking anywhere but the curious looks that I was getting "where's Lusaka?" I said trying to divert the attention elsewhere.

"She went to her room now who's interested on Lusaka tell us what's the two of yours deal?" Ashton asked.

I sigh "his my mate nothing big deal"

"Nothing big deal you say, do you know how rare it is for every supernatural species to find their mate and your saying nothing big deal" leave it to Ashton to make the matter huge.

"Gee thanks cause I didn't knew that at all" I said with an eye roll.

I tried to get up from Aron's lap but he hold me tight. "Aron we need to move or did you forgot why we're here in the first place?" I said quietly so the curious ears can hear less of it.

With a sigh he let me stand up. I rolled my eyes at his pouty face. "Now come on you big baby we can have all time in the world after this"

His eyes instantly became serious. Grabbing my hand he started to drag me out of the house. I was confused but when I looked at his face it was full of mischief.

"Aron can you tell me why we're outside?"

"Come on Sweetheart you just told me that we get to spend our whole life together after all of this is over and you think that I'll waste any more time after this?"

We stopped in front of my car and when I opened my mouth to object that this wasn't what I meant. He beat me to it.

"Thanks for your help Quinn and Rina but we don't have that much time so we've gotta go" as soon as he said those words he started to push me inside the car.

He buckled me up and make sure that I was safely seated on the car seat. Then he shut the door and rounded the car to come to his side and got in drivers seat and looked at me.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

He arched an eyebrow "the keys Sweetheart"

I huff and gave him my car keys from my pocket. I waved at the others who was there before looking ahead when Aron started the engine. I looked at the map and gave directions to Aron.

We reached the place that was on the map after half an hour. Aron stopped the car and sat there. I looked at him in confusion "Aron what -"

Aron cut me short by his lips on mine. My eyes widen in surprise but soon I came out of it and started to kiss him back slowly but surely. My hands went to his chest he shuddered at my touch. He tightened his hands on my waist and pulled me on his lap.

I gasped and he took that as his opportunity to plunge his tongue inside my mouth. I ran my hand from his chest to his shoulder and slowly on his neck pulling him closer if that was possible.

We pulled away for oxygen, we both were breathing heavily Aron's eyes were clouded with a daze look and many more emotions. I'm pretty much sure that my eyes were also dazed and has the same expression as his.

"What was that for?" I asked after a moment.

"We had a deal" he said like it no big deal which is true but

"Wasn't that supposed to be after you find the coven?"

"Well I figured we wouldn't get much time after finding it so that's why I took my kiss now but we can do that again after we found the coven if you want" he said with a devilish glint on his eye.

"No we only had one deal not many and besides we don't have time" with that I got up from his lap while trying not to blush and got out of the car.

The area of the jungle we were right now was clear nothing out of ordinary. With the sun drowning by darkness and everything around us becoming dark from the lack of light. It seems like a normal forest with nothing to hide. If it wasn't for the map showing us this place I'm sure we might've missed it.

Aron got out after few minutes and I showed him the map, he then started saying something and then some faint light formed and started to make a way. "We have to follow it" grabbing my hand he started to walk on that path.

"I didn't knew you have this type of power on your sleeves" I said while looking around.

"Well that only proves that how little we know about each other Sweetheart"

I kept my mouth shut, I know his right we have spend only few weeks together but still I barely know this beloved of mine.

Soon we came to stop in front of a bush type of wall. Wall because it's nearly our height and it was full of thrones. "Looks like it's the dead end"

"No, it isn't look closely" I said to Aron.

He looked at me in confusion. I didn’t say anything and walked few step closer to the waterfall. Aron was right behind me.

"It looks like something is behind that waterfall which we can't see"


Before I can explain something else caught my eyes. The locket that I was wearing was starting to glow. It was the locket that Esme and Alex gave me when we completed our first mission.

Esme and Alex they both have the same locket which was given by some witch I don’t know of. And as far as I know they both don’t know who that witch was either. Esme told me the story behind it it was before I stumbled on their lives.

Esme was the only one who met that witch and that witch gave her three identical lockets. Esme was suspicious about it at first not knowing that person and taking something from her was dangerous when it was few months after the dark night where their future changed.

But she didn’t got any feeling that the lockets might me cursed or evil. And that locket have saved them two or three times. When I entered in their lives and gotten more closer to them then anyone Esme gave that locket as a gift also she told me that it would help me when I needed it the most.

It was doing the same to them for all moths. Now seeing the locket glow the closer I go to the waterfall was something I haven’t experienced before and it was confusing as hell.

Suddenly we heard something opening noise and when I looked towards the sound and saw the secret door opened making a way for us to go inside the waterfall.

I looked at Aron in confusion like what just happened my locket shined and it magically opened the secret door of the place where technically the coven members stays?

"What? Why are you looking at me I'm as confused as you are but let's talk about it later right now lets go inside because we don’t have much time left on our hands"

I nodded my head and the both of us made our way inside. My locket was back to normal and I was trying my best not to think about that right now. I'm pretty sure Esme would know something about this whole thing.

As I was going to step inside Aron grabbed my hand.When I looked towards him he muttered something under his breath "we Can't just go inside without protection Sweetheart, no one can tell what's going on in a witches mind and that's why we need to be prepared for the worse"

I nodded my head silently with another deep breath we both stepped inside. And what I saw left me speechless.

Inside of a waterfall was located a village that I knew but I didn’t knew that this village of coven members or few witches are going to be this beautiful.

The place was surrounded by green grass which was covered by white little flowers, small houses, elders talking among themselves, few adults were selling items on small shops which has customers buzzing, children’s were running around without a care in the world, teenagers were walking on the side walks in other words this was a small town hiding from the world.

I looked towards Aron to see if his seeing what I'm seeing. The look of pure disbelief on his face answered my question. "You finally came, I was starting to think that the vision I saw would be false" I heard feminine elderly voice saying.

When I looked ahead I saw a women making her way towards me. She was like in her 60's and she was beautiful with brown hair and extremely pale skin - I don’t know if that's natural or not - there was also two people with her they both were in their 30's and 40's.

"Who are you?" Aron's hand on my wrist tightens.

The elderly woman looked towards Aron and smiled sweetly "we mean no harm to your mate boy, we just want to talk to her about what she's here for"

"Why don’t we take this conversation inside" the woman beside her said.

The five of us walked towards a table which was near a small river. "Why there is table with five chairs?"

"I saw you both coming in my vision that's why I made them set this here so it would help you feel at ease" the woman from earlier said.

"All right we are at ease now lets get down to the main point because as much time we waste here the less time we'll have" Aron said.

"Let me introduce ourselves first my name is Halma I'm the elder of this coven or more likely the daughter of the person who created this coven on my left this man is Maroon he is the leader of this coven and on my right is Cassandra she is Maroon's wife and female leader of this coven and welcome to the El corazón de las brujas"

Before I could respond Aron spoke up "answer this that the coven is hidden behind a waterfall which is covered by magic then how could we see the sky from here?"

Halma smiled "you really are a smart one our coven is hidden true but it not behind a waterfall"



Aron and said at the same time. Halma continued "After our coven was attacked we needed to leave that place but we couldn’t go anyone else's territory so we found a place after making sure that our attackers know we are dead and for hiding this place our previous leader placed an enchanted door that will only open by the lockets of our coven members, not to attract many attention we put an illusion spell and hide this place with magic"

"So you mean that this whole waterfall is an illusion hiding an enchanted door that will only open by your members locket, but how did that door opened for us?" I asked them.

"The locket that your wearing now is the same locket as out members but there’s a difference the three of your lockets main work is to save you from any harm or dangerous situation" Maroon said.

"Cassandra was the one witch who gave Esmeralda the three lockets" Halma explained when I was going to open my mouth.

"My plan was that I'll give her the lockets and will come back but being the hybrid she immediately had understood who I was but she didn’t said anything took the lockets from my hand and walked away" Cassandra explained further.

"Now to the main point because I'm and elder witch my powers aren’t as strong as they were before but sometimes I see the future visions and the vision I saw it was about you I know why you came here and who send you here I would - no - it would be an honour for us to help you but being an elder of the coven I need to ensure the safety of the people of this coven first"

I nodded "I understand that I can't promise that it'll be a piece of cake and that your people would be unharmed it would be quite opposite you have probably seen the future that it would be a blood bath many innocents will lose their life but if we don’t defeat them then millions of people and Kingdom's will suffer, we are not enough I know what I'm asking is selfish of me but....but -"

A hand on my shoulder stopped me from saying anything when I looked up it was Halma "I wanted to see this the fire inside of you to save people to defeat the evil and more importantly to save the ones you hold close to your heart"

She stood up "don’t worry we never abandon our family and we're talking about the daughter of the previous leader the real heart of the coven of witches"

'Olivia' I watched them walking away "we'll be there when the time comes my child don’t worry go home because you're now needed there the most" with that they walked away.

I looked at Aron "road trip?"

I shake my head "no I have a bad feeling we need to go there now"

I grab Aron's hand and dragged him out of the place the gates immediately closed behind us and we made our way where my car was parked. I looked at Aron "we're teleporting ourselves there we can come back for the car later" I said to him.

He looked into my eyes for few seconds then slowly nodded his head and teleported us to the hall of the castle. But nothing would've prepared me for this everything was just chaos.

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