Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 56

Xander's pov,

Do you ever have the the dread feeling that something wasn't wrong but something wasn't right either. I was having the same feeling right now.

One moment I was on my office handling pack works and making sure we have enough guards and trying to come up with a full proof plan for the battle. The other moment I got the feeling that four people crossed my packs border.

And when I searched the whole damn castle I found out that the four people who crossed my border was none other then my mate and her partner in crimes with their new member.

And since then I was restless in our room. My wolf wasn't helping either he was growling and pacing inside my head which was giving me a headache. I wanted to go out there and bring my mate back in my arms, hold her so tight that she can't escape.

But knowing Esme she would never agree with this at all. So I didn't have anything to do rather then wait for her here. After 2 hours of wait finally my Esme teleported back.

She still didn't saw me and started to walk towards the bathroom that's when our eyes met. I'm sure my eyes are now dark from Alastair coming forward he was angry but mostly worried about our mate.

"Well hello love" I said with no emotion on my face. I'm pretty sure that my eyes have told her everything. She looked at me for few seconds she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came.

"Well my dearest mate will you explain that why did I got the feeling that someone has crossed my packs border at 12 at night and when I checked it was none other then my mate of all"

She looked guilty. Again she tried to say something but couldn't.

"You know how worried I was the man who we're going to fight with is after you mainly and you going out without saying anything is not gonna help"

At this point I was rambling I know but I don't care she needs to know that how much her choices worries me when she doesn't say anything.

"I was so god damn worried, can you tell me that what you had to do, so that you needed to go in night and without telling me......please?"

"Xander" her voice soothed the strom inside me. It calmed my wolf it's scary that how much this woman control me, that one word from her lips and I'm a goner.

It's scary that I can and will do anything for this woman. Even it means giving my life for her all she has to do is say it with a smile and I'll do it with a smile of my own.

It's scary that just hearing her voice would make me want to get on my knees and wait for her command like a servant obeying their queen.

The main point is that I don't care, I've waited my whole life for her, I've waited my whole life for my queen and I knew the moment our eyes met on the forest I would do anything that she'll tell me without uttering a single word.

But that didn't matter nothing else mattered because.......

Two arms wapped themselves around me In a tight hug also warping me in the heavenly scent of hers. Esme buried her face on my neck breathing in my Scent she relaxed in my arms. And like an reflex my hands warped her in my arms tightly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it you have your own things to look after and I just didn't wanted to burden you with more work but looks like I've worried you even more by not telling you" she mumbled from my neck.

I smiled "No matter what Esme you'll never be a burden to me, your my mate, my queen how can you even think that?"

We were both silent for a while after that Esme said she needs to change and get ready for bed. While she was on the bathroom I took my clothes and went to another bathroom to change and fresh an up.

When I came back to our room Esme was already laying on the bed. I walked in and closed the door when I laid down she turns around and hugged me putting her head on my chest.

"Xander will you tell me more about yourself?"

I was surprised by her sudden question but I'm happy that she wanted to know about me.

"Well you know that my parents were the formal werewolf king and queen they shift to London when I got the throne dad have taught me since I was kid what a kings duty should be towards his kingdom and the Importance of a queen and your mate

He always have told me to treat my mate like an equal and that the queen is more important then the king, his and moms relationship was what me and Deni loved the most and we grew up we got the importance

When I was a kid I didn't have that much friends Jack was the only one who had the guts to mess with me me being the future king never bothered him aside from all the political things my life was fine but I always missed one thing and that was a queen by my side, I can't even describe the feelings I have for you and how honour I am to have you as my mate"

"I'm happy to have you by my side too Xander and I promise no matter what I'll protect you and this Kingdom" she mumbled sleepily.

"Go to sleep my love you need it" I said and kissed her temple.

Nothing really doesn't matter because I have my mate in my arms. Her smell makes me feel like home, it makes me forget about everything. I was home after all. With that being my last thought I went to a dreamless and peaceful sleep.


The next morning Esme and me woke up changed and after that we both got busy with our own works. I was discussing the plans that needed to be done with the night hunters pack.

I was shocked when the night hunters packs alpha come to visit us. I was more surprised when I knew that Esme had a good connection with them. She was talking and even arguing with the alpha and beta like the three of them were long lost friends.

"I think you should stay for a while it's rare that you visit my Castle Alpha Levi"

"Please your highness call me Levi"

"Then you should call me Xander"

" it just me or Levi is talking politely?"

Immediately Levi glared at my mate "oh, I can be polite you know more then you who literally had no respect or manners of how to talk to an alpha when we first met remember?"

I was out of words I never saw this side of alpha Levi. He looked always so calm and collected. And seeing him arguing with my mate is rather amusing.

"I was behaving like that because of you so don't go around and blame it all on me" my mate said in mater of fact voice which seems to rile up Levi more because he started to glare at her even more.

Before Levi could say anything else Ryker his beta spoke "okay kids stop fighting in front of the king"

They both then looked at him and glared "We are not kids" they said it together.

"And besides how can you compare me to this little brat, your my beta"

"Oh I'm a brat then what are you? Your a.....a.....a arrogant alpha who is densely-est in the whole world and your my second best friend Ryker how can you compare me to him?"

They both said and walked out of the room. Ryker sighed and shake his head with a look that said 'I'm done with them'

"I apologize my king they were like this from the start, their personality is same so that's why they literally biker like kids"

"You don't have to apologize for anything Ryker and please call me Xander, it was quite a surprise to see the night hunters packs alpha to argue like a kid" I said with chuckle.

"Oh believe me alpha it's been worse"


It was noon by now alpha Levi and Ryker was staying at our guest rooms for a while. And as for my mate I haven't seen her since she got out of my office.

Jack told me she was training the worriers and making sure they were prepared for everything. I was looking through some papers when I heard a knock on my door before it opened.

My beautiful mate's come into the door frame I smiled "what it is my love?"

"I was going to the forest to practice in my spells a little more so I just came here to tell you so you won't get worried" she said.

"Sure just be careful and make sure to come back before it's too dark and mind link me or anyone if something bad happens okay?"

"Fine with me see ya" with that she locked the door.

I resume my work it was really becoming a stack of papers 'Why did I thought of not attending them?' shaking my head from any thoughts and tried to finish them before Esme comes back.

After 3 hours the door of my office barge opened and Jack come in panting "alpha the scouts on the borders said they sensed many different scents coming towards our pack"

That's when I got the feeling that wolfs, vampires were crossing my packs border and they were many. I looked at Jack who was now standing in alert ready for any orders I got up from my chair way to calmly for my liking and looked at Jack "Inform alpha Levi that we are under attack and take all the woman's and kid's who aren't fighting to the safe house" I said walking out of my office.

"The moment we were preparing for has come, tell all the worriers and guards to assemble to the main hall"

"Yes alpha"

With a one last breath I opened the main halls door "EVERYONE THE WAR HAS BEGAN"
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