Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 57

Esmeralda's pov, ( Before Esme went to the forest, in the training field )

"All right that's it everyone" my voice was louder so that the whole training fields people can hear it properly.

As soon as I said it they all laid down on the ground huffing, panting out of breath. Todays training was tough I made sure that everyone was strong and confident enough to face any enemy in the future.

Trained them together, divided them in to groups so they can master their own weak points, improved their fighting skill one by one - that took a while - not only that I made them fight with every weapons that can weaken our enemy and also be plus point in our side.

"Take rest you all did a great job today and now I'm pretty sure that you guys won't die on us so easily" I said and heard them chuckling.

"Our queen being our trainer I'm sure we can't be defeated now" the head worrier said and everyone yelled 'yes'. "Now now boys don’t be overconfident, don’t forget what I told you overconfident will always make you lose, be confident of yourself but don’t overdo it because you'll do something in the mist of your overconfidence and your enemy only need a little mistake to take you down"

Standing straight they all said together "yes Queen"

I shake my head with a small smile playing on my lips. "All right enough chit chat go home and take rest you boys need it" they all nodded and went their separate ways.

Then I turned around to the other group of wolves. "Now girls care to tell me where were you all?"

They all missed their training today don’t know why I thought of making the boys and girls compete together so the both sides can be stronger but they didn’t show up not even one girl.

The wolfe that was slightly bigger then the rest of them walked forward and shift back to her human form. I put cloths on her by magic. She bowed her head "I'm sorry my queen but I was the one who told them not to come and train because we needed to train more in our wolf form then out human form unlike the guys we have trained our human side but we aren’t that fast in our wolf form so we trained in the forest"

I nodded my head "then you should have told me that I would've concentrate on that side more"

She looked up at me "hmm it’s pretty late so we can't do the basics first, do you guys have any problem if we jump into the hard part today"

They all looked at each other then shaked their heads. I smiled "alrighty then I'm going to train you all for one hour and be prepared because this one is going to be intense" I said.

And the girl - who's name I think was page - shifted back to her wolf I smirked. "All right then let's begin"

After one hour of fighting with them I'm damn tired my body was aching rib to rib. I stand up straight and my legs nearly gave up but I somehow managed I was fighting for 5 hours with the guys and then 1 more hour with the she wolves. I needed to make sure they were light on their feet's.

Hard and ready for any kind of attack, and if any new born vampires attack them or bite, grab or try to rip their heart out they can get out of - not so easy but not so difficult either - also made sure that no matter what rank they are they can see at least their attack coming their way.

"All right girls I hope today’s training helped go and rest for now we can train more later" I said walking towards the castle when I remembered something "oh and make sure to join the training from now on no matter which form you wanna train it'll be more easier if you can have a experience fighting with a well trained worrier" I said and they all nodded their head.

I really wanted to go in my room and rest my body but I still need to complete my own training so I go to Xander's office instead. I knocked before opening it peeking inside I saw him working on his desk with a stack of papers around him he looked up and smiled at me "what is it my love? He asked me.

"I was going to the forest to practice in my spells a little more so I just came here to tell so that you won't get worried" I said.

"Sure just be careful and make sure to come back before it’s too dark and mind link me or anyone if something bad happens okay?" he more like command me.

"Fine with me see ya" I closed the door and walked to the back of the castle.

When I was sure that I was far enough from the Castle. I started to work on my elemental powers.

"Here and now
I evoke the elemental force of Air;
I call to the summer breeze
And roaring wind,
The echoing melody and lifting wings.
You that is ever-dancing,
That teaches lessons of the unseen,
That topples trees and the embraces stars,
I call you here
Infuse my intension with your
Swirling gifts of both song and silence.
Carry my will on your back
And rise my purpose into your sky.
Breath and cloud.
Sound and song.
Air I call you thee."

The wind around become fast when I opened my eyes I was in the middle of a wind circle. I smirked opening my palm I put my hand and made the Circle turn into a ball in the palm of my hand.

'I need to work on my calling more faster it take a lot of time then necessary' I thought.

I looked at the ball and thought of sharp blades and they immediately turned in millions of blades. 'Hmmm my thinking have improved let's see if it is effective or not' I thought.

I looked at the tree on my left and aimed there. The tree fall down making a loud sound. 'It really is effective that made the whole tree fall' I thought.

I was going to do another trick when I sensed someone behind me. When I turned around I saw a shadow figure standing behind the bushes. It was dark so I couldn’t quiet see who that person is because that figure was hiding on the shadows.

But when he came forward I hoped I wouldn’t have known. "Mark what the hell are you doing here?" his name was like poison on my lips.

He smiled the creepy smile like he knows something that I don’t. "Well my dear Princess I'm here to take you why else would I be here?" he said and his smile widen.

I glared at him and when I try to move to attack him my body didn’t move. I couldn’t move my whole body expect my head. I looked at him "what did you do"

"Now now Princess that's not how you talk with someone"

He started to walk closer to me. I tried to move again but failed.

"And to answer your question I just paralysed you if it was some other time I'm sure you would be able to break it but now when your body is so weak you couldn’t do it which made things more easy for me"

"You bastard remove this spell and fight with me then I'll show how much damage I can fo with my body being weak"

"Well my dear Princess I can't do that you see your my last pawn the most important part in my plan to rule over the world so while your little friends are fighting over there to save their lives I'm here to collect the most important piece"

He was now few steps away from me he rised his hands and touched my cheek "you are indeed a rare beauty my Princess with that much power your truly worthy to be my queen don’t worry after all of this is over I'll make sure to treat you like a Princess"

I saw he put hi other hand on his pocket and pull out an injection which has a purple liquid inside. He then looked at me and smiled widely "You know what it is?"

When I didn’t speak he continued "this is my special invention that I spent years to creat I think you've seen my first test don’t you remember my dear Princess?"

A chill run down my spine and it wasn’t good at all. He saw my expression and started to laugh "oh so you remembered that night when a red eyed not a wolf but not an animal either the beast or what you call it a creature that teared your father the most powerful vampire king in the world into pieces in front of you and your brother remember?"

My eyes were red by now the rage that I felt the rage that's flowing in my veins to kill this man in front of me just like he did to my father. See him scream in agony, pain of his body being riped into pieces in front of his eyes. I want to torture him until he beg me to stop, until I satisfied my anger the beast inside me with his own blood I so badly want to torture him like no one else ever heard of.

But my body was still it wasn’t moving an inch. He laughed like he just remembered a joke after he was done laughing he took the injection "you know I would love to talk more but I don’t have that much time but I promise my Princess we'll talk as much as you want after this is over after I won the battle but for now lets complete the work I was her for in the first place"

He walked closer and injected me in neck no mater how much I move it didn’t make a difference. I felt the liquid flow though to my whole body. I wanted to scream but nothing came out of my mouth.


"Shh my Princess let it flow it would hurt more if you try to fight it and don’t worry it won't turn you like them it would just cloud your mind and body giving me full control over you and your powers and you know the best thing?"

I was panting by now sweating from the heat. My body was paralyse but I still feel like I'm gonna drop any moment now. But he didn’t care he kept talking "and the best part is that you get to control the whole special army that I build in these years how fantastic isn’t it"

"Now sleep for a while we still have time before we go and surprise everyone"

Like it was a command my eyes started to close on it’s own. I couldn’t keep them open no mater how hard I tried before I know it darkness surrounded me and I lost my consciousness.
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