Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 58

Third person's pov,

Alex was sitting on his bed looking through some old pictures when he felt his connection to his sister broke. It literally broke like there wasn’t a bond in the first place.

He got out of his room when he saw everyone on the castle was running around. "Jack what's going on?" he asked the royal beta when he saw him ordering some worriers to stay and guard the safe house.

Jack looked towards Alex when her heard his name been called. "There's no time for explanation go to the main hall you'll understand everything" with that he was gone.

Alex was confused but he was more concerned about his sister then anything else. He tired to mind link her so many times but everytime he come empty handed he then run towards the main hall in his vampire speed because something in him doesn’t feels right.

Xander was waiting for everyone to gather in the main hall while he was talking to his beta about what should they do and not and how many enemies does they need to fight. But suddenly Xander felt an emptiness inside him like something precious just been snatched away from him.

'Alastair did you feel it?' He asked his wolf to conform that he wasn’t going mad.

'Xander it’s mate I can't feel her anymore nor that we felt much before but now I just feel empty like she died' Alastair said lowering his head trying to understand what was exactly going on.

Jack saw Alex and the last wolf whose going to fight come in the hall he nodded to himself and looked towards his alpha who was frowning over something.

"Alpha everyone is here" Jack said bringing him back from his world.

Xander looked towards his beta and nodded his head still confused. He shake his head and pushed back the nagging feeling back of his head trying to focus at the matter at hand.


They all roared "Yes" with that they all went outside and everyone shifted back to their wolf forms some stayed in their human forms. Daniella looked towards her mate who was now walking where she was standing.

"Your going to shift and where's the others?" Alex asked his beloved.

"Yeah I am please be careful Alex it’s not gonna be an easy fight and Luca and the others are in the safe house guarding it" Dani said worried about her mate.

Alex smiled "don't worry this isn’t something I and Esme haven’t dealt before speaking of which have you seen her somewhere?"

Deni shake her head 'no' and one last look at her mate she shift to her wolf form and ran towards her brother who was still on his human form. Alex's smiled vanished from his face he was now truly worried about his sister. This never happened before and he didn’t know what was the cause of it.

He walked towards Xander who was talking to Jack about something. "Xander what's the number?" he asked him when he was close enough.

"We have most likely more then 500 wolfs coming from the front then we have 400 vampires 200 coming from the east and 200 coming from the west and we don’t know how much more are going to come" Jack said

Alex nodded his head "did any of the border guards spotted Mark?"

Jack shake his 'no' Alex looked at Xander and asked the same question he asked his beloved "have you seen Esme?"

"She went to the forest to train on her spells more but I didn’t see her after that did you-"

Before Xander can finish his question fighting has began roughs were attacking and so was vampires. "Vampires, new born vampires and rogues Mark has really planed everything haven’t he?" Alex asked no one in particular.

He then run with vampire speed to a wolf who was having a hard time with a new born vampire. He grabbed his head from behind and the brown wolf bite that vampires body with a twist his head and body was separated.

While Alex was helping that wolf he didn’t saw that two rogues were going attack him from behind. When he finally noticed they have already tackled him to the ground.

Before Alex can do anything they were already knocked out. Olivia was the one who used a poising spell on the rogues. "Mom you shouldn’t be here"

Olivia looked towards her son and smiled a motherly smile "don’t worry Alex I'm gonna be fine, you don’t need to worry about me the main person you should worry about is Esme"

"Esme? What's wrong mom what will happen to her?"

"We don’t have any time to stand and talk we must hurry before Esme's powers bloomed" Olivia said and went towards the forest.

Alex has a lot of questions on his mind but he followed his mother nonetheless because he wanted to protect his sister.

Meanwhile the battle field was going crazy where ever your eyes go everyone was fighting each other. Bloods were everywhere, dead bodies some innocent and some who had evil intentions.

Mark was watching everything from the splattered blood on the grounds after all it was one of his powers of being a warlock. His army of rogues and new born vampires were clearly in the lost side. They hold no chance in front of Xander's worriers.

Mark could see that they were loosing but he smiled and evil smile because they haven’t seen the last of his plan yet. "I see their fighting the new born vampires swiftly no wander after all Esmeralda was their trainer but they stand no chance in front of my army and when I have the great controller right here"

Mark then looked towards Esme who was now laying on the ground her face was calm and peaceful but on the inside that was anything but that. She walked closer to the laying beauty he kneeled beside her.

"Just few more minutes and they'll know what real power is with you by my side I'm sure to win any war my dear Princess" he said caressing her cheek with a soft smile.

Olivia was running in the forest in search of her daughter. If what she saw on her vision was true then she'll have to find her daughter soon.

"Mom will you please explain to me what is going on? Why did I felt this wired feeling? And why is that I can't feel Esme anymore? And why is Esme and my bond is gone like it wasn’t there anymore?" Alex asked his mother no longer be able to hold on all of this to himself.

"I don’t know anything myself Alex but I saw a vision a vision where Esme has an strong aura around her it was 10 times more stronger then what her sura is now so that only means that her power will bloom and that is today" Olivia said trying to sense her daughter or any clue that could lead her to her daughter.

"So you mean that it was all Mark's plan?" Alex asked trying to connect dotes on his head.

"I'm not sure about his intentions but one thing I'm certain of that we need to find Esme and fast" 'because what I saw on my vision wasn’t my Esmeralda she was something else' Olivia thought to herself.

Xander on the other hand was fighting a group of rogues. 'They are too weak to even fight back' Xander thought to himself.

He still haven’t shifted in his wolf from, he wanted to keep it as his last option and if shift in his wolf form Alastair would go to search Esme. It like he isn’t worried he wanted nothing more to go and search for his mate to see himself that if she's okay or not but he couldn’t leave his kingdom behind.

"Your highness" two voices called Xander when finished the last wolf he was fighting. That were the last of the people Mark has sent. The rogues and vampires were now laying dead on the ground.

"Nick! Noah! What are you two doing here? You two were supposed to be in the safe house with the others" Xander asked quite surprised to see the two rogues that he gave permission to stay on his mate's orders.

"We were but we're here to fight we just can't sit there and let you guys fight when we know that we had also part in all of this" Nick said.

"Yeah please let us fight it isn’t the end of it we know Mark has something on his sleeve that he have saved for the last"

"Well the more the merrier and I know that this isn’t the end" right the Jack come running towards him in his wolf form and shifted back when he was right front of him.

"I just got news from the border that they saw more then 1000 creatures coming this way all of their eyes were red" he informed him.

Xander eyes widen in realization "red eyes that means....."

"Yes Mark is going to throw his last attack" Jack said with nod of his head.

Xander then looked towards his worriers they all were fine few scratches but nothing big he sighed and started to speak getting their attention "LISTENED EVERYONE WE HAVE MORE ENEMIES COMING OUR WAY THIS IS THE LAST FIGHT LET'S GIVE IT OUR ALL AND MAKE SURE THAT OUR ENEMY KNOWS THEY HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG KINGDOM"

They all yelled "yes"

Right then Mark teleported himself in front of Xander's worriers with Esme beside him. She was still unconscious her eyes were closed Mark was hold her by her one hand.

Xander eyes burned with rage, seeing his mate in another males hand made Alastair mad he wanted nothing but to kill every male species who wanted to take his mate away from him.

Mark looked at them in an emotion less face and looked behind him singling his army of beasts to stop. He then looked at the wolf Kingdom that soon will be his.

Xander couldn’t hold it any more he stepped ahead to attack but was stopped by Dani on her wolf form. He looked at her and she shaked her wolf head telling him not to go. When both of their attention went towards Mark they saw Esme's eyes opening.

Esme was numb she wasn’t feeling any pain, any hurt, she can't remember where she was or who the person beside her holding her hand was all she knew was that she wasn’t feeling anything at all.

Xander looked when he saw Esme's eyes were opening. But what he saw made his skin shiver in horror. His mate, his beautiful mate whose eyes was the most beautiful crystal blue eyes he have ever seen was now red and the worst part was he wasn’t sure that that was his Esmeralda anymore.
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