Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 6

Esmeralda's POV

The moment I step in to the forest the fresh air blows through me and making me feel refreshed.

I started to walk more into the forest and was just enjoying the myself. I lost the track of time.

I didn't even bother to know where I was going but at that moment I really didn't care where I was going.

I love the forest it gave me some kind of homey feeling and make me feel like I was safe here although I was scared before. Because seeing my parents die in the middle of a forest made me scared of this place.

But after few years I don't know how I started to like the forest again. It was the place where I didn't have nightmares.

I was in my own world thinking to myself but suddenly I came to halt cause I heard some movement behind me. I know I didn't imagine it cause no matter how much I got lost in my own world I would always be in alert.

Training with Harry was difficult but it was worth it. Cause it made me what I'm now. I heard it again and when I looked behind me there was three wolfs in front of me.

There was a red wolf and both of his side was two grey wolfs they were same the only difference it had that left one was light colour and the right one was a little dark. by the looks of it they are members of a pack.

But there is pack in here? Wait we are in a packs territory? And Alex didn't told me about it he is soo gonna regret it.

I came out of my thoughts just in time to see the dark grey wolf has jumped towards me to attack but I easily dodged.

I really don't want to harm them and declare a war between us and a pack. And only god knows how big their pack is, I dodged again this time it was the light grey wolf.

The red wolf must've sensed that I wasn't going to fight back so he growl for them to stop at least I think it was for them to stop.

Then suddenly out of the forest another wolf appeared and he was larger then the three wolfs. I immediately knew that he was the alpha of their pack.

It was a midnight black with a little bit blue, like stars in the night sky. His eyes was pitch black.

It was magnificent, there was something that was making me drawn to that wolf. His eyes was so captivating that I forgot where we were. The wolf was looking right at my eye's like he could read my soul by just looking at them.

But a growl break our moment and bring me back to my senses. I looked it was from the red wolf and saw his eyes were foggy, they were talking through mind link.

I took that opportunity to think I know they can sense that I was a hybrid by the looks they were sending me. But I can't run, running away wasn't an option.

So I've to think about something else. The the black wolf shifted with him the other wolfs have shifted either before they register anything I made a motion with my hand and they were standing there in a black t-shirt and a khaki shorts.

They were shocked at first but composed themselves anyway "why did you do that?" the red wolf I mean the one who has turned red wolf from human asked.

"Did you guys excepted me to talk to ya'll and answer all your questions when you all are naked" I asked rising an eyebrow. There was a little pause.

Then the light grey wolf and the dark grey wolf who were said at the same time "how did you know that we were going to question you?"

"You wouldn't shift back to your human forms unless you wanna talk" I said in a calm yet confident voice.

"Well then tell us why are you in my territory?" that voice sent a shiver down my spin. Can you say who that voice belong to?

your right that belong to that midnight black wolf's who I'm having a hard time not to stare at.

He is the most handsome man I've ever met in my life time. He has black hair with forest green eyes which I came to love.

But I collected myself and used my emotionless face "I didn't knew that this was your territory, I didn't even knew that there was a pack here in the first place" I said looking straight at his eyes so that he knows that I'm not lying.

"Then why are you here?" it was the red wolf. "Me and my brother came here just few hours ago, we've shifted here today" I replied calmly.

"Where is your brother? And why did you shifted here? Are you here to spy on us? If you are we're going to kill you?" the red wolf threatened me.

When he said kill you there was a growl it was so strong that I could feel the ground shake. The wolfs bowed their heads in submission.

"NO ONE IS GOING TO TOUCH OR HURT MY MATE" the dark wolf said his eyes become more dark. He then looked at me and said "MINE". He came closer to me untill our chest's were together and our face were inches apart.

My breath hitched by the closeness I was attracted to this man that's for sure. But he said mate, he said I was his mate. I know what mate is and I can't believe that I have a mate.

He then leaned closer to ear and whispered "go to sleep angel". I didn't understand what he meant. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my neck and saw that this god looking guy injected me.

I tried to release myself but he gripped me on my waist and immediately I felt Sparks where he touched me that stoped me from struggling " love don't struggle, let it flow and let it do it’s work" he said to me.

I looked at him, anger evident in my eyes "you creep, you injected me just wait till I woke up and you'll regret what you've done" I said my voice was low but powerful.

"Believe me love I'm already regretting for injecting you but I can't take the chance for you to run away" he told me. And before the blackness fully consume me I heard him say "finally I found you my little mate" Alex is soo gonna kill me. And it was totally dark.

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