Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 59

Third person's pov,

Olivia looked up the sky "oh no we don’t have much time"

Alex was right behind her when she stopped. The both of them were in the opening of the battle field. Olivia wanted to search more in the forest but she had a feeling that her daughter wasn’t there anymore so she and Alex made their way back to where the battle was going on.

Alex was following his mother but Whenever he asked something his mothers answer were the same "we can't let her do it or she won't be herself anymore"

"Mom will you please tell me what's going on?" Alex was frustrated not being able to do anything when his family was in danger especially his sister.

"The moon when the moon turns red
The rightful queen awakens
No one in this world have the power to stop her from destroying the evil
She have to make a choice
If she chooses to be on the right path then she'll live
And if she chooses the wrong path she'll lose her soul"

"That's the whole prophecy no one knew about that part because it was never written no one knew who will be that person or if this part is even true or not I knew about this because it was on our coven's history the rightful heir will become the queen of all and only she holds the power no one else

My mother your granny was the one who told me that the heir can be anyone because she will be the chosen one by the moon goddess herself I never thought of it but now that I know I can't let it happen she'll suffer if it happens if she chooses the wrong path"

Alex was speechless he didn’t know what to say "wait you can't mean it's Esme, you said it yourself it can be anyone" he tried to deny it.

Olivia shake her head "no my son your right that person can be anyone but the vision that I saw is telling me otherwise so we need to go to the battle field and help them"

Sarah was stunned the view in front of her made her thought that she was seeing things, or she was asleep and it was just a nightmare which she dearly hoped it was but it wasn’t at all. The ground had pool of blood everywhere and the.

And bodies that she didn’t know of was laying on the ground and everyone was busy with fighting with the looks of it they were on the winning side but this seems too easy. She looked at Aron "when did they say they'll come again?"

"They supposed to come after few hours I think" Aron said uncertainty.

Sarah again looked at front of her and saw that everyone was standing still sweaty and close to tired. They still have energy to fight for few hours but it depends on what they are going to face next.

Her attention went towards the blurry two figures that was now standing in front of the royal army separating them into two groups and behind them was red eyed creatures. That didn’t shock her no the two figures standing in the front of that group did It was Mark and Esme.

Mark was holding Esme's hand by the elbow to hold her up and another woman walked beside him. After a while Esme's eyes opened and what she saw made Sarah think that it would be more good if it was really a dream.

Esme's eyes were both red and what was more horrifying that her eyes held no emotions. Her eyes looked like it lost life. Which scared her to the core because she have a very very bad feeling about it.

Xander stood there frozen he didn’t know what to do next. He looked towards his mate who wasn’t even looking at him she was looking around with an emotionless face. And then their eyes met.

To Xander it was like he was meeting his mate for the first time and this time he didn’t felt the connection between them. The mate pull that made him run towards the forest that day wasn’t there it was like the mate bond wasn't there to begin with.

In Esmeralda's eyes there wasn’t nothing but blankness. She didn’t felt anything when he looked at the forest green eyes she so much fall in love with. She didn’t felt the pull or butterfly's like she felt everytime she looked at him.

She then looked towards her brother who was at the end of the sea of people but she can clearly see him infact her vision has become more clearer then it was before.

Everytime she looked at her brother she always felt proud that she was his sister, she always knew how he was feeling just by looking at him but now when she looked at the familiar eyes she didn’t felt anything at all.

She still can see the pain and frustration in his eyes but other then that the connection they shared she didn’t feel it at all. Before she can do anything else Mark's started whispering by her ears.

Xander wanted to listen what that bastard was telling his mate. He also wanted to kill him just because he dared to touch his queen and he still was. Each second pass it was eternity for Xander just looking his hand on her was enough to make his wolf restless.

Mate bond or not he have accepted Esmeralda as his mate and queen. He will die before he gave up on his one and only love. Xander broke out of his thoughts when he saw Esme rising her hand "Attack"

Immediately the army of beasts charged ahead like they were waiting for her command. Xander looked at Esme's eyes searching for a single light or something that would say that his Esmeralda is there but he found nothing.

Her eyes were as empty as before. Before he can look any further two beasts attacked him. He took out all his rage that he was feeing on them killing them ruthlessly without even blinking his eyes he took all of his enemies lives like he was starving.

Sarah looked at the battle field with her fist clenched. She was angry no she was furious she wanted to take out her anger at something and what will be the best opportunity then killing the enemies they were all waiting for.

"Let's go Aron it’s time to show our enemies that what big mistake they have done by trying to attack us" she didn’t wait for his reply she was already running on her vampire speed towards a creature who has just snapped a wolfs head. The creature looked up but it was too late for him to attack Sarah has already grab his head and snapping his head away from his body.

Sarah's eyes were read which indicating her beast was fully in control. The vampire in her was found of Esme as much as Sarah so seeing her hurt has made her beast out of control and for once Sarah wasn’t stopping her beast to take full control.

Alex looked at his mother "mom please stay here you'll be safe here....please" with that he ran in the battle field.

Olivia wanted to help she really did but whenever she looked at the creatures she was reminded of the day she lost her beloved mate. "Your not going to help them?"

"I want to but the creatures reminded me of the day which I so badly want tl forget" Olivia blinked her eyes 'huh who asked that?' she thought.

When she looked behind her, her eyes widen in surprise it was her mother and brother all of her coven members were there also some new faces she didn’t recognize.

"Mother what are you doing here?" Olivia asked her eyes were now blurry. All her emotions that she kept inside her was finally showing. She missed her family so much although she was happy with her own family that doesn’t meant that she didn’t missed her old coven.

Being a queen was hard especially when you don’t know what to do. So in all the work that Olivia needed to complete as a vampire queen she didn’t get the chance to meet her family. Olivia and Blake visited them once in a while but after she become pregnant it was hard to travel so they visited sometimes but it wasn’t like old times at all. And after that night it stopped fully she even didn’t knew that her coven members were alive or not.

"We'll talk later my child for now let's focus on the situation at hand Olivia and I will take care of healing and the ones who aren’t in healing they will help the ones that is needed and try to attack them from Shadows that will help us attack more"

Olivia wanted to say something anything but her mother was right they didn’t had the time to talk at all. "Yes let's help them as much as we can"

Meanwhile Xander and the others were busy killing and trying to keep away from the creatures. They didn’t get the time to breath when they kill one immediately another batch attacks it was taking all of their energy.

"They don't seem to end at all no matter how much we kill them" Alex said he was now beside Xander and Dani.

"Look their wounds heals as soon as we gave them and the weapons we're using doesn’t seem to effect that much" Xander said now breathing heavily his body was tired but he can't stop.

"Mark knows what his doing he used his warlock powers to make them heal faster and if we don’t rip their hearts then they don’t die" Alex said ripping another creatures heart.

"No matter how much we kill that doesn’t seem to effect at all they are still how coming how many exactly are there?" Alex asked again ripping another creatures heart.

But suddenly they all heard a scream which made all the creatures to stop they all stood like a statue. Everyone on the battle field turned towards the source which was Esme.

She was kneeling on the ground and was clutching her head with both of her hands. Esmeralda screamed again but this time it was louder the sky turned red Esmeralda got up on her feet's.

When the moon came out it was red and at the same time Esmeralda opened her eyes which send shivers of fear among everyone. Her eyes were red with violet rings.
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