Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 60

Esmeralda's pov,

My body was on fire that's what I felt when I finally was able to got control back. I could feel everything around me and for some weird reasons everything is in slow motion for few seconds. I noticed all werewolf's stopped and looked at me with a shocked face. I noticed my mates eye widen in surprise pausing as soon as his eyes met mine. I noticed the way Mark looked at me, everyone stopped.

"Finally your full power has awakened, I was waiting for it" Mark said.

I blinked my eyes and looked up at him "wh-what are you talking about?"

He smiled which made my skin shiver in disgust. He kneeled to my eye level and grabbed my chin "my dear Esme did you thought that I wanted you just because of the throne? Your so much more powerful then you think and it would be a waste to just have the throne don’t you think?"

"So you know what's happening to me?"

"Of course I do, why would I attack without knowing what benefit I would have?" he didn’t wait for my reply he continued talking.

I can't concentrate any longer, my head was on it’s own world I started to hear voices on my head.

'Oh my we are finally is able to talk to you we tried so many times so many times' the first voice.

'Yeah I couldn’t wait to see what this body can do' the second voice.

'What do you think isn’t it fun to have so much power' the first voice.

"Shut up"

'Oh my why are you being so rude you know we are now one you can't be separate from us no matter what you do, you and we are the same now'

'Yeah yeah you can tell us to do anything and we'll make it happen the power you had before was powerful but that is nothing compared to the power you have now'

'You can also kill the guy beside you we know how much you hate him, we can feel the hatred'

'Yeah yeah listen to us, accept us, we'll be you ally, we'll be your most loyal servants'

"So you mean that I can do whatever I want now" I said it in my head so not to make myself look more of a crazy then I already have.

'Yes yes, you can even destroy this whole Kingdom if you want to'

"I don’t want that I just want this war to end and I want to make the one suffer who was responsible for everything" I said to them.

'Then you'll have what you want just follow your instincts' the two voices said together.

First's things first I tried to stand up because I was still kneeling on the ground. Mark looked at me in disbelief but that was for just a second when he tried to command me like before "my dear Princess it would a shame if we don’t taste out your new powers, so why don’t we start with your mate and then you can go and kill your brother"

I didn’t move, my body wasn’t behaving like it was before. I have my control back. I don’t have to do the things he want me to do anymore.

'Didn’t we told you your more powerful then him, anyone in here for that matter. And no one has the right to control you because you were born to be a queen Esmeralda'

'Yes yes, and don’t forget a queen never bow down to anyone they would bow down to you'

"But I can't make them do what they don't want to do"

'Then let's show them that who we actually are'

'Earn trust earn trust'

'And to do that defeat the enemies'

"That I can do without a saying" I said with a smirk.

I'm nervous more then anything but the most importantly I'm excited to test out those powers myself and see what exactly I can do.

"But why is everyone looking at me like I'm an alien?" I thought.

'Because of your eyes'

"My eyes?"

'Yes yes, your yes are now the combination of red and violet the rarest and prettiest colour'

"What are you waiting for do what I told you to" Mark said now coming closer.

"How annoying" I murmured.

He looked towards me with an impatient look. I know he was running out of patience. "Will it be okay to play with him?" I thought.

'Fun it'll be fun'

'Try it, try it make him more frustrate. The face he makes is funny'

"I'm still not used to talking on my head with some voices" I said still ignoring Mark.

'We're not just voices we're the elements'

'You know every chosen queen has someone like us'

'Yes, and now that your powers are fully awaken we can be with you openly'

'Yes yes, you can hear us now. We have been with you since you were born but we couldn’t talk to you untill all of your powers were awaken'

'Which only happen in red moon night'

I didn’t get to reply or think about the things they said because Mark grabbed my hand tightly. And just like a switch everything became normal again.

Everyone was moving normally. I blinked few time "why was only Mark was able to move?" I thought.

'He has some kind of dark aura around him'

'It's a witch, it's witch'

"I think I know which one your talking about" I mumbled quietly.

A growl brought me back to the present. My head immediately turned towards the sound, 'it's Xander' I thought.

His eyes were black indicating that Alastair was on the surface. His eyes was glaring the hand that was grabbing mine. Mark's hand tighten which made me flinch. That was a bad reaction from my side because Xander was already a ticking time-bomb and that was his last straw.

I looked towards Alex and he immediately went into action grabbing Xander so he couldn’t move. Jack came and whispered something which made him stop struggling but he was still livid.

"I can understand his feelings but right now his in no position to do anything" I thought with a sigh.

My attention soon went towards Mark who was talking to me this whole time. "What are you doing Princess didn’t I told you to kill that werewolf king. Why aren't you listening to my orders?" he said with a deathly glare on his face.

I smiled and let the electric flow through my hand which he was holding. He immediately retreat his hand. I rubbed my wrist, his fingers left red marks on my wrist. "This damned bastard" I mumbled.

'Kill him, kill him'

'He dared to hurt us kill him'

"Looks like that last time's pain made the effect of my invention less, but I can tell that the effect haven’t gone fully" Mark said with a smile.

"Anyways there's a different type of fun when they struggle to get their control back and if it's you Princess then it's going to be more fun" he said with small chuckle.

I looked at him with an blank expression. I knew he was crazy but he would be this crazy who would've thought.

On a second thought he was a crazy bastard from the start. I glared at him "would you shut up you have already stepped on your death bed but injecting me with something like that you really thought you could win?"

"Of course I can those creatures listens to me and I have those blood thirsty vampires and rogues" he said confidentially.

"You....those aren't the only people you've are they"

"Of course not Princess I'll have to save some for the last battle don't you think? It wouldn’t have got me so many years to prepare for this war if I didn’t have some tricks up my sleeves. And besides my Princess deserves better so why don’t we see how powerful you've gotten and how well you'll fight with you being half conscious with merciless rogue king's army"

As soon as he finished talking wolfs started to come out of the forest. They stopped right behind Mark. Who was looking at me the whole time.

Wolves as dark as a shadow, eyes as red, teeth as sharp as knife. They were all different nothing in common. I couldn’t even say that they have any type of feelings for their own pack. They only listen to them whose as powerful and as merciless as them.

So it wasn’t a surprise to see they are now following the command of Mark. "You might have forgotten the beasts that you spent half of your life in are longer in your control so do you think those wolves will be able to stop me?" I said looking straight at his eyes.

" hmmm......losing control over them is upsetting but what made you so confident that you would be able to control them. And even if you do, do you have the heart to sacrifice all of those innocent lives just for this kingdoms sake?"

"Mark one thing might have slipped out of your mind that I'm not as kind as you people thought I'd be. Those people you've targeted are innocent indeed but they are no longer humans they have changed the reasoning inside them so killing them would put an end to their misery"

Suddenly Mark started to laugh "oh my Princess is so confident so why not we test it. This fight is not between wolfs and wolfs nor me and the Kingdom. This fight is between only me and you and to reach me princess you have to cross all of this blood thirsty vampires and merciless wolves. And if your still able to stand on your two feet I'll be happy to kill you or even better make you my servant" he said with a smirk.

"You asshole don’t even dare to touch my mate" Xander yelled still in hold of Alex.

"Oh I knew it you would interfere between this amazing fight. We can't let that happen now can we?" Mark rised his hand and black shadow rised from the ground holding everyone's feet.

"This would keep you all steady untill the fight is over" he said.

He then looked at me "now my dear Princess I'll be waiting for you at the end" with that he vanished and I become all the wolves, beasts, vampires center of attention. With a deep breath I stand on my fighting stance.

"If I have to do it then let's do it properly"

'Fun, fun it's going to be fun'

'Use us, use us'

'Let's kill them, let's have as much blood spill as we can'

'Let's show them we are not someone who can they look down upon'

"Yeah let's show them whose more powerful"
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