Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 61

Esmeralda's pov,

From the corner of my eyes I saw that however Xander or Alex moves the shadows hold on their legs tightens. Infact the more they move the more the shadows rise up.

I didn’t got to focus on them for long because all the beasts that were on Mark's control got free and now they all are running towards me for my blood.

"I got that they are angry but shouldn’t they supposed to be attacking Mark and not me?" I asked them as I used fire balls to attack the ones who have come closer to me.

'If you were normal then they would've attacked that man but now that your more powerful your blood calls them towards you'

'Yes yes, they want your blood to become stronger'

'But obviously your more powerful then them, so they most likely won't succeed'

"Way to be arrogant" I said with a small sigh.

Xander and the others were quite I can tell they were worried for me but they can't do anything right now. And to be honest I'm glad they are quite because it helps me to focus on my present situation.

I took a deep breath and spoke the final spell that I was yet to use.

'Here and now
I evoke the elemental force of earth:
The soil of fertility and growth,
Fecund source of stability,
Stillness, and health.
I seek the deep cavern within
That I might patiently build
Strength, mystery,
Sanctuary, and abundance.
I call you forth to filter away
All that is impure.
And to stand rooted in this world.
Mountain and dust.
Footstep and stone.
Earth I call thee hence.'

And earthquake started as soon as I finished telling the spell. And the earth beneath the beasts split into half. And right after all the beast's - with some vampires and rogues who were not prepared- fell into the whole the ground went back to how it was before.

"Phew, at least one thing is out of the way. Now all that left is the new vampires and the big army of rogues. How coward and overconfident can a person be that he have to hide behind all of this people and smile like he have won already?" I said when I saw Mark standing far away and smiling like he have already won the battle.

"Wait untill your begging on the ground for your life Mark" I thought.

'It’s going to be fun are you going to use your new powers?'

'Yes use them, your control in elements were great before but now you can control them even without using the spells just Imagine what element you want to use and how you want to use it'

'Yes and now that your true powers have been unlocked your attacks will be more effective then before and it would harm or heal more however you want it to be'

"Thanks for the heads up, now lets chit chat later we have to take care of these arrogant bastards before" I said with a smirk.

'Oh Mark just wait and see me killing you more mercilessly then how you did to my Father and torture you 10 times worse then you have done to my Mother you won't die that easily. I'll make sure of it' I thought.

I ran towards them in full speed, using my right hand to make an ice sword. As soon as I was close to them I swing my sword whoever came in front of me.

I sensed some coming from behind for surprise attack I smirked. Jumping at just few seconds before they can reach me I imagined the ice's shape and attacked them right where their heart is.

I landed on my two feet without falling. And set fire to few people who was trying to go towards Xander and the others. I used thorn vines to kill another set of vampires, obviously they just won't die with that so I twisted their head by controlling the vines.

"How many do I still have to kill? Any ideas...." I thought. Cutting two rogues head at the same time who were going to attack me.

'You still got 300 to go'

"And how many did I killed so far?"

'Maybe more then a thousand?'

"Are you guessing it? Or telling the truth?" I asked kicking a vampire.

'Well in my calculation you did killed more then a thousand'

"And there’s still more?" I sighed. This is such a headache, I'm going to be on my bedroom sleeping for weeks after this for sure.

"Okay let finish it quickly I'm getting bored by how slow they are" I said.

I snapped my fingers and a big bolt of thunder fall upon the remaining rogues. "Ha, finally finished with these insects. Now it's your turn" I glared at Mark.

"Well looks like my dear Princess is as powerful as before huh?" he said. And guess what the smile was still present on his disgusting face.

He chuckled "the expression on your face in so precious. I wanted to see that same expression on your face for a long time, but it would've been more pleasing if you were scared. Alas, my wish won't come true, not yet at least"

"What makes you so confident that your going to make me fear?" I asked.

He just shrugs. 'This damn bastard' I thought clenching the sword on my hand so hard that I hard a crack. Huh? I looked at my hand they were bleeding but the wound in my hand heald quickly.

It's quite, when I looked around me there was a fog around me I couldn’t see nor hear anything from the outside of the fog.

"You created this so that only we can fight?" I asked Mark not caring a bit if I'm between a mist of fogs.

"As expected from the Princess I can't let you be embarrassed when you'll lose against me"

"Ha, stop talking your annoying me" as soon as I said that he used his shadows to hold me on the ground.

'You think this will hold me back. Your a fool after all' I thought.

I jumped just before he could reach me. He was surprised for a second I took that time and attacked him with my ice sword but he blocked it with his shadow magic.

I jumped few feet's back "why are you holding back Princess?" he said with a smile.

'Wait does he thinks that I'm not using my whole Powers because of his injection?' I thought.

'Seems like it he thinks he still has control over you'

'Oo, it's becoming more fun. I can't wait to see his face when he knows that your not on his control anymore' I thought.

"Well if that's what you wish then who am I to say no right?" I said with a smile of my own which soon dropped and I went towards him with full speed using wind element to hold him in place.

I swing my sword and cut off his right arm just like he did with my father. His eyes widen it happened so suddenly that he didn’t get the chance to block it.

His screaming is really becoming annoying to hear. My face is void of any emotions. He looked at me "what did you do you crazy bitch"

I got on his eye level because he was on his knees from the pain. "Didn’t I tell you that I'll make you suffer just like you did to my father and mother. Didn’t you made those beast's tear my father's right hand when he was on his weak point?"

The fog around us was fading slowly that means his becoming weak with all his blood flowing. "Can I heal his hand?" I thought.

'If you want you have the power to heal it'

I smirk I rised my hand and green light flow though my hand. The that was flowing through his cut stopped but obviously I couldn't joint his hand back nor that I want to.

I looked at him "hmm your to calm let's give you a little test of what you gave to my mother" I said

"pain" I made a bubble around him so his screams won't hurt my ears. I want to kill him. I want to make him suffer so badly. But it won't do any Justice I need to see him beging for his life. I want to torture you so badly that you would whis why you met me in the first place.


"Rose clam down he'll die at this rate" Alex voice broke me from my trance.

I looked down at Mark to him in more pain then usual. Uh I might have increase his pain level while I was thinking. I looked around me to see that Xander, Alex, Sarah were looking at me worriedly.

The other warriors who were also staring at me with mom and some other people I don’t recognize. "Why are you guys staring at me like that?"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine why are you all so worried?" I asked

Suddenly they all bowed on their knees including Xander. "All hail to the Queen" they all said together.

Xander took my hand and kissed the back of it. "From now on your word is going to be the law my beloved queen, just say it and we will make it happen no matter what"

I blinked few times "wha-?" I thought.

'They are paying respect to their queen'

'Yes yes, a king is important but without you the king would be nothing'

'So he should bow down too, don’t Over think it'

"I didn’t even said anything" I thought.

'You don't have to we know what's going through your head'

'Yeah you should get used to it by now'

I sighed "arise all of you" I said.

"And don’t bow so suddenly it took me by surprise, but it doesn’t mean that you guys should bow everytime you see me" I said, my cheeks turned pink from embarrassment.

"No they should bow down to you because you're the queen and they should respect you no matter what" Xander said glaring at them making sure they understand every word.

Ha I don’t only have few voices telling me I should get used to all this but my mate also won't let this thing slide. Looks like I really have to get used to all of this huh?.

"can you tell someone to take him to a cell and tell some guards to guard that place?" I said changing the subject when everyone was on their feet's once again.

"Also the witch who was working with him is unconscious in the forest behind that tree lock her in a different cell far away from him if that’s possible and get all the wounded to the infirmary Xander mind link the doctors in advance"

Two guards took Mark and the other two went where I told the witch would be. The other guards helped the wounded patients towards the infirmary.

"And also there is something I need to discuss with-" I Couldn't finish what I was going to say because before I could say what I want darkness consumed me.
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