Alpha's hybrid mate

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Esmeralda's pov,

When I opened my eyes I was in a familiar bed and a familiar room. " head hurts"

"That's weird"

I touched my eyes and I felt something wet. "Tears? Why am I crying?"

Is it because of the dream I saw. 'But I can't quite remember what that dream was about'

But was something sad that made me cry. Before I can think about it even more the door of room opened and Xander was standing on the doorway looking worried.

I opened my mouth to say something but he rushed towards me and hugged me tightly " everything is is fine now you don’t have to cry anymore. I'm here, I'm right here with you"

What Xander was saying was making me more confused. "Xander what are you talking about?"

I felt him still for few moments then he suddenly pushed me back to see my face. "Don’t you remember?"

"I remember fainting after fighting Mark but why are talking like something else happened"

He heaved a sigh of relief "it’s just the nurse told me you woke up and you were looking for me desperately and when I enter the room you were crying so I panicked" he said looking embarrassed.

I blinked few times "I did cry but I myself don’t know why. I feel like it's because of a dream I saw while I was unconscious but the weird thing is I can't exactly remember what that dream was about" I said.

He looked at the woman who was also present in the room. She explained hurriedly "she was talking in her sleep so I didn’t knew what was I supposed to do so that's why I called you your Majesty"

He looked annoyed "it’s alright you can go back now and call the doctor"

"Is everyone safe?" I was worried that many more people were hurt on the war then I know.

Xander smiled gently at me "yes everyone's safe and sound and the one's who is badly hurt have been treated and now they are resting so you don’t need to worry about it. Now all you have to worry about is yourself"

"But I'm fine and while I was asleep was there anything regarding me came?" I know Levi no matter how he behaves he'll keep his promise and he did it for me so he'll inform me.

Xander frown "how did you know?"

"Uh I.......just guessed it that's all" I turned away from his intense gaze.

But Xander grabbed both side of my face and turned me to look in his eye "what are you hiding Esmeralda?" he looks so serious.

I smiled softly "It’s not like that It's just such a long and embarrassing story that I just don’t want you to hear it"

"No matter what that is if it's related to you then it's important to me as well. But if you don’t wanna say it’s okay"

After a few minutes silence he spoke again "two letter's came from the night hunters pack one is for the war and the other one is addressed to you but I didn’t bring it because I was in a hurry"

While he was explaining all this I noticed something behind him which made me chuckle. "I don’t think you needed to bring it with you"

He looked confused for few seconds but when he saw a letter landing on my hand he just stared at the letter for a while.

I would've laughed at his expression if I didn’t made the same expression the first time I got the letter like this.

"Levi and Zoya has a wizard who is In Charge of sending special or important letters when I left the night hunters pack Zoya said she would sent me letter's I did believed her then but I didn’t knew she would sent letter's like this I was so surprised that I didn’t read the letter for like two days. Alex thought I was someone else because of the way I was reacting" a small laugh escaped my lips as I remember that time.

"So no matter where I am this letter will find me and if anyone else who has ill intensions touch it then it'll burn to ashes" I explained the words that Zoya wrote on the first letter. Xander nodded his head like he understood but did he really.

I opened the letter "ah It's Zoya's handwriting and Levi left a small message in the end. It’s so like him" when I didn’t heard anything I looked up at Xander to him sulking.

'Umm what happened for him to sulk like that' I thought.

'His jealous'

'Yes yes, our mate is jealous'

'Jealous? But from whom?' I was more confused.

'Our queen is so powerful but your also stupid sometimes'

'Huh? What does my IQ has to do with all of this?' I was annoyed.

'See your dense'

'Yes your dense'

Before I can reply Xander started to talk "are you that close to the Night hunters packs alpha that you can call him by his name?" he asked.

Then it clicked his jealous of Levi.

'What will we do when your this slow'

'Shut up'

"Xander by any chance are you jealous of Levi?" I asked him leaning closer so he doesn’t look away.

He was looking down so I couldn’t tell what expression he has now. But suddenly he gabbed me by my neck and kissed me. The kiss was filled with so many emotions that it made my head dizzy.

After a decade he pulled away. He looked at my eyes connecting our foreheads together so I wouldn’t look away.

"I might not have told you this before but you are my everything Esme. Me and my wolf is a more possessive now after all that happened and you saying another man's name in front of me as much as I want to deny it I can't. I'm jealous"

The look on his face was like a lost puppy's face. 'How did my mate turned into a puppy?' I thought.

Xander's pov, ( after 3 months of war Esmeralda's coronation )

Today is the day. The day my Esme will become official queen. In all this 3 months many things have happened the packs that were our ally have become strong. And many other pack also come forward to form an ally with us including Night hunters pack.

We were ally before but now they have Promised they'll be the one to come forward first in out time of need. Also the soldiers of their pack have also came to our kingdom for training and they have shared thier secret weapons with us as a peace treaty.

Esmeralda have told me about the story eventually. And after that day I understand what her relationship is with the night hunters pack.

Esmeralda also was very busy in all these three months. The Council meeting that I postponed was eventually had and Esme was the one who was in charge of that meeting.

After Mark's confession and enough proof the head of the council has been executed. And now the head is Robert who has stayed in here untill he fully healed.

A knock was heard before the door opened and Jack came in a suit with a big smile on his face.

"Let's go you have to be there first before Esme. The girls said she's ready and is just few more touch ups then she'll come down"

"Have you seen her" I asked him because we both woke up early and we both were busy with so many works that we couldn’t even got the chance to say good morning today.

"Yes I did and my oh my, if she isn’t a definition of a goddess then I don’t what is" Jack said with a genuine smile.

He pated my shoulder "your very lucky to have a mate like her Xander and I know for sure that if you mess up I won't be the one to make sure you realize your mistakes anymore"

"Shut up"

He laughed and dragged me out of the room saying if we don’t go now we'll be late for sure.

I stood on the stage. The coronation room was filled with the pack members, Council members and also my parents. Another thing that happened in this three months was that my parents visited to meet Esmeralda. And as soon as they saw her they forgot about me like I wasn’t even there.

I came out of my thoughts when I saw Esme standing at the staircase. And the description Jack did wasn’t even close to how beautiful Esme was looking right now. I really am proud to be her mate did I said it before?. Doesn’t matter how many times I say it, it won't be enough.

She came down from the stairs and started walking towards me with a confidence that no one can match.

She was this Kingdoms queen before today is just the day when she'll wear the crown. When she was few steps away from the stage I step down the stage and gave her my hand which she took without a second thought.

"You look gorgeous my love" I whispered to her ear and saw her blushing.

We both stood at the stage Robert came forward and said few greetings then after that he said what all the elder Council member says.

After the boring word he finally put the crown on Esme's head and said the words that I was waiting to hear I know she would be surprised when she'll hear that.


Esme looked towards me and rised an eyebrow in question. "Esmeralda my mate, my love and my queen you don’t have any Idea how much I cherish the time we spent together or how much I think that I'm unworthy of your love, to stand by your side. Your the queen of all werewolves more importantly you have always thought about you loved ones before you because of which I can't but respect you. No matter how many times pass I'll always be surprised by the things I discover about you and my love for you, my respect for you is the best feelings I've ever felt. I'm not proposing because I'll propose you when you'll least except. But I want you to remember that no matter what you'll be always above me and that is the one of the millions surprises I have for you"

With that I kissed her, no matter how much I say no words can describe how I'm happy just by being by her side. I was serious when I said I'll propose her when she least excepted me to. And that day will be more magical then this.

We both still have many things to learn about each other. But if rush those type of things then it won't do us any good at all. So I want to take all the time in the world and know everything and anything about my beloved mate and queen.

I know there's going to be a lot of obstacles and evils on our path but I will not give up. Because this is not the ending it’s just the start of something new.

The End


Hi my lovely lovely readers. I'm sure you guys have gotten some ideas about what is going to in the bonus chapters right.

Like we all hate or dislike Mark and many of you want to read about how he'll be punish well I'm as excited to write it down.

I know as an last Chapter it's small but believe me when I say no matter how much I write the words just don’t came up.

I also know that the moments of Xander and Esmeralda or the other main couples are less so their sweet moments is also going to be on the bonus chapters.

It'll be a bit of patience play I know I've tested your patience for like this whole book.

So I hope the bonus chapters will make up for it. And as for my ending don’t blame me I was Thinking about this books ending for like whole damn month but everytime my head would be blank like nothing is there.

So I tired my Utmost best to write this book and although some of you may think the ending is rushed or not so good. I really tried my best. So I hope at least you all didn’t hate it.

I'll star on the bonus chapters soon after two or three days so I hope you'll get the chapters on time. I really am at fulfilling the promised time. I just stopped writing after 889 words yesterday. Because of my fever but I'm fine now so hope you enjoyed it.

Stay safe be happy and smile so the people who doesn’t like you can get jealous of it.

Love ya all.

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