Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 7

Xander's POV( in the forest )

I looked at the beauty in my hands who I injected few minutes ago. It was the headrest thing that I had to do. You must think that how can her own mate inject her.

Well you see for 9 years I've been waiting for my mate. When I turned 18 I thought that I would find my mate in my birthday party but alas! I couldn't find her. But when I saw her in front of me I was scared that she would go away that's why I've to inject her.

The injection that I gave her was just for sleeping she might wake up in few hours, but I'm not sure if she'll forgave me or not when she'll wake up.

When my beta / best friend told me that there was a hybrid in the forest I didn't believe him cause hybrid's were only stories. But when I saw her I was shocked not only because hybrid's were real but also that she was my mate.

I was mesmerised by her beauty. Her dark purple hair more like black was flowing through the wind. Her hair was long, her body was just perfect. curves to the right places.

Her crystal blue eyes was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was like she can read my soul by just looking at my eye's and when I looked at her eye's it was mysterious and I was keen to find out all those secrets she was hiding.

She is the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eye's on and the only girl who'll have my heart. I just prey to the Moon goddess that she will forgive me when she'll wake up.

I love her already. And I promise to the moon goddess that I'll protect her and stand by her side no matter what the situation is. She is Mine to protect, Mine to cherish and Mine to love.

"Why did you injected her?" my beta / best friend Jack asked me. I glared at him I'm still angry about the fact that he threatened her.

"She's my mate, your luna and you dared to threatened her" I whisper yelled at him didn't want my mate to wake up. I scooped her in bridle style and she weight like a feather. I scoffed I have to make sure she eats much.

When I looked at Jack he was guilty he should be. "Sorry Xander I didn't knew that she was your mate if I've knew that, I wouldn't have threatened her" he said looking really scared and guilty at the same time.

"Your lucky that your my best friend or else you would be dead by now. Tell the pack doctor to be ready I know what I've injected her but I still want to make sure that she's fine" I said in my alpha tone.

"Already on it" he said and went away. I once again looked at my mate. Mate never knew that I will find her or let alone touch her but here I was standing in the middle of the forest with my mate in my arms.

She nuzzled herself more to me now her face was on my crook of my neck. I sigh in content when sparks went through my body it was the best feeling in the world.

I began walking through the forest to our castle "our castle" it was so natural and I love the sound of it.

(Meanwhile in Esme and Alex's house)

Alex's POV
I was seating on the couch thinking about everything. I was looking for mother's book for years but couldn't find it and Esme found it. I wasn't jealous I was proud that my sister was abel to do it on her own and didn't need my help.

I love her so much, I don't know what I would've done without her. She was my lifeline after mom and dad.
And I could do anything for her.

I was soo busy in my thought that I didn't notice someone was behind me. And when I did it was too late that person had already pinned me so I couldn't move. But I was powerful I used my telepathic power and concentrated behind that person.

In a minute I was pinning that person from behind. "Easy there boy didn't knew that you had grew soo much" come all to knowing voice.

"Harry? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Europe" I said by loosing my grip on him.

"Well I was but I've to came because your brat of a sister called me" he said with a toothy grin.

"You didn't stop calling us brat after all those years. And why would Esme call you here?" I asked him.

"That my dear boy we have to know from your sister, and as for calling you both brat it would never change no matter how many years it passed" he said walking through the kitchen.

Esme called him, I've told her million times that calling Harry is very risky. But we're talking about Esme here my stubborn sister who never listens to anyone.

"By the way where is the other devil " came harry's muffled voice from the kitchen. I surpassed an eye roll always hungry. I really don't know how he train people by eating that much.

"She has went to the forest to look around she might be back in few minuet" I said now looking at the clock. It's been way too long since she went to roam around the forest. Is she alright? Did anything happen to her? Now I was becoming worried.

"Harry I'll be back in a few, I have to check on Esme" I said walking through the door where she went for the forest.

I looked everywhere but couldn't find her. I've searched the whole forest but no sing of her. Now I'm panicked, where is she?.

I came to a stop in middle of the forest and looked around it's looked like there has been a fight. I use my power so that I can see what happen in here and I saw that the bloody wolf had injected my baby sister I see red. How dare he.

But when I here that he's her mate I felt a little relief. But I didn't calm down. I will calm down when I'll see my sister in front of me absolutely fine.

I swear if he hurt my sister his going to die. And I don't care if there's going to be a war or not my sister is more important. I saw where they took my sister and think about a plan.

I used my vampire speed and ran towards my house. "Harry we've gotta go Esme is in werewolf Kingdom we've gotta save her" I said more like yelled and went upstairs to my room for weapons. I don't know if I need it or not but better be ready then sorry right.

When I came downstairs Harry was already standing there all the playfulness have gone and now he was serious. He might call us names but he always have loved us like his own children after he lost his family. When he accepted us he told us about him either.

His family got killed by the rogues and since then he become a hunter. He said he won't let any other suffer like he have. And since that day he became like our second father.

Together we went towards the Castle. Wait for us sis were coming.

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