Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 8

Esmeralda's pov

My head is hurting like I've been hit on my head by a hammer. I tried to open my eye's but I can't, I tried to open it again and when I finally was able to open my eyes I closed them again because of the light.

A groan left my lips and I tried to open my eyes adjusting with the bright light. I looked around trying to remember what happen.

Then everything came to me like a bullet train me roaming around the forest, arguing with the wolfs, then a handsomely good looking guy injecting me, oh not forgetting about the fact that the handsomely good looking guy who's currently my mate have injected me.

His soo gonna pay for it, his should hope that I wouldn’t see him if I do his dead.

Then suddenly the door opened and came a woman who was wearing a white coat probably the doctor I thought. "Oh, great your awake alpha would be happy to see that" with that her eye's become foggy.

"I'm doctor Jenna, but you could call me Jenna or doc whatever you wish luna" she said looking at the clip broad in her hand. "so luna how are you feeling? Any dizziness? I've mind-link the alpha he might be here in few" Jenna said once she was done looking at that broad on her hand.

"First, call me Esme not luna. Second, yes I'm just feeling a little dizzy but nothing I can't handle. And third, how in the world I'm in a hospital?" I said calmly only I know that there's going on a very big storm inside of me, and a certain person is going to face it.

"Okay slight dizziness is normal I'll give you some medicine to prevent it, and I'll call you Esme if you want luna. Oh and your not in a hospital your in a castle's infirmary" she said before going out of the room.

Castle! Wait I'm in a castle wtf how did I end up in a castle, is that so called mate of mine is a king or something. I was still thinking when the door burst open.

Can you guess who made his entrance, yes none other then the creep himself. "Your finally awake my love. How are you feeling? I'm so sorry my love for injecting you but believe me if there would've any other way I would've done it" his voice was soo strong and smooth I can listen to this all day stop my stupid subconscious.

I glared at him "don’t you dare to call me love, how dare you to inject me? One thing I hate and that is those bloody injection's and those liquid in it, and you injected me then kidnapped me then thought that everything would be fine" I shouted at him standing up from the bed I was laying. I was beyond angry and the way I feel towards him is not making it any better I don’t want to feel like this.

"I'm sorry lo- I mean angel but what can I do, your my mate I can't let you go. Your my everything" he said in a desperate voice taking few steps towards me.

I didn’t say anything instead I used my electricity power and gave him a shock from behind, it wasn’t much just enough to make him feel that current. He let out a growl and looked behind him when he didn’t see anything, I think he knew that it was me, he looked towards me with an angry expression and his eyes were pitch black, indicating that his wolf was on surface. But I didn’t even flinch. 'Looks like the big bad alpha is angry' I thought and smirked.

"You know I would've considered about this mate bond or mating or whatever you guys called it, but you injecting me wasn’t a smart move at all" I said with a smug look.

He closed his eyes for few minuets and when he opened it, it was once again forest green colour which I love the most I could look into those green eyes fore......seriously now! brain I'm on a very important work in here and your thinking like this? I asked no one in particular.

"I said I'm sorry angel, please forgive me. I promise I won't do it again, just give me a chance......give us a chance" came his desperate voice and was now few centimetres away from me. I almost gave in Almost.....

"Oh I'll think I'll consider about it if I'm satisfied with your punishment" I said with an evil grin on my face. Before he could register anything I used my hand and closed my eye's when I opened them there was a ball in my hand it’s not an ordinary ball it’s an energy ball.

I smirked and trow it at him. He wasn’t ready for the impact so he lost his balance but composed himself. But I wasn’t done yet I used my power and brought my favourite wipe and swing it so it made a Impact with his skin and he hissed in pain.

But before I can use it again he grab my hand and because of it my wipe vanished, we both lost our balance and fall on the floor. But before I could hit the floor he turned us so now he was down and I was on top of him.

I struggle to get up but his grip on me tighten and he pulled me closer to him. Our faces were inches apart and his mint fresh breath mixing with my own. I could feel sparks everywhere he touches me. He was leaning towards me and before I know it, his lips crashed with mine it was soft and sweet but soon it turned into a passionate kiss.

The sparks I felt now is nothing to compare with the sparks I felt before. He pulled me even closer and my hand immediately went to his neck. He licked my bottom lip for an entrance but me being me I denied, he growl and slap my ass I gasped. He took that chance to enter my mouth a moan escaped my lips.

We broke apart when we were out of breath I was panting but it didn’t stop him he started to kiss my neck finding my sweet spot, he licked and sucked it a breathless moan immediately leaves from my lips and he growls even louder "you taste soo good angel I could eat you all day long" he said his voice was now more huskier and sexier.

BANG. A noise came from outside that made me came out of my trance and I immediately got up fixed myself. What just happened how can I get carried away. When I look towards him whose name I was yet to know looked very unhappy by the interruption.

BANG. Another sound came and it was close I looked outside the window when I smell a familiar smell pine and oak tree it was mine and Alex's code smell when we would get caught by anyone so we would use this smell to let the other know.

Alex is here there’s no doubt of it. My brother is here. Oh no what i'm gonna do now Alex would seriously kill everyone before him. I have to calm him before he do anything stupid cause I could feel his anger through the brother and sister bond which is not good not good at all.

I have to go in front of him to make him sure that I'm fine or else there's going to be a war which I don’t want. With that I teleported myself outside.
And what I saw made me shocked.

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