Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 9

Esmeralda's pov

We are now sitting on a couch inside of the castle. We means me, Alex, Harry, and Xander (he told me his name when we were outside). On my right side is Alex and left is Xander, Harry is standing in front of us.

Your probably confused right? let me tell you what happened. when I teleported myself outside. Alex and Harry both was standing in front of me. To say that I was shocked would be an underestimate, to see your trainer a man who has become like a father figure after 14 years is really shocking.

After teleporting myself into the forest Xander came outside few minutes later. He was surprised and confused. Surprised because of my teleportation and confused because he don’t know them and the other worriers of their pack were growling at them.

So Xander have made them more like ordered them to calm down and to do they’re chores. Being they're alpha's order they obeyed and left us alone. He then asked me that do I know them or not I said I do know them.

Then he told me that we should go inside the house and talk. I have to agree with that, on the way inside he told me his name and apologised once again. I said I forgive him cause there is more important matters at hand then being a bitch.

So now we're sitting in this room, well the room is beautiful but I'm too busy with my own thoughts to care. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this room was full with tension. So I've to break the ice.

"We can't just sit here, we have to start talking" I finally said not able to sit silently anymore. Alex sigh "Esme is right we have to talk, if we sit here all day we could but nothing would be solved"

"Harry why are you here? Last you told us that you won't came with us" I said straight to the point. Alex was staring at me shocked "what! why are you looking at me like that?" I asked him.

"You didn’t call him to came here? That's what he told me that you called him to come" Alex finally said coming out of his trance. I looked at him like he have grown two heads "Why would I call him? You know it’s dangerous for us and him to talk in a phone" I said to him.

"Then why in the world you told me that Esme called you?" Alex asked looking at Harry. Harry sighed "the both of you have grown so much since I've last saw you two" he said looking at both of us which made us more confused.

Why is he talking like that he never talks like that. "I came here on a purpose, there's going to be a storm a very big storm that is. And I'm here to train you both for it and help this pack" Harry explains when he saw our confused face.

Me and Alex looked at each other same question in our head, storm big strom he only said it when.....

"What do you mean a big storm is coming and why do you have to train my kingdom?" Xander asked I actually forgotten that he was present in this room. "I can't tell you anything Xander, only two person could tell what I'm talking about and they are sitting beside you" Harry said calmly.

But me and Alex is nothing but calm when Xander looked at us but we didn’t let it show in our face. "What is he talking about? And who is he referring to?" he asked confused then ever.

But I was too stunned to give an answer. His coming why? Why now? What did we do to him? Are we ready to finish him? Can we? All those question was in my head but I couldn’t speak I couldn’t speak.

I looked at Alex he has the same expression that I have. He was more worried about me then him and I know it. Xander was still waiting for an answer from us and we both said it at the same time "His coming"

Unknown pov

Meanwhile far far away in South America. A death kingdom because everyone in here is taken as death body's without soul they were power hungry they can do anything for power. They have killed the vampire king and queen who was a powerful witch many years ago and they can kill they're children for power.

They have ruined so many lives and packs. So many innocent people’s blood was on their hands. So many cries have been heard but do they care? No they just want power.

And that won't stop them for taking what they want and they will have the ultimate power they're seeking for years. And they’re gonna have the power by killing the king and queens childrens and they’re going to Australia for them.

The man who is the king of all of them stands on a stage and looked at his army the crowd of dead people in front of him one signal from him and everyone is silent. "We are going to have what we were waiting for we're gonna have the ultimate power that we always wanted" his voice is booming trough the crowd and everyone shout in agreement.

"That vampire king and queens childrens location has been found and we're going to kill them and get our ultimate power" everyone shout and says together they will kill them. "We are going to begin our journey today at midnight and we'll attack crescent moon pack because they are staying there" he said and everyone agrees.

The king is proud of his army no one is there who can defeat them no one, and his going to be an ultimate king forever.

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