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Heaton is a slave and is told to go to the palace to meet Princess Addison. Addison goes missing and now it is race against time to find her. Heaton starts to figure out some secrets.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It all started on one bright and sunny day. Heaton was beginning his day’s work. Heaton came from a very needy family and didn’t have a lot of money. He lived in a small village at the edge of the Dark Forest. The name of his village was called Forest Way.

The ground was so dry. Heaton’s father couldn’t even afford to buy him a pair of shoes. The dry ground was tearing Heaton’s skin off the bottom of his feet. It was very painful.

Heaton’s working day should have been over However his father approached him a couple of moments later. His father was yelling at the top of his voice. “Hurry up Heaton you are needed up at the palace. The King and Queen have requested you” Heaton did think that was a little weird “Dad I have worked the last 12 hours. I need a break. Can I not go and see the King and Queen tomorrow?” “No Heaton when the King and Queen request you. You go immediately. You never know it might be important.” “How do the King and Queen even know I exist?” Heaton’s father shrugged his shoulders. Heaton quickly helped the others unloaded the food and headed up to the palace.

The palace was on the other side of the village. It was nowhere near the Dark Forest. It was about a 30-minute walk for Heaton. The good thing was the ground was a lot softer and wasn’t causing Heaton as much pain.

In the palace, Princess Addison was out in the garden. She was very fed up with her security guard constantly barking in her ear telling her what to do. Addison wanted to be free to make her own decisions.

Heaton walked into the palace grounds. All the guards jumped on him. The guards put cuffs on Heaton and pulled him to his feet. “State your purpose here Boy?” Heaton was so scared and was continually shaking “I am here to work for the King and Queen.” the guard looked at him puzzled “What type of work?” “I have no idea. My dad told me that the King and Queen were expecting me that’s all.”

Addison was walking and stopped dead. She looked at the guards tormenting the boy. “What do you think you are doing?” “Oh, Princess Addison just trying to keep you and your parents safe. This young boy has appeared out of nowhere claiming your parents sent for him.” Addison laughed for a moment “My parents are expecting a slave from the market place to come and help move some furniture. You can let this boy go he is no threat at all” the guards were highly embarrassed and released Heaton within a few seconds and kept apologising. The guards all disappeared a few moments later.

Heaton couldn’t help but stare when he saw Addison. She looked at Heaton for a moment a little confused. “What game are you playing? Why are you trying to get into the palace?” “My dad told me that I was needed up at the palace. He must have gotten the information wrong.” “You may be able to fool the security guards. You will never fool me thought. Now I would like some answers please.” “I am telling you the gods honest truth. My dad told me that the King and Queen requested me.” “Okay if you say so. My parents haven’t requested anyone from the market place for years. I wonder why they suddenly started again? Sorry, my name is Addison by the way” Heaton looked at her for a moment “Heaton it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Addison brought Heaton to her parents, and they were a little confused. “Sorry for disturbing you mother and father there is a boy here saying you requested him from the market place.” Zane The King answered a couple of moments later “We didn’t request anyone from the market place.” Heaton felt highly embarrassed “I am so sorry for wasting your time your highness’s. I was going on my dad’s word that’s all.” the King and Selena the Queen forgave Heaton as there was no real harm done.

Heaton was about to leave when the King stopped him “There is one job going here. If you are interested?” Heaton was over the moon “What sort of job is it?” “Our daughter Addison keeps escaping from all the previous security guards. We want you to try and guard her and see if you can keep her out of trouble.”Heaton agreed to the job and left feeling incredibly happy.

No one knew that Heaton's father had set up this whole thing. He wanted to make the King, Queen, Princess and Heaton suffer for ruining his life. Heaton's father was hoping that Heaton would get a job protecting the princess Addison. Heaton's father was planning on kidnapping Addison and teaching her a lesson for causing so much trouble. Heaton's father knew how much trouble Addison had caused her parents over the last few months.

Heaton was walking out of the Palace and back to the darker side of the valley when he heard Addison calling him. He stopped and turned back to face her. "Is everything okay Addison?" she was a little out of breath "Why are you not wearing any shoes?" "That is my dad for you. What little money we do have he spends on himself. He believes he should have all the nice stuff and I should rot." "Funny I thought it was your children come first? Anyway, Heaton, I want you to have a pair of my dad's old shoes. You must be in so much pain." "I can't take a pair of your dad's shoes that is stealing." "I thought it was stealing when the person didn't know you had taken them. My dad told me to give them to you. Don't worry Heaton I won't tell anyone about your dad cruel ways. I wish I could do more for you." "Don't worry about it, Addison. I will see you tomorrow."

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