Emily The Ring Keeper

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After ten years the time has finally arrived. Emily Hatchet go visits her old friend Torin and returns the ring he gave her ten years ago to protect. This story is a flash fiction piece and was part of a competition. If you like me to expand on it let me know!.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

As the sun was setting on the other side of the forest. I was waiting at the edge of it and held up my hand.

There was a ring on my index finger. The ring had a golden band that looked like leaves were folding in on each other.

Where the two tips of the leaves meet there was a green emerald in the center.

The emerald started glowing as the sunlight was fading. I was excited it won't be too long until I reach my destination.

As it was getting darker the light was glowing brighter. I held out my hand and let the light shine on the grass. A few spots started appearing on the grass and were forming a path that led deeper into the forest.

I followed the glowing path and focused on the floor. I didn't want to attract unwanted attention.

Because the path that I was walking became denser the deeper I got into the forest. I could hear more sounds from the animals and also felt invisible eyes on me. But luckily I finally reached the end of the path.

I came into a clearer area where everything was quieter and much more beautiful. The clearing had the same emerald color as the ring I had on.

As I walked closer I could make out a large tree on the left side of the clearing. There was a fence where a deer was eating the grass. I walked closer to the tree and saw a dark brown door in the middle of the tree. Above was a lantern that was lit and there was a welcome sign near the fence. Smoke was coming out of the chimney and light was still on.

I knocked on the door and could hear movement from inside. The door swung open and the person standing there was no taller than myself and only reached the middle of the door. Grey hair hung in braids that almost reached the floor. His beard was just as long while the glasses he had on didn't hide the sparkle in his eyes. He smiled when he saw me.

''Oh my goodness Emily! I didn't know if you would make it" He said while stepping aside to let me in.

"Hello Torin, it's good to see you. I didn't know if the ring would work but it did.''

"Thank the heavens it did. Now come on in and give me a hug."

I bent down and gave the old dwarf a hug. He returned the gesture with a bear-like grip of his own.

We finally released each other and I pulled the ring off my finger. It wasn't glowing anymore but was still as beautiful.

"As promised Torin I came to return this. I know I can't keep forever."

I handed Torin the ring. He looked sad for a minute but smiled and said.

"Thank you for taking care of it Emily."

''It was my pleasure and I wouldn't trade the adventures I had while being the keeper of the ring. But as I grow older I can't protect it anymore."

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