Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 10 - Survival of the Fittest

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I returned my eyes to the rainforest, immediately feeling as if I was home. I couldn’t figure out why I felt the way I did but I did. The rainforest was beautiful with its foliage and the trees. I couldn’t see everything from the boat but what I saw had my breath catching in my throat. I knew I wanted nothing to do with the cartel but if i could I would have loved living in the rainforest. I loved the humidity, the sounds of the animals and birds. It was as if the animals and birds were serenading me. It was beautiful but haunting, as if they knew there was something out there not quite right. I could only hope the men I was with didn’t have more waiting for us. But, I knew luck wasn’t on my side, but a girl could dream.

I tuned into what the men were saying when I heard my name. I wanted to know what was going on and I wasn’t the only one, the boat captain was also listening to them. I wanted the information, no, I needed the information. They thought I couldn’t speak Portugese. Ha!

Fucking Idiots.

Cats POV

I now knew they didn’t have anyone waiting for them but they were wondering what they were going to do with me considering I was afraid of jaguars I wanted to snicker and I could tell the boat captain did too.

Double fucking idiots.

They were thinking about drugging me and laying me on their backs but I couldn’t let them. I wanted them to walk, not run in their jaguars. I needed to be awake for my plan to work. I didn’t want to show up for their boss in a comatose state. I was worried what he would try to do to me. And, I wasn’t having any of it. I would stab the fuckers with my stiletto blade, not blinking an eye. They finally decided to walk and take their time considering I was a weak female.

Plan A it is.

I needed to go through the steps in my mind before I got off the boat. I knew the men were going to be watching me at all times, but that didn’t mean they would watch me pee.


Shit, they would probably send someone with me, not just one but of the guys with me. I liked the odds. I had taken down four of Madrid’s men. They had been in training for a while before he pitted all of them against me. I was bloody and bruised, barely standing but I beat every one of them. I could still see Madrid shaking his head in frustration. Ii will never forget what he told them. ’You call yourself men? You let a fifteen-year-old girl beat you’. He walked away as soon as he heard my laughter, saying something about maybe I should train them. I had never laughed so hard in my life.

I looked at the men out of the corner of my eye, checking to see if they bore the mark of a warrior. The only person that held the mark was the leader. I was curious about what kind of training they had on a daily basis, but the other two looked as if they had fallen into a pound of blubber, as if they ate butter by the pound, followed by a shit load of beer. They would be easier to take down. I could tire the two out just by moving from one point to the next. I didn’t miss the way they grunted when they sat down or stood up.

Survival of the fittest, baby

And, they would lose.

To a girl.

I couldn’t be too cocky, the men had weapons hidden on their bodies and something told me they were loaded for bear, not that they would get a shot on me. My jaguar was fast, silent, and deadly. Our personalities matched perfectly, well, except for wanting a mate - any mate. My jaguar was a whore, always checking out the unmated jaguars, a lion or two, and a tiger. She wasn’t picky.

I heard one of the men say my name again, causing my jaguars ears to swivel, noticing the boat captain going on alert. They wanted to know what the boss wanted with me. What made me special and what he was going to do to someone so innocent.

Innocent my ass.

They kept speculating on their bosses’ reasonings and how they were going to be rewarded for bringing me in so easy. I heard the leader tell them he wanted to teach me to fight and then go after my family. What kind of sick bastard was this boss? I knew the answer to the question. I just couldn’t fathom what caused these cartel bosses to act as if they had the right to hurt our family and women in general.

I shook my head at myself and closed my eyes, wanting to sleep before we got off the boat. I needed to rest, knowing the fun would begin soon. I was almost too giddy with anticipation of the chase, of who was better at being the cat or mouse. I had know intention of being the mouse, oh no, I was definitely the Cat. Now, I understood why the guys had given me my nickname. I always thought they were too lazy to say my whole name.

I woke up about an hour later, looking around to make sure we were still on the boat. I turned away from the shits and looked at the rainforest, wanting to see the fauna, the animals, and to check the trees for knots. I remembered my mom and dad telling me about the weapon catches. I knew I would find more clothes, too. I was glad I was ‘kidnapped’ while wearing my green camo pants, my shit-kickers, and my protected suit, although the shits cut away the shoulder. I was still covered enough for the suit to protect me. And, thankfully the fucking leader hadn’t cut my hoodie. I was going to need more head protected, too.

Another, or the same, jaguar stepped out of the trees and nodded his head. I cut my eyes over to the boat captain, watching for his nod of recognition - which is exactly what I got. But, what I didn’t expect was for the boat captain to quickly nod his towards me. I knew there was silent communication between them. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with them, but I figured I would find out soon enough. I wasn’t sure how the boat captain was going to let me know what was going on but I wasn’t worried.

could hear the guys talking about their shifts to watch over me. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity. I could disappear with the wind and no one would see me. I used to play hide-and-seek with the guys as a kid and I kept playing as a teen. Don’t judge, it was a great way to learn how to hide and evade. And, I was awesome at it. The men could never find me - including my uncles. Madrid told me his men had complained about not being able to find me.

I felt the leader walk up to me and leaned his head close to my ear. “You will do as I say when we get off the boat or I will drug you and throw you over one of our jaguars. Not sure what the men will do to your unconscious body,” the leader whispered. I started shaking and shaking my head no.

“I’ll be good, I promise,”” I whispered, fake tears running down my face, my arms wrapped around my stomach.

Damn, Cat, you are good,” my jaguar told me as she snickered in the back of my mind. I rolled my eyes internally.

I listened as the fucker walked away before cutting my eyes over to the boat captain and smirked, knowing he would know what I was about I saw him write something, slowly looking at the imbeciles. He dropped two pieces of paper, somehow making it look as if he had only dropped one piece of paper.

“Sir, you dropped this,” I said as I handed him the paper back, keeping the one he wanted me to have. He nodded his head in thanks and looked forward. I was trying to figure out a way to read the note without getting caught. I decided to roll up into a ball, my back to the fuckers.

I slowly brought the paper to my face...
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