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Chapter 11 - Cat-napped

Dedicated to N.Y.O.B., oddball, and PenumbraMINE. All I can say is thank you.


I listened as the fucker walked away before cutting my eyes over to the boat captain and smirked, knowing he would know I what I was about. I saw him write something, slowly looking at the imbeciles. He dropped two pieces of paper, somehow making it look as if he had only dropped one piece of paper.

“Sir, you dropped this,” I said as I handed him the paper back, keeping the one he wanted me to have. He nodded his head in thanks and looked forward. I wastrying to figure out a way to read the note without getting caught. I decided to roll up into a ball, my back to the fuckers.

I slowly brought the paper to my face...

Cats POV

I slowly brought the paper to my face and read it. ’I helped your mother when she came to the rainforest. We helped her and we will help you, too. My man, the jaguar you saw, will be helping you to escape. But, we want in when your family goes after the cartel. They have been taking our mates and sending them back used and abused, so please let your family know we want our pound of flesh. Also, look under the ledge in front of you, there’s an earwig so you can keep in touch with us. The mic is connected to the earwig, something your dad made for us.’

I put the paper in my shit-kickers, making sure none of it showed and slowly reached under the ledge, wondering how the hell he knew I would sit where I had, but I was too thankful for his help. I opened the small envelope and dropped the earwig into my hand. I moved slowly, not wanting to be caught by the shit-heads, and put the earwig in my ear. I almost jumped when I heard a man’s voice speak in my ear but I caught myself quickly.

“Look to your right in the trees,” the man said as I sat up and stretched, slowly moving my head to my right. “Good. My name is Martim. I’m an enforcer and have been helping the women escape from the clutches of the boss. Nice to meet you, Cat.”

I looked straight at help, tilting my head a little, acknowledging him. I knew I couldn’t speak to him, at least no yet. He was a good looking man. He had hair to his shoulders. The color was amazing. His hair was blonde but he looked more like a surfer than an enforcer. He was at least six-feet-four and his body was amazing. What was wrong with me? I never look at guys in the way I was this man.

“Are you done eye raping me yet?” He teased, a blush forming on my face and neck “I will follow all of you until you stop for the night. How good are you at evading and fighting” I smirked at him, a sly grin of my face, making sure the fuckers couldn’t see. “That good, huh? Good, you will need it to evade these fuckers, not that they are good.” I almost laughed at his words. “I’ll see you tonight.”

I nodded my head and signed my thanks to the man and the boat captain. I could have gotten away from them but I wasn’t sure where the cartels compound was and I didn’t want to run into his men. I wasn’t worried too much. If they caught me I could have cried like a baby and told them I was kidnapped by a man.

Before I shot them.


I hoped Martim had a gun or a blade I could use. I would be in hog-heaven if I could get my hands on some weapons. I knew I had my small blades in my hair but I didn’t know if the shit-stains would figure out what they were. If they took the chopsticks out of my hair I wouldn’t have anything to keep them at bay. I had a feeling at least one of them was going to try and put their hands on me. I was going to have to protect myself from rape.

Not happening.



I was saving myself for my mate just like my mother did my dad. I didn’t want to have sexual relations with any man. I knew Sophia had already fucked a boy who had come to work with his dad. I tried telling her not to do it. I didn’t want her to feel used and dirty when the bastard dropped her. And, I knew he was going to drop her as soon as he got his dick wet - which was exactly what happened. I made sure to let the bastard know what would happen to him if he opened his mouth about fucking her. I knew he was scared shitless.

The boat started to slow down, causing me to look at where we were docking - if you could call it that. It was more like two sticks sticking out of the water to tie off to. Looked as if I was going to see if I could walk on water.

The men with me stood up and gestured for me to get up. I shakily got up, channeling Sophia. One of the, want to be rapist, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, his hand coming down to rub my ass

Hell to the no!

“Don’t touch me, sir. Please, let me down,” I pleaded with him, trying to control my anger. I didn’t want his hands on any part of my body. If he touched me one more time I would make his death excruciatingly painful. I could already see his death in painstakingly detail.

“Shut up! Quit your whining, I was making sure your feet didn’t get wet, so shut up,” the imbecile yelled at me as I plotted his murder in my mind, adding more ways to torture him than my first plan. I wasn't sure if I could hold my anger in if he touched my ass again.

As soon as we got to the otherside of the ‘pier’, the asshole dropped me off his shoulder and smirked at me as I landed with a thud, hitting my ass hard. “Ow,” I choked out, tears running down my face again. I couldn’t believe these idiots bought my tears but I was ever grateful.

“Stop crying and stay,” he ordered, trying to command me as if I was a dog instead of a cat. Didn’t he know cats never listened and did what they wanted? I guess he would realize sooner than later that this cat has claws.

I listened in on their conversation. They were drawing straws to see who would be the first to rape me, not that they would get the chance. They were going to wait until I fell asleep before they took me. But, they would take me in front of the others.


Not happening.

They were going to act as if they weren’t interested in me, making it look as if I had nothing to worry about. Yeah, they were going to get a surprise and a half. I was surprised they talked without whispering. They kept looking over their shoulders at me as I looked around at my surroundings.

One of the men looked at me over his shoulder. “Shit, man, she probably heard us talking.”

The leader laughed and whispered, “Cat, you look a little flustered. We are going to fuck you.” I didn’t cry or shake, knowing he was trying to goad me. “See, she hasn’t tapped into her jaguar because she’s afraid of them. She can’t hear a thing or she would have started crying.” The man, who had spoken first, nodded his head.

I listened to them as they talked about what the boss wanted from me, one of the other guys hissing at him to mind his own business unless he was trying to get all of them killed. I wanted to laugh at his reaction to being killed, not wanting any part of dying.

Just wait, boys.

Dying will be your bestfriend.

I tuned out of their conversion when they started talking about women, as if we were pieces of meat to be bargained with. My mind wandered to the man I had talked to, well, he talked and I melted. I was confused as to why he felt right and why I felt as if I had known him forever. He was too damned good looking and I probably was enamored of him, associating it with lust. The problem in my mind was trying to understand the lust I felt. I had never felt this way with anyone. I wasn’t programmed to lust after men, but talking with him wound my whole body tighter than a snake before they struck.

I shook my head internally and listened to the men again, well, not men but little boys who were fighting over their toys - me. I shuddered as I thought of them thinking I would do as they said and not try to fight. I wasn’t going to be anyone’s toy. But, as soon as I thought of those words a hauntingly beautiful face appeared in my mind. I guess my mind had already made up it’s mind to be a toy for Martim. I needed to pay attention to my surroundings and not on Martim.

I took a deep breath and released it, my body relaxing as much as possible but realizing I couldn’t hear the men speaking to each other. I looked slowly around me, releasing a breath when they were talking to another man about buying some food. Good, I was starving again. It had been over six hours since I had eaten real food and my stomach was gurgling in protest. I remembered the candy I had in my pack and dug through it for another coke and chocolate bar.

I sat back when I finished my candy and cola, watching the people around us. There was an eclectic group of people. They didn’t seem to fit as someone who came to the rainforest. I recalled my mother telling me about some group coming to the rainforest to help the planet and its people, something with the name of protectors. But, I remembered her telling me that there was a girl who drove her crazy. She wanted my mom to be her friend but mom was afraid of her getting hurt by the cartel. I was afraid one of the girls was going to try to engage me and I couldn’t have her do it.

I turned my back to the group and looked at the others. I was wondering if they lived here or worked in the cartel. I hoped they didn’t or it would be harder for me to escape. I noticed they weren’t associated with the men who had Cat-napped me, so I tried to figure out why they looked hard. When they bent down and grabbed their gun cases over their shoulders I remembered something.

Big game hunters.


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