Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 12 - Prey

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I sat back when I finished my candy and cola, watching the people around us. There was an eclectic group of people. They didn’t seem to fit as someone who came to the rainforest. I recalled my mother telling me about some group coming to the rainforest to help the planet and its people, something with the name of protectors. But, I remembered her telling me that there was a girl who drove her crazy. She wanted my mom to be her friend but mom was afraid of her getting hurt by the cartel. I was afraid one of the girls was going to try to engage me and I couldn’t have her do it.

I turned my back to the group and looked at the others. I was wondering if they lived here or worked for the cartel. I hoped they didn’t or it would be harder for me to escape. I noticed they weren’t associated with the men who had Cat-napped me, so I tried to figure out why they looked hard. When they bent down and grabbed their gun cases over their shoulders I remembered something.

Big game hunters.


Cats POV

My mom had told me about them and how they acted. Now, all I wanted was a Glock 9 on my hip and a blade in my boot. At least I had my tiny blades in my hair. I would need to remember to grab my stiletto blades when I inflicted damage to the ‘would be’ rapist. My eyes must have shown what I was thinking.. The leader walked over to me and I knew I would need to play this right.

“Are they going to hurt anyone with those big guns?” I asked him when he got closer, making sure to add shakiness to both my voice and my body.

“I’ll keep you safe from them,” he said as he picked up his pack. I noticed he didn’t say he would protect me from the rest of his men or himself. I remembered to nod my head and cast my eyes to the ground. I wanted to grit my teeth and flash him the eyes of my jaguar. I didn’t like playing a pathetic little girl. I didn’t like being submissive to anyone. This acting was giving me anger issues and stomach problems. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep the act up, but I was determined to finish this mission and take out the cartel. I was tired of their bullshit and demands. And, this was a mission from hell.

“Come on, we need to get going if we are going to find a good place to camp,” he murmured as he jerked on my arm to get me moving.

“Stop, don’t hurt me.” I gave eyes full of fear. “I need to get my pack, please”

“Get your fucking pack and hurry up,” he hissed as he let go of my arm and pushed me. I nodded as I rubbed my arms where he had squeezed hard. It didn’t hurt but I needed to keep acting even if I was ready to kill him.

I got my pack and walked back over to the fucker, wanting so badly to growl and hiss at him. I had to soothe my jaguar and let her know we had to act cool until we didn’t. She wasn’t happy but she understood why.

“Are you okay?” Martim asked quietly. “Oh, give a little cough if you are or don’t say anything if you aren’t.” I coughed, hearing him sigh. I wanted to be able to talk to him but it would be difficult with jaguar hearing and all. The leader looked at me but didn’t ask if I was okay.


I knew Martim was far off but making sure these band of idiots didn’t hurt me. It was kind of nice to have some take care of me. My parents take care of me but this was different. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Why was I so comfortable being around a strange man? I still couldn’t understand why I was drawn to him. I guess I would figure it out later.

We trekked through the rainforest for hours but I didn’t mind. I didn’t even sweat. I loved it and felt as if I was home. The humidity didn’t bother me at all. I watched all the animals screaming, throwing things at the men, and swinging from tree to tree. It was freeing and perfect. If the cartel hadn’t been chasing us we would have a home here, but they had to blow up dad’s old tree house to keep my mom’s bastard of an uncle from getting to her. I wanted to have a house here, but not if the cartels chased at every minute. It would be as if we had a bell around our necks calling out ’dinner time’. It would be as if they were hungry sharks and we were a prized meal.


I knew there would always be cartels here but I hoped they would understand that we weren’t interested in taking over their drug running business. It was ridiculous for them to think we would be interested but yet they did. It was as if we were a drug the cartel couldn’t live without, almost as if they had to do anything and everything to get their fix. It never made sense to me, the reason why. A lightbulb went off in my head. They didn’t care for us but they wanted their enemies to see how they could turn us to their side. They thought it would make them appear even stronger. Boy, did they have another thing coming to them if they thought they could turn us to their side.

No. Fucking. Way!

It was getting dark and the men were getting restless. I was quite enjoying their fear. The night was quiet but the animals were restless. It didn’t bother me at all but I had a part to play. And, not one I relished.

I rolled my eyes. “W-what’s w-wrong?” I asked in a whisper, my voice cracking.

The leader turned to me. “Nothing. We will be making camp here.”

“H-here? I d-don’t h-have a b-bed. I c-can’t sleep on t-the g-ground,” I stuttered and shook, wishing I could kill the fucker already.

“Yes. Here.” He turned his back to me and walked over to his men. I looked around me, listening to their conversation but making sure I still shook. I was looking for places to sleep, pee, or hide. I looked up at the trees and caught the tell-tell signs of Martim. I caught a flash of his eyes before he squinted them again. I looked back down, nodding my head, letting him know I had seen him.

“Get over here, girl, and cook our dinner!” The leader yelled as he turned back around, fire in his eyes.



“But-” I tried to say, once again. I did try to warn him. I knew I could cook but he did not. This should be fun. I almost grinned but caught myself and looked down, nodding my head instead. I knew if I looked back up he would see the fire in my eyes. My jaguar was pushing me hard. She wanted me to kill him and now. I soothed her, letting her know we would kill him soon. When she finally calmed down I looked back at the fucker and scowled. He wasn’t looking at me. He was talking to his men and I was sure it was about me again.

“E-excuse m-me.” The leader turned back around, a scowl on his face. “What a-am I supposed t-to c-cook?”

“Get the meat out of the cooler.” He pointed to a cooler I hadn’t noticed. “Build a fire and cook the damn meat.”

I whispered, knowing he could hear me, ’But, I d-don’t know how t-to make a f-fire.” I wanted to gleefully dance at his expression. He was frustrated with me. My job was complete. I lived to piss him off now.

“You were really a princess. I can’t believe they didn’t teach you the basics,” he muttered as he walked over to a fire pit. He started throwing on logs, small balls of paper tucked between each piece. I almost opened my mouth to let him know he was doing it wrong, but I snapped my jaws shut quickly. I didn’t want to help the fucker. I wanted to watch him burn. I was still mad as hell that he had the audacity to order me to cook, treating me as if I were property. I was no one’s property.

I walked over to the cooker and raised the lid to see what kind of meat they wanted to cook, noticing a bunch of dead rabbits still in their fur. I rubbed my hands gleefully, well, internally. I couldn’t give myself away. I was about to open my mouth but was cut off.

The leader rolled his eyes. “Josh, you and Leo will be skinning the rabbits. It seems as if our princess doesn’t know how to cook, start a fire, or clean kills.” The men ran over and started cleaning the rabbits as I turned around and fake gagged, plopping my butt on the ground as if I couldn’t stand any longer, making sure tears slid down my face.

I didn’t know how Sophia could act as if she was scared of everything unless she was afraid of everything. I was tired of fake crying and acting scared. I was ready to kill them here and now. I was wondering why I was waiting to kill them, I mean I was willing to kill them for their actions and perverted thoughts with me but we weren’t in a battle.


“Get up! You need to watch them. You will be required to cook for us for the next two days.” He pointed at me, his eyes held lethal intent. “So, quit bawling and help them, princess.

Oh, I would help alright.

Right into their graves.

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