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Chapter 13 - Wish of Death

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, N.Y.O.B. and anyone else I have missed. Don't worry I will catch you on the next chapter. Thanks for all of your support.


I didn’t know how Sophia could act as if she was scared of everything unless she was afraid of everything. I was tired of fake crying and acting scared. I was ready to kill them here and now. I was wondering why I was waiting to kill them, I mean I was willing to kill them for their actions and perverted thoughts with me but we weren’t in a battle.


“Get up! You need to watch them. You will be required to cook for us for the next two days.” He pointed at me, his eyes held lethal intent. “So, quit bawling and help them, princess.”

Cats POV

I shook my head no. I wasn’t going to make it easy but then I remembered he would drug me if I was disobedient and I wasn’t going to be knocked out around them. I quickly scrambled off the ground and walked over to the two idiots and sat down, watching them as if I was learning what to do. I knew I had to help but I wasn’t going to be good at it. I watched them, seemingly shaking and gagging.

After watching for a few more minutes I picked up the rabbit and did exactly what the men showed me. After getting a nod from the leader they left the rest of the meat to me. I made sure to skin them exactly as they showed me for a few more minutes. I felt the men relax and they started playing cards. I knew I needed to be smart about how I spoiled the meat. I decided to poke a small hole in one of the rabbits bowel, putting it off to the side. Every so often I would drip some of the bowel on the meat. I made sure to notch the rabbits so I would know which rabbit was spoiled.

“What is that smell?” The leader demanded as he got up and walked over to me. “You stupid bitch, you can’t cook a rabbit if you have perforated the bowel.”

“I know,” I quietly said, nodding to the rabbit on my left side and showing him I had been listening to his men.

“Finally you listened,” he muttered and walked away. I knew I couldn’t spoil any more of the rabbit but damn if I didn’t want to shove the whole bowel into one of the rabbits. I wanted a game of Cat and mouse as I stalked them, taking each one out at a time.

Blood thirsty, are you?” My jaguar asked, snickering at me. She didn’t talk much but she had a sense of humor that rivaled my moms. I nodded to her internally and walked over to the fire, making sure my shoes had stepped onto the rabbits bowel. I didn’t want them to smell the rabbits and know what I did, so I had to come up with something.

“Damn, girl, you stink. Did you bathe in the rabbits’ entrails?” One of the men asked me as he looked me up and down.

“Sorry.” I looked down. “I must have stepped on the stuff when I got up.” I watched as the men put the sticks through the rabbits and hung them over the spit, motioning for me to turn them when they started cooking. I happily sat down and did so. I wanted to make sure they got the bad rabbits. If they wanted me to eat one I had my sob story ready to go.

It didn’t long for the rabbit to cook. I had made to think of every damned thing I hated, everything I couldn’t stand smelling. There were quite a few I didn’t know about. By the time the men came around the corner I was as green as the grinch. I made myself gag every so often, tears streaming down my face.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” The leader asked as he took in my face. “Nevermind, I don’t want to know. Get a rabbit for yourself and go over to the tree and sit.”

I grabbed one of the rabbits and scrambled over to the tree, one I knew Martim was in. “Very good acting. I love the green look.” I huffed and ate a small piece of meat but I couldn’t eat it. I smelt like the bowel of the rabbit l had spoiled and I had listened to too many things to get my stomach under control. I pushed my plate to the side, making sure he knew it was for him, although I wasn’t sure he would eat it. I knew I wasn’t going to. I sat back and watched the men eat the rest of the rabbit. I waited for the real show to begin, and it would begin. I was praying I had put enough of the bowel on their rabbits, but I wouldn't know for sure. All I knew was they had been discussing me as if I was on their main menu for days and I had enough.

Sweet revenge.

I waited in anticipation, not looking away for a minute. In my estimation it would be another five to ten minutes. But, it might be sooner considering they ate too many rabbits. Oh well, I guess being a gluten comes with warnings.

The men talked to each other for a little bit, me being the topic of their conversation. How they would take me. How many times. And, where. I held my breath and counted in my head to keep from attacking them. I was seconds away from murdering each of them for thinking I would allow their ’loving’. It was about two minutes later the men stood up and glared at me. But, before they could reach me they ran into the woods to handle their lovely problems with their own bowels.

Now, I could have left, but why would I? The fun was about to begin. It took them about an hour to shit in the woods and stagger back to camp. Each of them looked surprised I was still sitting where I was before. I almost smiled at the idiots but I looked confused. They started back to me, but, once again, they turned away and started puking. I knew this would help expel some of the rabbits but the damage was done.

It took them another forty-five minutes to be able to stop puking and drop to the ground. Now they were weak as a kitten and would need plenty of fluids, fluids I knew they didn’t have.

They curled up in a ball, cursing me and letting me know every detail of their plan to catch me again and torture me. My torture would include rape, sodomy, and what other thing they could think of. Nothing would be left of reproductive organs when they were done.

I stood from the ground and walked around them. I purred, “I’m counting on you trying to catch me. It wouldn’t be a good game if you didn’t try to attain me again. But, I won’t make it easy for you or anyone else to put their paws on me. I've been trying not to kill before now. You're lucky I only poisoned you and not killed you. You fucked with the wrong person.”

“What?” One of the men gasped, clutching his stomach even more as he squeezed his eyes together.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Hard. “Good luck, you fuckers, you will definitely need it.” I stopped and looked at the leader. “If you think I’m bad you should see my sister. She would make mincemeat out of you before you put your hands on her.” I knew she wouldn’t but I wanted him to think she could. I was hoping he wouldn’t go after her and come after me - which I was sure he was going to. I poisoned him and his men and he wouldn’t let it go.

“When I get my hands on you, you will wish you were dead. I-” I cut the leader off.

“The whole time I walked beside you I wished you were dead. Every time I heard you talking about me as if I was a piece of meat to be shared, I wished you were dead. I could have gut you like a fish for your words. Are you understanding yet?” I asked, staring him straight in the eyes as he clutched his stomach. “I guess you don’t understand. If you touch me, you are dead.” I turned and walked off, listening to him curse me and promise me death.

Let the games begin.

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