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Chapter 18 - Terrible Nightmare

Dedicated to all of you who are reading my works. And, to my friends who have commented on just about every chapter. You know who you are and by now I'm sure everyone else does too.


I heard the cap quietly slide open and Martim call my name. I quickly and quietly went to the opening. I popped my head out and smirked at the guys. “Hi, guys.”

“Hi, Cat. I see you made it out alive, but what of the men who took you?” Dragon asked, an eyebrow cocked.

“They got really sick. It seemed someone poisoned their rabbits.” I snickered. “But, I saved them for later. I decided I wanted to kill them when they thought I couldn’t.”

“You laid the princess on hard, didn’t you?” Digger asked as I nodded my head, a smile on my face.

“She did a perfect spoiled princess routine. They bought everything she told them. It was highly amusing,” Martim told the men as I looked at their faces. I looked down and pulled on Martims shoulder, showing him my wrist.

“Holllywood, you’re with me, the rest of you down the rabbit hole, but quietly.

Cats POV

“Why Hollywood?” Digger asked as he helped me into the hole.

“He doesn’t look as if he’s in the military. He looks as if he’s into security and that we can play on. Go, please.”

We all went down ‘the rabbit hole’ and hooked in when we got around the corner. I pulled up my wrist computer and showed the men, handing each of them an earwig. It wasn’t but a second later that the boys looked as if they were relaxing on the porch with some fruity drink. I knew they had left a pot of the stinking stuff on the stove. I could smell it right before the hatch closed. I didn’t even know how they were able to breath.

I watched the camera as two men called up to Martim. I saw the twins coming around the corner and whispered ‘twins’ to him, getting a short nod from him. I couldn’t figure out why the twins were coming by again. They had already asked him questions, so why now? All I knew was these guys gave me the creeps. And, it wasn’t because they killed me in my past life, no, it was because I never wanted these men to touch me sexually. I knew they would be cruel.

“What?” Martim asked, making sure to stand a little sideways and lean over the railing.

“What are you doing?” The man asked as he stared up at Martim, noticing Hollywood.

“Having fun with a friend of mine from highschool. What’s it to you? Maybe you should mind your own damn business,” Martim coldly said. Martim’s head snapped to where the twins were standing and nodded his head to them, letting them know he knew exactly they were.

“Why are you bothering Tomas?” The enforcer twin asked as he stepped out, the same place Martim had pinned him at.

The men jumped and looked at the twins. “We were just asking him some questions, sir.”

“No, you and your friends have been bothering him for a while now when we told you to leave him for his few days off, but you thought you were the boss. I can bet he could take you both even being tipsy,” the cartel leader stated.

“We won’t bother him anymore,” the other man shakily commented as he stepped back.

“No you won’t,” the leader said as he nodded his head to Martim. I knew the leader was testing Martim and I knew Martim knew this as well.

“Hold my drink, would you, Josh?” He turned to Hollywood and handed him his drink. “I’ll be back for it in a few seconds.”

“Okay,” Hollywood shakily answered as he stepped back from the railing. I knew he was acting as if he was scared, but I noticed him reach a finger finger in the cup and take something out of it, sticking it in his pocket.

The guys looked at me in question. I touched my ear, letting them know it was Martim’s earwig. They nodded and went back to watching the video. I knew this was going to be bad and Martim was going to be upset about killing the two men, but when I looked at his eyes I knew he wasn’t going to be upset about killing them. These men had done something to make him angry and I couldn’t ask what happened

One of the men made a move towards Martim before he got all the way down the tree, but Martim was ready for the chicken shit. He flipped over the man’s head, landing quietly behind him, snapping his neck before the other man could take a step. He turned to the other man and beckoned him to come to him. This man wasn’t an idiot or was he?

The man ran at Martim, no finesse whatsoever. Martim jumped up and grabbed the vines above him, landing on his neck. I could the crack of the man’s neck as if I were standing beside him. Martim stood back up and dusted off his hands.

“Feel better now?” The cartel leader asked Martim, a touch of humor in his voice.

“Much,” Martim answered, a sly smile on his face. “What did he do to piss you off?”

“Talk,” was all the leader said as he walked away. “You have my permission to kill any of them that bother you. If they can’t obey me then I don’t want them.”

Martim nodded and climbed back up onto the porch. “Oh, your friend better not talk,” the enforcer said.

“I know how to be quiet, sir. I’m working a security job protecting a girl from being kidnapped. She’s a fine piece of ass I’m not ready to let go of, so you won’t hear me speak of this. Ever.”

“Who do you work for?” The enforcer asked as he stopped to look at Hollywood.

“I rather not say.”

“Tell him you work for Henderson’s drug corp. I can make sure they know not to say anything differently,” I told him.

“And if I make you?” The enforcer, I was starting to hate more and more, asked, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Uh, I work for Henderson’s drug corp protecting their daughter.”

“Cece,” I told him quickly and quietly.

“What’s the daughter’s name?”

“Cece,” was all Hollywood said as the enforcer nodded and walked away. I blew out a breath and text CeCe’s father, letting him know that Josh Cooper works for him as a security guard for his daughter. He would know what I meant and would direct any calls about an employee by the name of Josh to him. I had saved his daughter from a kidnapping plot and he let us use his company as a front sometimes.

My phone buzzed with a text message letting me know there wouldn’t be a problem. I was surprised he texted back so quickly. It usually took him thirty-minutes - which meant I caught him between meetings. I sent a quick thank you and watched the camera’s.

I noticed the twins had stopped a few minutes away and let Martim and Hollywood know quietly. I didn’t know how good they were at hearing things but I could guess.

“What was that, man?” Hollywood asked as he paced.

“Nothing. You understand, nothing?” Hollywood nodded.

“Yeah, no problem there. I would never tell anyone your business. I know you would tell anyone mine. Plus, they are the first guys that gave me the heebie-jeebies. And, I know I don’t want them after me, so no problem.”

“Good, it wouldn’t be conducive to your health, get me?” Martim asked, a growl in his voice.

“I get you and them loud and clear. My lips are sealed, so how about some more alcohol?”

“Sounds good to me. Those idiots made me lose my buzz already,” Martim told him as he walked into the tree house, joking and laughing with him.

I let out a breath of relief, the guys doing the same. I knew these ‘men’ would keep coming by and I knew why. It was going to get worse when the idiots felt better. They would be tearing the rainforest down to find me. I wanted them dead. I didn’t want them to go after my sister or brother. I figured they would want my sister more than my brother. They wanted to corrupt us and girls would be easier to control - so they thought.

How long are we going to stay here?” Digger asked through our comms.

I’m not sure. I have a feeling these idiots are going to keep coming.” I sighed as quietly as I coud, turning so I could look at him. “And, I know for a fact the idiots I poisoned will be looking for me soon. I hope it takes them a few more days to feel better, but who knows.

I could see Digger and Dragon looking at me in confusion. “They made me skin and cook their rabbits. I may have drizzled a little of the rabbits’ bowels on their rabbits.” The guys smiled. I could tell they wanted to laugh but didn’t want to give a way. Dragon was biting his arm, his shoulders shaking as he tried to keep from laughing. I looked at Digger and saw him covering his mouth, his shoulders shaking also.

Shit, girl, you are a terror. Those men are going to be tearing up everything just to find you,” Dragon finally said as I rolled my eyes and smiled.

I would love to meet them again They were talking about raping me the whole time I was with them. Sick fuckers,” I told them, meaning every word I spoke. I was waiting to go up against them again, but this time I would show them I could be a nightmare.

A terrible nightmare.

Dragon and Digger shook their heads at me, knowing I would love nothing more than to show those assholes who they were dealing with. I wasn’t a cry baby nor was I weak. I could hardly believe I acted as well as I did. I slowed them down, pissed them off, and poisoned them while I was at it.

Yay me!

I zoned out until I remember the diagram on the wall. I needed to study it more, so I know what he wanted me to do in case of an emergency. He knew I would be down here at one time. He knew I would understand the symbols he had left for me. If it had been Sophia here she would hide forever and wouldn’t know how to solve the symbols - even though dad had tried to teach her and Cruz. They couldn’t understand why our dad was teaching us crap - as Sophia called it.

I figured out the symbols at the same time Martim said ‘incoming’. Great, just great. I was tired of hiding and not fighting, but I had promised Martim that I would figure out the vision I had of my past life more than I had done. It was hard to go back over my past life, knowing I would see myself die, but I had to do it to protect us.

Incoming, and it’s the twins,” I heard from Hollywood.

Well, shit!

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