Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 2 - Emotions

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I saw my dad countdown and then heard a loud boom as the Shadow Cats poured into our house. We ducked down at my dad’s hand signal. My parents moved as one, making sure to look at each of us and giving us a signal to stay where we were. I wanted to roll my eyes at their over-protectiveness. They knew we could fight but they didn’t want us to get our hands dirty, not that we had never gotten our hands dirty before. I rolled my eyes as I watched them move towards the living room, my mom going right and my dad left.

Someone came through the skylight as my parents cleared the room.

Calletti’s POV

Someone came through the skylight as my parents cleared the room. It was so noisy I wasn’t sure if they could hear the two people in the room with us. I couldn’t talk on my comm without giving my position away. But, I remembered what Warrior taught me. I clicked my mic twice and stood waiting for one of the Shadow Cats to make it to our position. I could take them with my brother and sister, but it wouldn’t be easy - not with the man here, too.

“Are you in trouble?” I heard Warrior’s voice whisper. I slowly moved my hand to my mic and clicked it twice.

“How many tangos? He asked quietly as I clicked the mic twice, letting him know there were two tangos with us.

“Wait one,” was all he replied, so I waited for him to figure out how to take these two out with us in the room. “We’re coming to you, get ready to duck and cover.”

I almost nodded as I looked around with my eyes only, my eyes squinted to make sure I couldn’t be seen. I had weapons and I wanted to shoot these trespassers but I couldn’t without being shot. They only wanted one of us girls. They would shoot one of us down in a second.

I looked over at my sister only using my eyes, still squinting. I could tell she was afraid. She was trying to keep herself from shaking. I didn’t understand her, she had the same training I had, so why would she be so scared? Then it hit me, she was afraid she was going to be taken away from us and it was messing with her head. She couldn’t let her fear take over or she would be dead. These monsters lived off fear and intimation. She had to be strong and stand up for herself if she was the one taken.

“I smell your fear, little one,” I heard the woman whisper, making Sophia fear her more.

I was about to step out when I heard a countdown in my mic. As soon as I Warrior got to three we all ducked and watched as the Shadow Warriors stormed into the room. There was shooting, war cries, and smoke bombs going off. It was confusing at first until I realized my dad had added a patch on the backs of their uniform, giving the Shadow Cats information in an instant. If anyone had the patch they were safe but hell on their attackers.

I heard a war cry come from a few feet away from me. A different woman, one I knew wasn’t a part of our group, came running at me as if she had a radar system that pointed straight at me. I ducked low and pushed back up, flipping her on her back. She was swift getting back to her feet and pulling a blade out. I wanted to laugh at her pitiful blade and I showed her what mine looked like.

“Let’s dance, bitch,” I told her, enraging the bitch even more.

She smiled evilly and ran at me again. I reached out from behind my back and shot her, not wanting to waste my breath on her. I put my blade back up in its slot and turned around to see a man smirk at me as he reached for my arm.

Not going to happen, buddy.

I grabbed his wrist and turned it around until he twisted at an odd angle. I kicked his legs out from under him. “You think you can take me to your fucked up leader?” I kicked him back down when he tried to get up. “You are fucking pathetic.” I kicked him again. “You come into our home and destroy it.” I kicked his stomach this time as he tried to get up, his wheezing was getting heavier. “Now, why should I let you go and take me? You’re very stupid.” I paused and smiled evilly back at him as grimace took over his face. “But, I will end your suffering now.” I flipped my blade in the air and threw it as hard as I could into the center of his head.

I noticed there was a lack of any noise around me, so I turned around with an innocent look on my face - which was kind of hard to do with two bodies laying at my feet. I raised an eyebrow at the smirk on Warrior’s face as I looked at everyone else. I couldn’t figure out their expressions. I saw the pride on my mom's face, sadness on my dad's, amusement on Flirt's face, and shock on my sibling's faces.

“What? Did you want me to let them kill me? I did what I was trained for, to take out anyone who wants to hurt me or my siblings,” I asked them as I looked around, not meeting anyone’s gaze.

“No, Calletti, we were surprised at how well you did. You showed your strength, but your emotions were hidden away. It takes forever for us to learn to hide our emotions,” Flirt answered.

What? I showed emotions - anger,” I quietly said as I looked at everyone.

“That’s my girl,” Warrior commented as he walked over and hugged me. I laughed at his words but I was still waiting for my mom and dad to say something.

“I didn’t want you to have to kill one person. I wanted to train you but I never wanted you to have to use your training. I could have sworn you were a Shadow Cat when you fought. I’m proud of you, Calletti,” my mom told me as she pulled me out of Warriors arms and into hers.

“It was bound to happen sooner than later, Mom. The Shadow Cats trained us, what did you expect?.”

My dad’s laughter surprised me, making me jump. I turned around and looked at my dad as he smiled at me. “If you are ever taken you need to act submissive at first. They won’t see you coming when you show them how dangerous you are.” He took a breath. “But, if anyone tries to rape you, you have my permission to cut his junk off and make him swallow it.” I laughed at the grimace on the Shadow Cats faces. Flirt was holding his junk and backing up.

“I am surrounded by crazy people but I do love your idea, Dad,” I said as I smirked at Flirt. Flirt shook his head and backed up even more. “Flirt, you’re safe. You don’t treat me as one of your women, thank God.”

Flirt looked at me incredulously. “You’re my niece, so no, I wouldn’t treat you as one of my girlfriends. What do you take me for, a pervert?” He shook his head. “I changed your diapers and fed you, played when you got bored.”

I laughed so loud I snorted a few times. I knew it wasn’t attractive or what a lady would do but who said I was a lady? I’m a tomboy and proud of it. I don’t wear dresses or heels. My sister does but she was more femine than I am. My brother was laid back and lazy, Me, I was a hard worker. I picked up things quickly and could fight as if I were one of the shadow Cats.

“So, where are we going now?” I looked around. “And, when can we eat?”

My mom shook her head and smiled at me. I could tell she was proud but also worried. I was wondering if she was more worried about Sophia’s inaction and fear. I watched as she walked over to my dad and looked him in the eyes, nodding her head as if he was talking to her.

Oh, I’m stupid.

Ear wig?


I shook my head at myself, feeling really stupid. I flipped through the channels on my radio, finally catching their conversation. They were talking about Sophia’s fear. I was thinking of ways that I could help her but I wasn’t sure if anything would help. I listened in on their conversation until they flipped to another channel after giving me a hard look. I wanted to laugh but I liked my ass where it was.

I turned and looked at Eagle. He was going through the pockets of the men and women. He looked up at me and smirked, motioning for me to go through the women's pockets.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the woman I killed, squatting down to go through all her pockets - front and back. The woman was built. I almost thought she was a man until I went through her pockets on her shirt. I didn’t want to touch anything on this woman, but we needed information and fast. I stood up when I read the paperwork in my hand, not noticing the others looking at me.

“What’s that, Calletti?” My dad asked as he walked over to me.

“Uh, you might want to read this - all of you,” I quietly voiced as I handed the paperwork to my dad.

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