Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 21 - Pissed Drunk?

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Dragon chuckled. “Your dad is checking to see if he can handle you. He knows you can take care of yourself, but he needs to know Martim won’t get mad at you and hit you.”

“He would never hit me!” I hissed as Dragon held up his hands.

“I know that but dads are good about harassing their daughter’s mates. It’s nothing against you, it’s just him being a dad. It’s in the dad genes,” Dragon quickly whispered.

I took a huge breath and nodded my head.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” My dad hissed as he looked at the screen. I ran over to the monitors with Dragon and looked at what he saw.

Cats POV

I gasped when I saw the twins on either side of my mate, one twin with his forearm pressed against Martims throat. I turned up the volume on my earwig and signaled everyone the channel he would be on. My dad looked at me, an eyebrow cocked.

I shook my head. “It’s our channel, or was.”

I looked back towards the monitors, listening as the twins questioned Martim, wanting to know if he had seen a stupid girl. Martim was letting them know that he didn’t know about any stupid girl. He had been hanging out with his best friend, not looking for some dumb girl. The only people he had seen was the runners.

I saw one of the twins walk over to Hollywood and press him for information. Hollywood was standing up against the wall as he acted buzzed. Hollywood told the twin the same thing Martim had, making sure to let them know he had come here to visit his friend, that he was on vacation for a week. He wouldn’t look them eye and played as if he was shaking under the twins’ questions - something I was sure Martim had told him to do.

I looked back over to Martim and saw the other twin had taken his arm from Martim’s throat. I breathed out a sigh of relief as I watched and listened to Martim ask about the stupid girl and what she did to piss off the cartel. I thought he was going to have his neck broken, but the twins only laughed.

I heard one twin say, “She poisoned the guys who were sent to acquire her. Here’s a picture of her.” He handed Martim a picture. “If you see her I need you to bring her to me right away. Don’t take any pleasure with her, I will be the first to break her in.” Martim nodded, but I thought he was going to cut the twins throat. My dad growled and looked at me. I shrugged, knowing I would never be raped.

I would be his torturer.

I knew not to let anyone get to me, hell, I never let the three idiots touch me or make me mad enough to rip out their throats. Did I think about ripping their throats out?

Hell yeah!

I wanted to rip out their throats every damn time I heard them talk, but the plan in my mind had already been formed and I wasn’t going to mess it up. I saw the twins start for the door, but I caught one of the twins as he slapped something on the wall. Damn it! They had slapped a camera in Martim’s tree house.They felt something off and I knew it, so did my dad.

“Camera at two o’clock, Tomas,” I said quietly in case the bastards had sound equipment in this camera.

Martim helped Hollywood up off the ground. “I know. You okay, bud. I’m sorry our visit has been crazy.”

“Crazy? Dude, that was insane. What are you into?” Hollywood yelled as he backed away from Martim.

“If I tell you it would put your life in jeopardy. I’m sorry, I really thought we could have a great vacation together. If you want to leave I will get you back to the boats or can ask a friend to take you back,” I heard Martim tell Hollywood, acting for all he was worth.

“I-I’m not sure what to do We are good friends and don’t need for you to tell me anything as long as you are okay,” I heard Hollywood comment as he pulled Martim into a man hug. You know one of those one armed hugs? Yeah, like that.

“It’s your choice,, but it’s okay if you want to leave.”

“Nope.” Hollywood smiled at Martim. “Let’s get drunk again. I seem to lose my buzz around here.”

I heard Martim laugh as he walked over to the tiny kitchen, the only space the camera couldn’t see. He winked, letting me know he had an idea as he made two whiskey sours. I knew if they drank one it wouldn’t hurt them, hell, they would have to drink at least ten to get a buzz.

I saw him put a pot on the stove and pour something into it. “I don’t want any of that passion fruit drink shit you like. It makes my senses screwed up.” I heard Hollywood tell Martim as he walked over to him. “How can you drink that shit?”

I watched as they hand signaled to each other. “I like it because I get a buzz faster, but it does mess up my sense of smell for a little bit. I made us a whiskey sour but I’m boiling the flowers to make me a jug for later. Do you want to go out on the porch?”

“Yes, please. That shit is giving me a headache, plus I want to show you my new toy I picked up for work. You will love it, Tomas,” I heard Hollywood tell him, a smirk on his face.

“Let’s go. This is on low heat and should be okay for a while,” I heard Martim tell Hollywood, a smile on his face.

The guys walked outside and sat in the chairs by the door. I heard them just shooting the shit for a while. I saw Hollywood pull out a blade from his shit-kickers and show Martim. I was wishing I had his new toy. It was a beauty. The blade looked as if it was beautifully balanced and easy to grip.

I looked around the porch and door closely. I needed to see if there were any more cameras. I could see Martim and Hollywood do the same but they were smart about it. They moved around and played with the blade. Hollywood would act as if he didn’t know how to catch the blade. I knew it was because he was looking at the railing and porch floor. I noticed every time he found something he would smirk at Martim and laugh. It was a great way to let the other know they had found something. As much as they smirked and laughed they had found many. I could tell it bothered Martim. He would clench his hands quickly.

“What the hell is this, Tomas?” Hollywood asked as he fell on his butt.

Martim walked towards Hollywood and looked down, swaying as if he was buzzed. “What are you talking about?” Hollywood showed Martim something in between the slats of the porch.

We watched as Martim sat down on the porch and looked at what Hollywood had shown him. He reached into the slats and brought up a camera and mic. “What the hell is this? The boys better not be testing me! They have always liked my tree house and are always trying to find ways inside. I don’t want them inside to tear my shit up.”

“Those aren’t yours? I mean, I know you safeguard your stuff with dynamite, but cameras?” Hollywood asked Martim as he pulled another one out. “What do you want to do with these?”

“Uh, smash them.” He stomped on the one he had. “I’m going to get the boys. They better be ready for training. I’m going to show them why you don’t mess with me.”

“What boys?”

“Nevermind, just some guys I know.”

We watched them find all the cameras and listening devices, well, except for one outside. “Above the door,” I whispered as he walked around and looked up and down.

“Damn it! I’m going to have to check under the house, too. I wouldn’t put it past those bastards to have put some there. They are always trying to get me, as if I was an amature.”

We lost sight of Martim for a second, seeing him hanging upside down under the tree house. He checked the whole bottom and checked around the trees, pulling down cameras that weren’t his own. He turned upside right and climbed onto the porch. He sat down all the cameras and mics on the porch and stomped the shit out of them. We watched him disappear over the side of the porch again and lost for another second. He was swinging from tree to tree.

“My real life Tarzan,” I said in the mic as I chuckled. My dad tapped me on the shoulder, giving me a dirty look. I looked him straight in the eye. I wasn’t intimidated by my dad. Martim was my mate and he couldn’t really say anything about it. He shook his head and looked back at the monitors. Of course, I had to roll my eyes and get caught by Dragon and my mom.

My mom stared at me as I ducked my head down. Hey, my mom was one scary woman. She could hold her own against the Shadow Cats. She had taught me how to fight, but I had learned other moves that she didn’t know about, and one I wasn’t going to let her know about. I was saving the move until I met the cat-nappers again.

She took her eyes off me and smirked at Dragon as I stood up straight and huffed. So, she was testing me, was she? I would never back down now.

Not ever

Now, I was pissed

As though she could hear my thoughts, she turned back and around, staring at me, but I didn’t duck down or change the look on my face. My face was a blank canvas, no smile lit up my eyes, they were flat. She stared at me for a full minute until she nodded her head once. She turned around and walked over to the table as if I didn’t stare her down. I was confused but then realized she was testing me and she got her answer. I wasn’t one to duck and run for cover anymore. She knew I was ready to carry out my mission.

“Uh-oh, I think they are on to me,” I heard Martim whisper through his mic.

A/N: Yeah, sorry about the cliffhanger, but it was the perfect place to stop the chapter. Lol.

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