Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 23 - Little Boys, New Toys

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The Shadow Cat’s were heckling Madrid every time he cursed and headed into another room. He was never going to find my cache, even my dad didn’t know where it was. I made sure to glance around the room. I didn’t want to ignore or pay close attention to where I knew the cache was, not wanting to give away my hiding spot. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t found it by now. Hell, he’d been so close at times but it was as if my cache was magically hidden.

“Okay, I give up,” he said after five hours of looking for my cache. I stood up and walked to the computer monitors and hit a switch, scanning my eyes and thumb prints. The wall didn’t open up as Madrid thought they would. I walked back over to the table and sat down, knocking on the bench beneath me.

I smiled at the confused look in Madrid’s eyes. He wasn’t following what I was trying to show him. I rolled my eyes and stood up, making sure everyone on my side was standing up. I laid the bench over and knocked on a panel in the ground, causing a screen to shoot up from the floor. I voice activated the computer into opening my cache. The locked popped up and opened, showing all the weapons I had hidden.

“No fucking way, Cat,” Madrid breathed out. He was looking at my cache, the weapons I had made on my own. “Where did you get all of this?”

Cats POV

“I made them. They are more powerful, can hold more ammo, including armor piercing ammo. I made us new suits, too. They can withstand a bomb and armour piercing ammo. There’s a lot of different toys in there if you want to try them.” I barely got the words out of my mouth when the men moved as if they were hungry tigers at the zoo.

I backed away and watched the men. “Oh, by the way, the weapons are coded with your arm bands, so if you pick up the wrong weapon it won’t fire, matter of fact, it might blow up in your face. The only way to fix the codes is for you to completely trust each other, then the codes will automatically change.”

I watched as the guys laid down the weapons and looked at their bands. The bands were made into a tattoo with heat paint. It was painful but necessary. I had one of my own my parents knew nothing about, well, for now. The guys gathered up the weapons with their color codes and walked to the training area. I grabbed mine and Martim’s. I wasn’t sure how I knew what color his weapons would be but I knew I had the same color of band he did.

When we came around the corner, Madrid was cursing about his gun not working. I rolled my eyes, once again, and pulled the cartridge out of his gun and loaded everything correctly, moving slow so Madrid could see what I was doing. When I was done I stood back and watched him shoot.

“Hey, guys, the weapons will automatically adjust for wind-speed, weather, and anything else that will interfere with shooting, except if you have poor aim, although they do help with sight a lot better. I’m going to show each of you how to load your weapons, every one of them. They don’t load the same way as a regular weapon. I wanted them to be difficult to use for anyone else, but still easy to learn.” I smiled. “But, if anyone enemy picks up your weapon they can bend over and kiss their ass goodbye.” My dad glared at me but the rest of the group laughed,, including my mom.

“You shouldn’t be cursing, damn it!” My dad exclaimed as he glared at my mother. “Do you see what your mouth has fucking caused?”

I loudly laughed, tears streaming down my face as I tried to stop laughing. It was incredibly funny he thought it came from only mom.. I took a huge breath in and shook my head at my dad. “I find it peculiar that you blame mom when you just used the words ‘damn it’ and ‘fucking’ when blaming mom for my language. Did you think I would have a normal vocabulary around you and them? I asked as I pointed at him and mom, turning my fingers around to encompass the whole room. The room went completely quiet as I waited for my dads’ words. I wasn’t sure if I would be treated as if I was a small child or if I was going to be treated as I was - a strong lady.

“Well, shit!” My dad exclaimed as he walked over to the targets and started shooting. I looked at my mom as she made her way over to him, scolding him for treating me as if I was a child.

I took Martim with me and pulled him to the archery targets. I wanted to show him his new bow. I was really excited about this. I was watching a movie when I thought about how I could make the bow shoot. It took me a lot of trial and error, and a lot of bruises, but I finally figured out to make the arrows fly.

“I want you to notch an arrow and shoot it as you normally would,” I told Martim. I watched him shoot his arrow, hitting the target. “Okay. So, what makes this bow different from other bows?”

I laughed and scooted him back against the wall. “Stay there.” I went around the corner and pulled up a screen attached to my wrist. I sent my arrow flying and waited to hear from Martim.

“Holy shit!” Martim exclaimed, causing all the men to run into the archery area.

“Big whoopie, you hit your target,” Madrid commented as I snickered to myself.

“Watch. You might want to move to where I’m at. I wouldn’t want you to accidentally get hurt.”

When I knew the men and my family had moved back. I shot my bow and heard everyone gasp. I stepped out from around the corner and smirked at Madrid. “Is that better?” I asked innocently as my parents laughed

“How? Where? What?” Madrid tried to ask as I chuckled and decided to show everyone how the weapon worked.

“Gather your bows and I’ll show you. Make sure they are color coded right, I would want your own arrow to shoot you and it will if you have the wrong bow.” As everyone gathered their bows, I walked over to Martim and leaned my back against his front as I waited for them to come back. It didn’t take long until everyone was holding their bows and looking at me for instruction.

Little boys with new toys.

“I handed out the wrist bands that went with their bows. “Okay, if you pull up your computer on your wrist band it will show you a whole wide world of possibilities.” I watched as they pulled up the screen on their wristbands and waited for the question I knew they would ask.

“What’s the password?” Hollywood asked me as I smiled cheekily.

“What password do you always use?” I asked as the men nodded and entered their passwords,, every one of them snapping their heads back up at me and narrowing their eyes.

“Uh, how did you know our passwords,” Dragon asked, cocking an eyebrow at me.

“Uh, well, you see...Uh, I might have or have not hacked your computers.” I raised my hands. “I didn’t look at your information - not one bit of it. I just philffered your passwords.”

“Cat,” Madrid groaned, dragging my name out. “You can’t do that, it’s illegal.”

“Why? Are you going to press charges against me for lining up your weapons screen? I had to set this up for your weapons to respond the way I knew they could. This.” I tapped my screen. “Doesn’t just work for the bow, it works the same way for your guns, grenade launchers and sparkles.”

“Just show us how to work your fantastic weapons and we will talk about a deal. The U.S. government will pay top dollar for these,” Madrid grumbled as I nodded my head at his words. I knew they would want the weapons, hell, they always bought mine and my dads weapons. I learned how to wrangle better deals from my dad, but I didn't charge too much. I didn't want the military to be without better weapons because I was greedy.

“Alright, alright. On your screens you will see different weapons or symbols -” I tried to say until I was cut off.

“-More freaking symbols?” Dragon asked as I nodded and smiled.

“These should be idiot proof, Dragon” Dragon narrowed his eyes at me as I raised my hands in the air. “You will see a tiny bow on the screen. Tap on it and it will light up.” I waited on them to tap the screen. “Dragon go around the corner and see what your weapon can do at your command. Everyone else might want to step back.”

Dragon nodded and went around the corner. I knew he had tapped his screen, showing him the target around the corner, when he yelled out ’woah, this is cool.′ We all laughed until he shot his arrow and it landed dead center. Dragon ran around the corner and did a, somewhat, victory dance. I wasn’t sure what to call it, but it didn’t look like a dance to me.

“Wow!” He exclaimed loudly. “I could see the target around the corner. It was as if I could see through the walls.”

I walked over and set up a dummy, placing a heat band on the dummy. “Madrid, do you want to shoot the dummy? It will show up on your screen as the enemy.”

“Yes!” He exclaimed, fist pumping in the air as we shook our head at his actions. He was always excited about new toys. He wanted to be the first one to try anything new - even if they hadn't been tested by me first. I had to hide my new inventions whenever I saw him coming. I didn't want him to get hurt when he had so many men and women to command.

I watched as Madrid went around the corner and pulled up his screen, exclaiming loudly about how cool everything was. I backed everyone up and took a step out. I heard the weapon fire and stood my ground. The arrow went around the corner and hit the dummy in the heart, never touching me. Madrid ran back around the corner and looked at them dummy and then me.

“Cat, I could have shot you,” Madrid said, his voice shaking.

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