Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 25 - Man Down

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I finally got bored and started walking around the cavern. I realized I had walked back over to the monitor without my mind knowing where I was going and I was glad I did. “Guys, we have a situation, come quickly.”

I stood in front of the monitors gobsmacked. How? When? My mind had shut down and I couldn’t think I could only see. And, what I was seeing was so foreign to me I was considering that my eyes had shut down, too. My heart was racing, my hands were sweating. My whole body was shaking, something I have never done before. I was afraid and I was never afraid. But, I wasn’t afraid for myself.

I reached up to the monitor, my hands shaking, but before I could touch the screen I pulled my hands back to me, sensing my mate coming up behind me. I was hoping he would see something different than I was, but my hopes were dashed with his first words.

“Oh, shit!” I heard my mate exclaim, my mother right behind him.

“What? No, no, no!” My dad exclaimed as he moved closer to the monitor.

Martims POV

My mate amazed me. Her mind was analytical. She was smart, very smart. I could see her making the weapons in my mind. I knew she was tough, sneaky, brave, beautiful, but I Never knew how smart she was even after seeing her poison the men who kidnapped her. I was in awe and couldn’t help how proud of her I was.

I was watching her explain all the weapons when Digger hit the wrong button. I thought Digger was going to have a heart attack, but all my mate did was smirk and very calmly set everything up, a smirk gracing her lips, lips I wanted to kiss her with everything in me. I crouched down with everyone else, holding my hands over my ears. I didn’t notice Cat not ducking down until right before the bomb went off. My heart was aching in my chest. I was panting and praying to any God who could hear me. I didn’t want to lose my mate as soon as I just got her back.

I stood up with everyone else and noticed she didn’t have a scratch on her body. And believe me I checked. Her next words had my heart jumping in my chest again. She wanted a live target, but I backed up with the rest of the guys.I didn’t want to be a live target and I didn’t want her to be one either. But, she just laughed it off and started showing us all the weapons.

She had us stop and put on our suits, Hollywood complaining that he couldn’t get the suit off if he had to pee, but my mate had already fixed the problem. I noticed the suits conformed to our bodies as if the suits were made for each person. Knowing my mate she had made them to fit each of us.

I followed her to one of the rooms as she handed Sophia her suit. What I didn’t expect to hear was Sophia throwing a royal tantrum. The men who kidnapped Cat thought she was a princess? Guess they had the wrong sister. Cat had got mad and told Sophia off, letting her know the suit would conform to her and couldn’t be cut off. It would keep anyone from raping her if she got caught. She finally went to the bathroom and put her suit on, only to come back out and show Cat as she pouted. I was damn glad she wasn’t my mate. I would have to put her over my knee and spank her. I couldn’t understand why her dad or mom didn’t get on to her. Their dad was about to give in to Sophia before Cat told her off and explained about the suit protecting from rape, then he was all for the suit.

Cat walked out of the room, shaking her head. I followed behind her as she headed to the monitors. I wasn’t sure if she knew where she was going. It was as if she was autopilot. I decided to stop at the door way and head back to the training area. I wanted to give her time to herself. I wasn’t sure if something was bothering her or she was tired of Sophia getting her way and acting as if she was a brat. It would have to be getting old. I was ready to strangle Sophia after one fit. I couldn’t imagine seeing her tantrums day in and day out.

Guys, we have a situation, come quickly,” I heard from my earwig. I turned around and was the first person in the room.

I looked at the monitors and my eyes widened. What the hell? How? There was no way, I thought. “Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, almost in tandem to Cat’s mother.

Her dad came in and started screaming ‘no, no, no’ as he pulled at his hair. I knew it was a shock but he needed to get with the program and come up with a plan. I wanted to know how he found our hideout.

“Did he put his suit on?” My mate asked as she looked at everyone. I could see the hope in her eyes and desperation. I looked around, hoping someone would answer.

“He does,” Sophia answered as she scuffed the toe of her boots.

“Explain how he made it out of here?” I heart Cat order, staring Sophia in the eyes.

Sophia had a deer in the headlights look on her face. I could tell she didn’t want to say anything, but this had put him in trouble.

Very dark trouble

I saw Cat cross her arms over her chest and walk to Sophia. She grabbed her chin, forcing Sophia’s eye up to hers. She didn’t say a word, she just stared in her eyes. I knew it was a intimidation technique. “Talk now!” I heard Cat bark out the order, her eyes narrowing on Sophia.

“Uh, well,” Sophia trailed off as Cat squeezed Sophia’s jaw even harder. “He wanted to help. He was going to set off bombs and run back here. He was tired of not being able to help. I tried to talk him out of it, but you know how headstrong he is-”

“-You should have said something to one of us. Now, look at what has happened.” Cat dragged Sophia over to the monitor. “He’s a fucking prisoner of the most vicious cartel leader and enforcer.” Cat let go of Sophia, almost pushing her away. Sopha fell on the floor and cried, telling everyone she was sorry over and over again. Of course, her dad was the one to comfort her. Cat’s mother had walked over to Cat and murmured words to her.

I walked over to Cat and turned the sound on. I wanted to hear what they were saying. We needed information. “Can you hear me, Martim. My little prisoner was good after all. He sang like a canary. Hey, Cat, very good to hear you found your mate. I don’t know who the other guy is with you but I will find out.” He picked up Cruz and shook him. “He doesn’t know who your friend Josh is, so I can shoot him now,” the enforcer informed us, making Sophia shake more. Cat was cool as ice.

Too cool

I looked around to see the Shadow Cats walk to the table. I looked back at the monitor and heard the boom as the same time Cruz fell to the ground. I heard Sophia scream, but Cat was calm. Too calm. I looked back out as the twins walked away, leaving behind a few men. I knew they didn’t go far, wanting to see if we went out and got Cruz, but it was exactly what we were going to do.

I pulled Cat with me to the table as I heard Cat say, “Cruz, play dead. You know how to do it. We will get you back in a few.”

Everyone of us snapped out eyes at Cat, waiting for an explanation. She sighed and sat down. “I asked whether he had suit on for one reason and one reason only. I knew it would protect him from a blade or bullet. The suit makes it seem as if you are bleeding. If the enemy sees you bleeding from a heart shot or head shot they will think you are dead. The suit is made to cover your face. You just need to tap the button and you are protected.”

“Wow,” I said, putting my arms around my mate “I have the smartest mate.” All the guys nodded at my words.

“Alright, let’s make some plans,” Madrid voiced as he looked around at everyone.

I had a feeling Cat had plans of her own when she zoned out. I knew what she could do but I wasn’t sure the guys would go along with her plans. She wasn't a seasoned warrior and Madrid would be hardcore. I couldn't wait to see what she came up with. I could guess it would be explosive, but I wasn't positive how far she would go.

“Cat, are you listening?” Madrid snapped, my head snapping up to his.

“Yes, I heard.” She nodded and looked around. “Don’t get me wrong, you all have good plans.” She paused. “But, I already have a sure-fire plan - in case you were wondering.”

“Show me,” Madrid and her dad ordered at the same time.

She squatted down and pushed a symbol at the bottom of the table. A screen popped up in the middle of the table. All the us men jumped back, a surprise gasp leaving our lips as Cat's mom nodded at her. She typed some kind of code in and scanned her middle finger.

"Can I see your watch, Martim?" I heard my mate ask, causing a lot of confusion in my mind.

“My watch?” I asked as I pulled it off and handed it to her.

“Yes,” was all she said. She plugged my watch into a port attached to her screen, hitting more buttons to set something. I was totally confused now, but I watched in awe. I felt as if I was the biggest idiot compared to her. Yes, I was good at electronics. I loved making new things for us to use, but it had to be something electronic or I was screwed. My mate made it look easy.

“What is it?” Madrid asked Kat as he leant over our shoulder, all the guys leaning around him.

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