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Chapter 26 - Keeping It Real

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“Yes, I heard.” I nodded and looked around. “Don’t get me wrong, you all have good plans.” I paused. “But, I already have a sure-fire plan - in case you were wondering.”

“Show me,” Madrid and my dad ordered at the same time.

I squatted down and pushed a symbol at the bottom of the table. A screen popped up in the middle of the table. All the men jumped back, a surprise gasp leaving their lips as my mom nodded at me. I typed my code in and scanned my middle finger.

A fuck you to all

My mom laughed as all the guys looked at her in confusion. I chuckled and pulled up the screen outside. I noticed several men around the field, some doing a better job at hiding than others. I scanned their body temperatures and coded them into the screen.

“I need to see your watch, Martim,” I muttered absently.

“My watch?” He asked as he pulled it off.

“Yes,” was all I said. I plugged his watch into a port attached to my screen, setting the twins body temperature into my program. I handed the watch back as the screen pinged, showing me all the information was set.

“What is it?” Madrid asked me as he leant over my shoulder, all the guys leaning around him.

Cats POV

“All your watches have a program to capture heat signatures. You have had to come in contact with them for it to work. When the twins had Martim and Hollywood up against them I programed their watches to capture their signatures. With Cruz’s information imputed, remotely, I have everyone’s heat signature outside of our bunker.” I turned my head and looked at Madrid. “With your permission, Madrid, I can take them all out and not hurt Cruz. It keeps our guys from getting hurt when they don’t need to.”

“You snuck this in with my plans?” My dad asked me, already nodding his head in confirmation before I said anything.

“Do you have more screens that we can all see?” I laughed and pushed a button on my screen. It was as if I had shot out to the wall in front of us. “Damn, girl, you impress me more and more. You have my permission.” I smiled and darkly chuckled as typed a code into the computer, a countdown clock showing in the corner and on the wall.

We were all watching as I quietly opened the ports in the top of the bunker outside. I had made sure the guys knew to make them whisper quiet. I didn’t want anyone to know what was going to happen. I didn’t beg for Cruz’s life or make promises. I wasn’t stupid. I knew the twins would shoot me on sight, well, after they raped me.

Not happening

I counted down in my head and watched the bullets hit each target, causing each of them to fall and not get up. I pulled up another screen. I wanted to know if I had hit the twins. I saw all the dead men, some I didn’t understand how they were hit. I caught a glimpse of the twins and fired again, watching as the bastards pulled their men in front of them. After a few minutes they were long gone.

“Damn it! Why do all the bastard cartel leaders get away?” I yelled as I stood up. I huffed and pushed a button, dropping Cruz into a tube. I made sure to blow the tube as soon as he landed on the floor of the bunker.

Dad walked over to Cruz and pulled him into his chest. “Are you okay?”

I almost ran over to them. “Is he okay? Really?” I turned and looked at Cruz. “What were you thinking? Were you trying to get killed? They are ruthless, Cruz! We could have lost you!” I yelled and huffed, my dad glaring at me. I glared back. I didn’t care if he was mad at me. If he kept babying Cruz he was going to get him killed.

“She’s right, Cruz,” I heard Madrid tell him as he walked up.

“I knew she would have a plan,” Cruz huffed and crossed his arms.

“What happened if it didn’t work? We don’t work alone unless we have to. And, you didn’t need to. You gave and they took. They barely tortured you and you coughed up everything about us.” I shook my head in disappointment. I walked back over to the table and sat next to Martim. I leaned on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me.

“You did great, Cat. And, you’re right to scold Cruz, so calm down and see what happens now that your mom is walking over to them,” Martim whispered in my ear. My head snapped up to my brother. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen. I didn’t know if our mom would scold him or hug him. I was scared when I screamed at him, but everything I said was true. He took a chance that could have killed him. Plus, he blabbed as if he was a toddler. I knew he didn’t do well in interrogation, but to give out everything about us was too much.

“How much information did you give the cartel?” My mother asked as I nodded my head. I wanted to know the same thing. Knowing my brother like I did, he told them everything he knew.

“Uh.” He pulled on the back of his neck and looked down. “I-I told them almost everything.”

“What’s almost everything?” Madrid asked as he crossed his arms over his huge chest and pinned Cruz with a look.

“I didn’t tell them about the Shadow Cats, but I told them about our other bunker. I didn’t know anything else since Cat wouldn’t share anything with me.”

I darkly chuckled. “I wonder why,” I drly said, my eyes hard.

He nodded and gulped, looking at his feet. I could tell he was upset with himself but he needed to realize he had limited our actions to get rid of the cartel, something unacceptable.

“I’m sorry.” Cruz looked at me and back down to his feet. “I’m not as strong as Cat,” he mumbled.

“But you wanted to prove yourself, correct?” I asked as I walked back over to him and raised his chin, pinning his eyes on mine. He nodded his head. “Cruz, we are not going to be the same strength, but we each have our own strength within us. You are good with weapons. The only reason I’m any good is because I train everyday. I train with the Shadow Cat’s and the new recruits, it’s how I build up new moves and my strength. You can do the same, but you need to take everything seriously and not be a lazy ass.” We both laughed at my description of him.

He nodded his, apologizing to everyone. He walked over to the table and sat down, his head hanging low. I decided I would work with him more everyday. He needed to build his confidence up as did Sophia.

“Well, good thing I didn’t say anything about other places,” my dad announced as I smiled. I knew about the other places. I had studied the blueprints in case we ever got separated. I wanted to know where I could find shelter and weapons.

“What?” Madrid asked, a smile on his face.

“Yeah, Martim and I worked on it every other week or so. It’s been years in the making but they are ready whenever we are. I think it would be a good idea to grab some quick food and get ready to bug out of here. It’s going to be quite a walk but we can do it.”

“Bug out?” My sister asked in a high tone of voice, causing the rest of us to wince. She stomped her foot on the ground and huffed. “I don’t want someone to get me if we are running around. I want to stay here!”

I rolled my eyes at her behavior. “Well, princess,” I started, crossing my arms over my chest. “What happens when they get in here and you are all by yourself? Are you going to cry and let them rape you? They want to rape one of us, so I guess you are volunteering.”

“That’s enough!” My dad yelled at me as I looked at him incredulously. Is he serious? He’s going to let her throw a fit?

“I’m just keeping it real, Dad.” I walked off and got my things together, making sure I grabbed my weapons. I slid my weapons in the holsters, arming myself to the teeth. I was seething. Mad as hell. I wanted to throw things but I trained myself to keep cool. Damn it! I could probably tear the whole cartel down myself. My dad hurt me and I didn’t like it. I couldn’t understand why he would yell at me when I was telling the truth.

How the hell is she my sister?

She is though. I feel bad for her jaguar, Kat. I’m glad I got you and not some sniveling little brat. I know she’s our sister but she is so different. I say we stay on point. Calm down and save it for the cartel, okay, Kat?” My jaguar, Rowdy, said. I knew what she was saying was right. She doesn’t talk a lot but when she does I tend to listen to her. She has helped so much.

I took a huge breath, smelling my mate close. I knew he was giving me time to calm down. I also knew he thought the same thing I did about my dad yelling at me. I closed my eyes and counted my heartbeats until they calmed down. As soon as I felt my body relax my mate was there. He wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder.

I heard yelling from the main room and turned to go see what was going on. But, Martim stopped me. “Your mom is letting your dad have it. She agreed with you about Sophia. He was trying to talk Madrid into letting one of the Shadow Cat’s stay with her, but no one wanted to.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. We stayed close together as we listened in on their conversation. It was heated and I could tell the rest of the Shadow Cat’s had taken their food to the training cavern to get away from them. I could tell my mom was pissed because she never raised her voice at my dad unless it was something to do with him babying Sophia. My mom could never understand how Sophia turned into a sniveling brat and princess, but I guess she finally figured it out and had had enough - not that I blamed her.

“She will be going with us and that’s it!” My mom yelled. Sophia came running around the corner and stopped.

“This is all your fault!”

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