Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 27 - Click, Click, Booms

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How the hell is she my sister?

“She is though. I feel bad for her jaguar, Cat. I’m glad I got you and not some sniveling little brat. I know she’s our sister but she is so different. I say we stay on point. Calm down and save it for the cartel, okay, Kat?” My jaguar, Rowdy, said. I knew what she was saying was right. She doesn’t talk a lot but when she does I tend to listen to her. She has helped so much.

I took a huge breath, smelling my mate close. I knew he was giving me time to calm down. I also knew he thought the same thing I did about my dad yelling at me. I closed my eyes and counted my heartbeats until they calmed down. As soon as I felt my body relax my mate was there. He wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder.

I heard yelling from the main room and turned to go see what was going on. But, Martim stopped me. “Your mom is letting your dad have it. She agreed with you about Sophia. He was trying to talk Madrid into letting one of the Shadow Cat’s stay with her, but no one wanted to.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. We stayed close together as we listened in on their conversation. It was heated and I could tell the rest of the Shadow Cat’s had taken their food to the training cavern to get away from them. I could tell my mom was pissed because she never raised her voice at my dad unless it was something to do with him babying Sophia. My mom could never understand how Sophia turned into a sniveling brat and princess, but I guess she finally figured it out and had had enough - not that I blamed her.

“She will be going with us and that’s it!” My mom yelled. Sophia came running around the corner and stopped.

“This is all your fault!”

Cats POV

“This is all your fault!She screamed as she ran towards me.

Da Fuck?

I pushed Martim back and crouched. She should have known better than to come at me. She didn’t have the same training as I did, so she was going to fail. I couldn’t understand her idiocy. Everything was everyone else’s fault but her own.


She decided she was going to claw my face, but I decided she wasn’t. I grabbed her arm and held it hard, slamming her back on the ground. I stared in her eyes. “You. Don’t. Touch. Me.” I said quietly, menace in my voice. “You haven’t had as much training as I have. The only training you have is being a princess and I won’t have you blaming me for your shortcomings.” I got up off her and stepped back. I wanted to see if she would try to come at me again.

She got up and ran out of the room crying out to our dad. “Come on, Martim. You really want to see this.” We walked quickly out of the room and went back to the main area, the Shadow Cats following us. I could hear them making bets. I wanted to laugh but I was saving it.

“Daddy, Cat hurt me,” She stopped in front of our dad, showing him her arm and crying like the bitch she was. “I didn’t do anything to her and she hurt me because you yelled at her.”

“Is this true, Kat?” My mom asked me as I rolled my eyes.

“It’s true-” I trailed off as my dad stood up to his full height “If you consider she tried to scratch my eyes out as she screamed at me for all this mess.”

“She’s lying! She tried-”

“-Enough!” Madrid cut in. “We all heard what you did and Martim saw it happen. Don’t believe me then check out the cameras.” Madrid walked over to the console and brought up the cameras. He rewound the one with us in the other room and hit play. I stood and watched with everyone else.

When the playback was done we all turned back to Sophia. “You lied to me?” My dad asked. “You can’t lie and think you can get away with this. Your mom was right...You are a warrior not a princess, but you are acting as if this doesn’t concern you. Do you like having to run all the time? Do you not worry about the rest of us?”

Sophia was scuffing her boots on the ground. She didn’t say a word and I could tell it was not sitting well with my dad. My mom looked as if she was about to blow a gasket.

“Answer him, Sophia,” Madrid ordered as he crossed his arms over his chest. His arms were massive. He was very imitating and I could tell Sophia was about to cry.

“I’m sorry, I’m just scared. No, I don’t want to move around and I don’t want my family hurt, but I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Don’t ever lie to me again. I have a safe room in the next bunker you can stay in. I don’t need you to clam up on me when we are in the field, so you will listen to everything I say or your uncle Madrid says. There is no room for argument or you will be grounded until you are thirty and don’t think I won’t follow through,” My dad orders in a stern voice. I know her lying to him hurt him but he needed to see what she was acting like. I didn’t like seeing her in trouble but this was warranted.

“Has everyone ate?” Madrid asked as I shook my head no. I went into the kitchen and made a sandwich for Martim and I. We ate quickly and grabbed our rucksacks.

Everyone was ready and strapped as if they were going to war, well, everyone except Sophia. She had a blade and one gun but at least she had on her suit and shit kickers. I was hoping she had changed her boots. Her stupid red cowboy boots would have worn blisters on her feet after thirty-minutes of walking. I was sure my mom had her change.

I followed behind Madrid, Martim right beside me. I kept my mini screen up, watching the cameras outside the cavern we were leaving. I had a feeling the cavern wouldn’t be standing for long. I wanted to see how they would try to get in, plus I had a few surprises for them. We had made sure to tear down our equipment and take some of it with us. I had taken a few things for myself. And, I had left a few surprises, too.

“Okay, this cavern goes for about ten miles, so everyone get comfortable with walking,” my dad humoursly said as he looked at us and smirked. I smirked back at my dad, causing Madrid to chuckle. He knew I had huffed a few miles when I trained with his men - a hundred to be exact. I beat my time every time I did the course.

“Ten miles?” Sophia asked, her eyes wide as my mom glared at her. Sophia shut her mouth and ducked her head.

I noticed my dad didn’t say anything. I watched him step forward to the first part of the tunnel. I had read the blueprints for every bunker he had out in the rainforest. Not only did I want to know where they were, but I needed to know where the weapons were, how to get in and out of the tunnels, and how far apart they were. But, the first thing I needed to learn was security, how to get in without blowing myself up. I had tweaked a few things on my dad’s security without him knowing. I made sure to have a backdoor in any of his measures.

I watched as my dad pulled the screen up. I pulled up the security on my screen and put my code in, watching as my dad’s eyes widened when he heard the click of the vault door. My mom’s eyes snapped over to mine and she started laughing.

I chuckled and smiled. I knew they were surprised at what I could do but they shouldn't have been.“Hey, I had to have a backdoor in. I needed to get past all the click, click, booms.” I smirked as Madrid chuckled. All the Shadow Cat’s started laughing, tears running down their faces as I shrugged my shoulders.

“I should have known you would have a way in. I’m glad you did because this door would have blown if you had tried any other way to get in. When did you do this?” My dad asked as he chuckled.

“When you were working on the security set up. I looked over the blueprints in case one of us was taken. I wanted to know where to go to wait up for you. I got bored and found a backdoor, making sure to upload everything to my watch screen. Now, all I need to do is put my code in and viola.” My dad and the guys shook their heads at me as I smiled. I shrugged my shoulders and brought the cameras up on my screen and my smile widened.

"Uh-oh," Dragon said, causing everyone to look at me wide eyed and me to smirk.

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