Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 28 - Nine Lives?

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“When you were working on the security set up. I looked over the blueprints in case one of us was taken. I wanted to know where to go to wait up for you. I got bored and found a backdoor, making sure to upload everything to my watch screen. Now, all I need to do is put my code in and viola.” My dad and the guys shook their heads at me as I smiled. I shrugged my shoulders and brought the cameras up on my screen and my smile widened.

“Uh-oh,” Dragon said, causing everyone to look at me wide eyed and me to smirk.

Cats POV

“What’s going on with you, Cat?” Madrid asked as we walked towards me.

“Watch and learn,” I muttered, a smirk on my face. I pulled up the cameras and hit a button, watching a screen show up on the wall behind Dragon. “You might want to come over here, Dragon, or you will miss the show.” Dragon walked over to me and turned around, a surprised gasp leaving his mouth.

I watched as the twins and cartel personnel lined up some kind of weapon. “That’s mine. I made it.” He frowned. “How the hell did he get it?”

“Good question,” Madrid said, his voice trailing off as I smirked even wider.

“Do you know why, Cat,” Madrid asked as my smirk grew wider.

“Oh, yes, yes I do. I knew he was a traitor the first time I set eyes on him, so I fixed a weapon and left it on my workbench to catch him and the lady with him.” Madrid’s face became red with anger. “But, I set it up to use with our heat bands, so...They are about to get a big surprise.”

“Good.” Madrid lifted an eyebrow. I knew he wanted to know who the traitor was and I was willing to tell him but I wanted him to see who it was instead. I wasn't sure if he would believe me, a kid. But, he knew I would never lie even if it meant me getting punished. I hate liars and theives.

“You will see in a minute,” I quietly said as I watched the camera on my arm. I had to plan my next move precisely right to have the maximum benefits I wanted. The man came into view and I heard the Shadow Cat’s growl, Madrid’s growl the loudest. I kept forgetting he was a lion. It was someone they would least expect and I knew I had to prove it to them before they would have believed me. It was a lot for them to take in.

“The fucking Commanding Officer? Damn it!” Madrid growled as he kept watch. I nodded my head. There weren’t any words I could say to him. “Why didn’t you come to me?”

“I wasn’t sure you would believe me without seeing it with your own eyes,” I quietly said as I looked at him.

“You don’t lie, Cat. I would have believed you over him,” he gently told me as my eyes widened.

“Sorry, uncle Madrid. I had to make sure he would try to use it first. He was always jealous of me. He wanted to learn how to make weapons. But, my jagar told me not to believe him, that something was wrong, so I left out a lot of instructions on my weapons.” He nodded and I smiled again. “But, his weapons work.” I paused as the men looked at me. “Well, until I hit this little button here.” There was laughter in the cavern for a couple of minutes. “Hey, I had to let them think they had the whole advantage, plus, I recorded all his conversations with the twins when I gave him a watch.” They laughed louder as I chuckled evilly.

“I wouldn’t want to get on my mates bad side,” Martim whispered in my ear, my face flushing at the close proximity our bodies were. He chuckled and kissed my head. I swear he was going to be the death of me or my hormones. Every time he touched me or kissed me made my heart hammer and my body heat. I wanted him but I was also shy.

I shook my head out of my lustful thoughts. I didn’t want arousal to slip out of my body. I would never hear the end of it with the guys. “Get ready.” I watched as the ass-wipe loaded the weapon, the twins moving closer. He pulled back on the loader and let loose, but the bullets came towards them, never touching the cavern wall. I could see a lot of the men down and not moving, but the damn energizer bunnies, the twins, got back up. They were moving slowly but they got back up.

How many lives did these fuckers have?


“Shit!” I yelled, making my mate jump at my loud voice. I shook my head and watched them pull up a cannon?


I laughed at the idiot but I knew the cannon would work to open the doors. “Let’s move to two more tunnels over or we will get caught up in some falling debris, okay?” I asked as I started moving to the next tunnel entrance. I knew my dad was surprised I had learned where the tunnels lead when he took in a huge breath of shock. I wanted to laugh but I wanted to hurry more. They didn’t think the cannon would hurt us in the tunnel but we couldn’t be sure.

We made it to the tunnels and I sat up my watch as I had had it before, the picture displayed on the wall. By now the guys knew to stand against the wall I was standing by. Nobody wanted to miss what was going to happen. I wanted to make sure to see everything that happened. I wanted the twins dead for what they were doing to my family and the Shadow Cat’s. I was sure if it was Christopher who told them of me and the Shadow Cat’s. I wanted to kill him all over again, but I couldn’t. But, I could kill the woman who was with him a lot of the time, although she looked sad at times.

We watched as the cannon was positioned and a cartridge was loaded, followed by a cloth, or wad. It was rammed home by a flexible rammer and primed with gun powder. I knew it was set to fire but wouldn’t until the hammer was pulled back. We watched as they all moved back, some covering their ears and others squatting down to miss the pieces of the cavern. It was quiet for a few seconds until the leader of the cartel nodded his head, ducking down soon after. The man holding the rope squatted down and pull, the cannon going off right after.

They all rushed inside, the twins giving out orders to find us and bring the girl’s to him and his brother. I saw Sophia shudder out of the corner of my eye, knowing she was thinking about what could have happened to her. As soon as they all got to looking I noiselessly slid a door back over the door, smirking at Madrid’s shocked look. I set up all the little presents I had left and smiled widely.




The cavern imploded, the walls and roof falling down on top of them. I could see some body parts spread on the ground, but I didn’t see the twins.

“Wait? How do you still have camera footage?” Madrid exclaimed as he eyed me.

I chuckled. “I made sure to put some cameras in the walls. The walls I set them in were made to stand through anything - even a cannon blast.”

Madrid rolled his eyes, chuckling at my innocent face. “You did good, grasshopper.” I rolled my eyes at his words until I saw a section of the wall rise and two men push to their feet.

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