Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 30 -Yeah, No

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I looked over at Martim and signed our channel quickly, making sure the man didn’t see me. Martim looked at me strange but clicked his mic over. I walked over to him and leaned into his touch. I kissed him and laid my head on his shoulder by his ear. “We might have a problem with the new guy, the one with brown eyes. My jaguar is agitated by him and I can’t help but feel the same way. We need to change our channel and listen in on anything he might be saying to the cartel.” I kissed his lips again as he nodded his head.

“Come, we need to keep moving,” Martim said aloud as he tapped the palm of my hand twice - effectively letting me know he would do as I suggested.

We took to the animal highway at a slow and steady pace. I was glad the two men were not in the old bunker before we had talked about our weapons or any pertinent information. I didn’t mind the blue eyed guy knowing but it looked as if he was friends with the other man I was watching. I made sure to look at each of the men, wanting to make sure I didn’t point out I was watching him.

Why me?

“Because we can handle it. Let’s teach this bozo tiger a lesson, Cat,” my jaguar, Rowdy, said.

Cats POV

“Let’s take a quick five-minute break for water,” I voiced after we had run twenty-five miles. They all quietly sat down but I noticed the brown eyed guy had stepped away and his back was turned to me. I quietly went to the trees above his head, sliding closer to him. I could hear his conversation and made sure to look at what channel he was using to communicate with whoever he was speaking with.

I quietly slid back down the tree and signed to the guys to change their channel to the same channel I saw him speaking on. The guy’s eyes widened, even his friend. I could see the men getting angry but when the man turned back around we were all drinking our water. I knew his friend was angry at him, but he did great in acting as if he was laid back and everything was cool between them.

After five minutes we got up and started quietly walking again, the brown eyed guy trailing behind us. All of us were listening to him as he gave direction to where we were headed but he didn’t know I was leading him elsewhere. We kept going a little north but zig-zagging back east. I wanted this asshole tired and sloppy. The guys knew what I was doing because I kept getting amused faces from them.

After fifty-miles of zig-zagging we stopped for the night. I told half the group to take rest and the other half to keep watch. I stretched out close to Martim. I wasn’t going to sleep but I was watching the brown eyed guy. I knew his name was Manny but at this point I didn’t care. I was pissed at him. How in the hell had the cartel infiltrated the military? How did he get put on this team? I had a feeling Madrid knew something was wrong with him and knew I would catch onto it quickly.

I played as if I was asleep and waited on Manny to fall asleep, too. It took about two hours before he was out like a light. I was afraid he would wake up when I got up but I saw Dragon with a needle in his hand and a snicker on his face. Dragon was laid over on his side, his face even with Manny’s thigh. He stuck Manny quickly with the needle, Manny jerking awake.

Dragon slapped his arms. “Damn mosquitoes. I hate those buggers.”

“Yeah,” Manny said as he closed his eyes to sleep again.

“Yeah, I hate those buggers, too,” I said as I chuckled. “Come on, guys.”

We got up, leaving Manny on the ground. The blue eyed guy came over to me just as we were about to leave. “I didn’t know he worked for the cartel and for that I’m sorry.”

“It took me a few days to realize it. Don’t worry about it but if I find out you work with the cartel you will be worse off than Manny, got it?” I asked as he nodded. “Good. What’s your name.”

“Tesso,” he said as I stuck out my hand.

“Nice to meet you, Tesso, let’s roll.” I shook his hand and we picked up our rucksacks but I had a quick idea. “Hey, I want to tie him to the tree before we leave.”

Digger snickered and my eyes sought him out. “Already done.” My eyes widened and I turned my head away quickly. Digger had stripped the man and tied him to the tree tight. I didn’t expect him to strip the guys,, but it was a great way of embarrassing him. I knew my cheeks were red but I didn’t care at the moment.

“We need to pick up our pace today. I don’t want him to tell the cartel where we were headed. I saw Digger take out the earwig I had given to the traitor, taking his mic and radio too. Digger went through the man’s rucksack, pulling out weapons we didn’t usually carry. The man had TNT, fuses, a few extra blades, and something in needles. I saw Digger take a sniff of them and recoil, chewing his lip.

“Fuck! He was going to render us useless and drug you, Cat,” Digger snarled.

I shrugged my shoulder and walked over to Manny. I kicked him in the groin, knowing he would notice it when he woke up. I turned around and picked up my rucksack as the men laughed quietly. I noticed Digger had picked up both his and Manny’s rucksack and titled my head to the side.

“He’s got a few dangerous things in here and I like a lot of them,” Digger whispered as I chuckled at his words.

I shook my head and led the team to the bunker, moving quietly. I pulled back after I had a feeling someone was close. I pointed to the trees on either side of the men coming, but the men looked at me confused. I rolled my eyes and signed that we had men coming. Everyone soon dispersed to their trees and blended into the foliage.

I hid, closing my eyes in a squint as I listened to them walking through the rainforest. They were sloppy, noisy. I don't know what they were taught by Martim but i was sure it wasn't how to be quiet when stalking their prey. Martim was too quiet when he walked, something I had noticed when I first met him. These men were useless in the art of war. They would be dead in two seconds if they were on my team or any of the other teams.

I saw the three men walking through and poking the underbrush and ground with the barrel of their guns. I rolled my eyes. I knew they were ruining their barrels but I wasn’t going to tell them that. I watched as they sat on the ground beneath us, not once looking into the trees.


I know my mom told me they were dumb but I didn’t expect them to be this dumb. The guys sat down and pulled out some sandwiches. I was annoyed they were eating under the tree we were waiting in. I wanted to get to the bunker before the twins found us.

“Did you see the picture of the girl, Cat, the twins were passing around?” The guys nodded. “I would do her in a heartbeat.” I wanted to barf. Did he really think I would be that easy?

Yeah, no

“Yeah, but the twins want to be the ones who break her in. They figured they can break her if they fuck her and she will listen to everything they say,” another man murmured, causing one of the jaguars to look at him in anger.

It will work. She’s just a little girl. She can’t put up much of a fight and they will slap any negative thoughts out of her mind. I hope they share her with us afterwards,,” the first man said, a smug smile on his face.

I looked at the guys, fire in my eyes. They knew what I was about to do but I didn’t have enough time to do anything when I heard voices in the distance. I looked at the guys wide eyed.

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