Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 32 - Double Trouble


I know my mom told me they were dumb but I didn’t expect them to be this dumb. The guys sat down and pulled out some sandwiches. I was annoyed they were eating under the tree we were waiting in. I wanted to get to the bunker before the twins found us.

“Did you see the picture of the girl, Cat, the twins were passing around?” The guys nodded. “I would do her in a heartbeat.” I wanted to barf. Did he really think I would be that easy?

Yeah, no

“Yeah, but the twins want to be the ones who break her in. They figured they can break her if they fuck her and she will listen to everything they say,” another man murmured, causing one of the jaguars to look at him in anger.

“It will work. She’s just a little girl. She can’t put up much of a fight and they will slap any negative thoughts out of her mind. I hope they share her with us afterwards,,” the first man said, a smug smile on his face.

I looked at the guys, fire in my eyes. They knew what I was about to do but I didn’t have enough time to do anything when I heard voices in the distance. I looked at the guys wide eyed...

Cats POV

I looked at the guys, fire in my eyes. They knew what I was about to do but I didn’t have enough time to do anything when I heard voices in the distance. I looked at the guys wide eyed, knowing the twins were coming. I quietly tossed some scent masking spray, one you couldn’t smell anything with. It completely hides your scent, leaving nothing of you behind.

We took to the higher branches in the trees, hiding amongst the foliage. I squinted my eyes, the Shadow Cat’s doing the same. I was happy to see the new guy, Tesso, doing the same.We became statues, no sounding coming from us. We didn’t want to come up against the twins quite yet. We needed more of a plan before we met up with them. I could tell my jaguar was wanting to rip off their heads, but she settled when I let her know we would soon.

The twins berated the men on the ground, telling them to find us. I could tell they weren’t happy with their lazy men, but they needed them to help search. The men got up and dusted off their clothes and moved away quickly.

“Dumb ass shits,” the enforcer spat out. “I’m going to kill them when we find the girls. They are lazy and don’t want to listen.”

“Good. I wanted to kill them a long time ago but you said to wait,” I heard the cartel leader say. I liked their lazy piss ants. It helped us. We waited until they moved out of sight, my ears swiveling and making sure the men were really gone. We waited another twenty-minutes before quietly leaving.

We made it to the bunker and the guys looked at me weirdly when I stopped. They looked around and shook their heads as I quietly snickered. I pulled up the screen on my wrist and typed in my code. A screen popped up from the ground, the guys jumping back because of the sound. I scanned my eye and fingerprint, the hatch opening as soon as I was done. We climbed down the ladder and the guys waited on me to show them where to go. I typed in another code, effectively closing the hatch above us, knowing the hatch would be hit with a carpet of twigs and leaves.

The guys raised their eyebrow at me, Dragon chuckling. “I need you to follow in my footsteps exactly. Don’t miss a step or we won’t find all your body parts.”

Tesso looked scared but he followed every step I made. We finally made it to a wall that was blocking our way, the men eyeing me as if I didn’t know what I was doing. I huffed and pushed the symbols the correct way. The wall slid to the side noiseless. We walked into the large chamber and sat our rucksacks against the wall.

“We beat your parents to the bunker,” Dragon stated.

“Yeah, I would let them know I’m here but I know Manny told them the channel we were using. The twins would be listening in and I don’t want my parents to give any information away. I guess I could send a morse code message to them but the twins would know how to interpret it, too,” I confessed as I sat down at the table. “I’m still going to listen to them and answer messages by clicking.”

“Sounds good.” Digger looked around the cavern. “Is there any food in here?”

All of us looked at him blankly. “You aren’t cooking,” we all stated as I got up off the bench and went to the kitchen.

“Why?” He whined. “Give a guy a break. I set the kitchen on fire one time and now you don’t trust me to cook.”

I nodded my head and gestured for him to go sit down at the table, all the guys letting out an exhale at him turning away from the kitchen. I chuckled and pulled out ingredients to make chicken and dumplings. I knew it would be hearty and easy for me to fix. The only hard part was making the dumplings by hand, but I had a great process to make them.

I found some chicken in the freezer. It had already been cooked and pulled off the bone. I threw four packages in the microwave and set it to defrost. I pulled out some cream of chicken soup and carrots. I went to another box and pulled out some chicken broth, getting a pan to heat it up with. As the chicken broth was heating up I pulled out the flour, baking soda, and baking powder. I measured them and mixed them up in the bowl, adding salt and pepper. I took out some of the chicken broth and added into the bowl, mixing everything together.

“What are you making?” Martim asked as he walked up.

“Chicken and dumplings.” I looked over at him. “Do you want to help?” He nodded his head and I showed him how to mix everything together. As he was mixing everything together I grabbed some wax paper and spread it all over the island, sprinkling flour all over it. I grabbed two rolling pins and handed one to Martim, showing him how to add flour to the moist mix. I showed him how to knead everything together to get the consistency of dough. I was rolling my dough and watching Martim do his. I laughed a couple of times when the rolling pin rolled out of his hands, but for the most part he did a great job.

Once the dumplings were in the broth Martim and I set the table. I walked back over to the big pot and stirred it, adding the carrots and cream of chicken to the mix. I cleaned up the counter and made some cornbread as I waited on the dumplings to be the right consistency. It only took another twenty-minutes until everything was ready.

I had just sat the cornbread on the table when I heard talking, a voice I knew all too well. “But, why do I have to stay here alone? One of the guys can stay with me,” she whined.

I rolled my eyes and hid around a corner. I was so tired of her shit and wanted her to toughen up. I don’t think she understood how serious everything was and I didn’t know why. I waited, hearing their footsteps coming closer.

As soon as they came around the corner I stepped out behind Sophia. “Boom, you’re dead,” I quietly whispered.

Sophia screamed and jumped. “Wha-”

My mom rolled her eyes and chuckled as Sophia turned around. “That wasn’t funny, Cat!” She exclaimed as she stomped her foot.

“You need to be aware of your surroundings. What would have happened if the cartel managed to get in here?” I slowly said, wanting to aggravate her more.

Sophia huffed and walked away. I looked up and my mom was stuffing her face. I chuckled and walked back over to my meal. “How much did she whine and drive you crazy?” I whispered to my mom.

“You don’t even want to know. She almost got us picked off by the twins,” my mom whispered back.

I shook my head and dug into my meal, Madrid and the rest of the guys joining us. I listened as they talked and heard Sophia’s name come up. I noticed she wasn’t at the table and I wondered where she was at. I flipped the screen on my watch and hacked into our security system, noticing she was eating in a room as she watched something on her phone.

“Uh, I thought Sophia was told to leave her phone somewhere,” I commented.

My dad and Madrid stood up and walked over to me. I shot the screen onto the wall in front of me and turned the sound up, hearing Sophia as she talked. “Yeah, it’s boring here. I just want to go home but no one wants me to. It’s so unfair.” She paused. “Yeah, she’s here somewhere. She’s being annoying. She thinks she is so tough, I mean, who does she think she is? She’s not anyone important but she thinks she is a hot shot.” She paused again. “Oh, I can’t wait to see you again. Yeah, I’m ready to go to the next step with you.”

I quickly pulled up her call log and traced the call back to…”What the actual fuck?”

Oh, shit!

Double Trouble

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