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Chapter 34 - Fake Tears & Fireworks

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, JoJo Sprout, and N.Y.O.B. Thank you all for commenting. I love all of them. They make me laugh, they make me think, and they make my heart happy.


I walked out of the vault, lifting my rucksack and throwing it on my back, making sure I had all my weapons on my body. I walked by a crying Sophia and didn’t stop. She didn’t want me to talk to her at the moment. What was I going to say to her? I knew a few choice words to say, but it wouldn’t help.

“Sophia!” My mom yelled. “Get your shit and get ready to bug out.” She paused. “And, stop your crying now!” Sophia got up and ran to the room she was in before. She came back with her rucksack and stood against the wall. I noticed she had washed her face and her tears had dried up, making me think she was fake crying to get attention.

I walked by her and stopped. “Faker,” I hissed. I turned to everyone. “Everyone ready to follow me?” They all nodded as Sophia huffed.

“Stop, Sophia! It’s because of your actions we are having to leave now. I hope you are ready to huff it for another hundred or so miles,” my mom ordered as Sophia’s eyes widened at the miles.


“No!” Was all my mom yelled as I walked to the pantry. I pulled up my security screen and typed in the code. I scanned my eye and finger on my screen and the door clicked open.

“Woah,” Tesso breathed out

I laughed and walked through, disabling all the security measures, everyone following me. I made sure to set the security back in the tunnels we passed. I was glad I had made the tunnels. I still had some surprises left, but I wouldn’t say anything until we needed them. Madrid didn’t know how much I had changed some of his plans, hell, at the time I didn’t know why I changed some of them and added others. I was just glad I did.


Cats POV

“So, these tunnels split, one going east and one going west-” I tried to say as I grabbed the wall as the ground shook beneath us. I pulled up the screen on my watch and looked at the cameras. The cartel was trying to get into the bunker by any means possible. The ground shook again as the fuckers set off dynamite, denting the hatch in the process.

“Come on, we need to get out of the tunnels,” Madrid said as he scooped up Sophia and we started running. It didn’t take us long to get to the tunnels that split. I had the same team with me as before and I could have done a happy dance.

I opened the tunnels and we all scrambled inside as the ground shook beneath our feet again. We ran all the way to the hatch and stopped. I brought up the security screen and typed in codes to set up my explosives.

“Come on, Cat, what are we waiting for?” Dragon asked as he grabbed my hand.

I smiled at him. “I’m leaving them a little surprise. Let’s go.” We scrambled up the hatch and looked around. As soon as we saw the coast was clear we ran out, our bodies low to the ground. All of us climbed a tree, but I stopped and smirked.

“Uh-oh,” Digger commented as I pointed towards the way we came. I watched on my screen until a lot of men were in the bunker. I closed the extra security hatch and locked them inside. I could tell they were panicking inside as well as outside. I snickered and clicked on a symbol shaped like a bomb, the men snickering behind me.

“Are you guys out of the tunnel?” I asked my dad, making sure we were on a new channel and the cartel were locked out of it.

“Yes, we are a couple miles away, why?” My dad asked.

“Get ready to see a great fireworks show,” I told him as I chuckled quietly.

“Go,” was all I heard Madrid say.




“Blast off.”

There was a huge explosion. A huge fireball. Debris flew high in the air, looking as if it was shot from a cannon. The ground shook hard, little tremors following as the bunker settled. It was so loud the animals protested and ran. I turned around and looked at the guys, a smirk on my face.

I pulled up the cameras on the outside of the bunker, watching as the twins screamed and cursed. I could tell they were pissed from losing more men. They were barking orders at the men, wanting them to search the bunker. When one of the men had asked what bunker he was killed instantly. The rest of the men didn’t question them.

“What if they find the weapons?” Eagle asked as he watched the camera feed.

I smiled. “The weapons were all destroyed. It’s why it took me so long in the weapons vault. And, why I loaded up my rucksack with weapons and a few extra surprises. Come on, we need to get out of here.”

“Should have known,” Eagle remarked as I led them into the trees. I scoped the area out carefully. I wanted to make sure there weren’t any of the cartel grunts around.

I nodded at the men and we ran through the trees. We never made a sound. Our breaths were light as well as our heartbeat. It was the reason we trained as hard as we did. It kept our lungs healthy, our bodies fit, and our hearts strong. We ran thirty miles before we had to stop due to three of the cartel’s little bitches. They were sitting under some trees, laying back as if they had all the time in the world.

I signed for the men to lay on their stomachs as we waited and listened in to their conversation. “Did you see her picture?” One little bitch asked as he pulled out my picture from his pocket.

A recent picture


“Yeah, she’s beautiful. I wouldn’t mind doing her, but I don’t want my ass handed to me by the twins. For some reason they want the girls bad and I don’t know why,” another bastard commented as I narrowed my eyes on them.

“They don’t have to know, man,” the little bitch commented.

We need to kill them now, Cat, we’ve got more headed this way. They are about thirty-minutes away and it’s the twins,” my jaguar, Rowdy, told me. I looked over to the men and signed that the twins would be here in thirty and we needed to kill and hide these guys.

I slithered down the tree, settling close to them. “Can I see the picture?” I asked as the men whipped around their heads, their mouths open in shock.

“Hi, fuckers,” I said quietly as I sliced the guy, closest to me, throat, smiling as if I were crazy. The other two men scrambled to their feet, their shock wearing off. I saw one reaching slowly to his rado, but before he could, Martim sliced his throat, pulling into the bushes behind him. “Ooh, it’s just you and me now.” I smirked and walked slowly to him, palming a blade.

The guy I was facing was the one wanting to rape me and I had a special surprise for him. I leaned over and breathed in his face, as if I was going to kiss him. I stabbed him in his junk, making sure to cover his mouth with my hand. I sliced all the way up to his sternum and pushed him backwards. He was dead before he hit the ground.

“Well, that was gory or anything,” Doc commented as I turned around. All the men were holding their junk, their eyes wide and faces pale.

“Come on, you had to know I would do something like that. He was talking about raping me,” I said as I reached into my rucksack and wiped my hands off, making sure to put the bloody towel in a plastic zip lock bag. We quickly pulled on the men in the same place, a place with a lot of brush and dead-fall. We doused them with our scent masking spray, making sure we sprayed ourselves again.

“Let’s go,” Martim ordered as we turned towards him. “Sorry, we need to get out of here and quickly.”

We grabbed our rucksacks and the men “Uh, I sensitized our smells and put it in small valves. I had to work up Sophia’s anger to get her to sweat, but everyone else was easy.”

We had to stop several times to dispose of some of the men. We didn’t want to get rid of all of them, just the stupid ones, the ones who were lazy and didn’t care what happened to me. I knew I couldn’t slit all of them from their privates to their sternum, but damn if I didn’t want to. I couldn’t understand how some men could be so depraved. What happened in their lives to make them the way they were? I know I heard one of the men talking about his slut of a mother and it made me sad. I wondered if his mother had a choice or not in how she acted. I was sure she didn’t.

After another thirty-five miles I stopped and listened around the area, not catching any sound. I sniffed the air and couldn’t smell anything. But, there was something keeping me from moving, a six sense or something. I knew something was watching the bunker. I just couldn’t see who or what and it was making jittery.

“There’s someone watching,” I mouthed to the men. We parted and moved to surround whoever was out there. I kept my eyes and ears on a swivel, not moving my head quickly. I stalked into position. I never made a sound as I moved slowly. Every step or belly crawl was done carefully. I knew the guys were doing the same thing I was doing. I peeped my head around a tree quickly. I pulled back just as quickly.

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