Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 4 - Brotherly Love


I pulled my backpack on my back and jumped on the rope, repelling headfirst down the rope. Call me crazy but I loved working my muscles and this was one of the ways to do it. It was harder repelling upside down.

As soon as I got close to the floor, I let go of the rope and flipped, landing softly on my feet.

Catlettis POV

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I jumped up and grabbed the ledge to the right of me, pulling myself up and watching as an arrow went through the place I was standing. I pulled out a monitor and put my code in, scanning hand in the next monitor to show up. I cut off the boobytraps and turned on the lights.

I decided I was going to cook some spaghetti for our meal. It made a lot and would be easy to cook. I grabbed the hamburger meat out of the freezer and stuck it in the microwave on defrost as I pulled out three onions. I chopped the onions and grabbed three bell peppers, chopping them as well. I pulled the meat out of the microwave and put them in a huge pot, frying the meat with the onions and peppers.

I walked over and grabbed the garlic powder and oregano, adding them to the meat. I walked over to the other footlocker and grabbed four cans of diced tomatoes and four cans of spaghetti sauce, pouring them all in the meat mixture. I grabbed three packets of spaghetti mix and sat it down on the counter.

I grabbed another big pot and added water, adding a cap full of oil to the pot, turning the burner to high. I walked back over to the meat mixture and pulled a big bowl to me, mixing the spaghetti mix into water. As soon as I was done with the mixture I put it in the meat and stirred it around. Now, all I needed to do was let the mixture thicken up and to add the noodles to the other pan.

I broke up five packs of noodles and stirred them around. It was a good time as any to set the table. I grabbed the paper plates and plastic glasses, setting them around the table.

“Do you need some help?” Eagle asked.

I nodded my head. “If you can cut the bread up it would be great. I just about have everything else done.”

Eagle cut up the bread as I checked on the spaghetti and checked the noodles. I grabbed a spaghetti ladle and added all the noodles to the spaghetti mix, stirring everything together.

I carried the mixture to the table, Warrior putting a towel under the pot. Eagle walked over to the table with the bread and butter as I sat down.

“This smells wonderful,” Dragon told me as he made a plate and passed it to me. “The cook gets the first plate.” He smirked at me, expecting me to make a fuss about it, but I took the plate and starting eating it.

I could tell everyone else loved my spaghetti when no one made a sound. No one talked at all, it was if they couldn’t do anything but stuff their faces full of goodness. I wanted to laugh but it would take a little effort and would make me have to stop eating.

As if.

When everyone was done eating they threw their plates and cups away, all except my brother.

“Here you can take it.” My brother smirked at me. “It’s woman work anyway.”

I smiled and walked over to him, picking up his plate and cup. I made him think I was going to take his shit to the kitchen but I turned around and unloaded everything on his head.

“Do it yourself, you brat. I was nice enough to cook while I was injured. In case you didn’t smell the blood from my shoulder and all,” I sarcastically said as I turned and walked to the kitchen, knowing he was going to be mad as hell.

Cruz ran after me, intent on injuring me further but he didn’t get close before my dad threw his arm out, knocking Cruz to the ground by his throat.

I watched as my dad leaned down. “Didn’t she tell you she was hurt? What is wrong with you?”

I watched Cruz lay on the, coughing his fool head off. I decided to be nice and bring him a plastic cup of water. “Here. Drink it slowly and you’ll be okay. I rose to my feet and went back over to the table to wipe it down. All the guys had picked up the rest of the plates, the pot, and plastic cups.

I could hear my brother being chastised. I guess my dad knew Cruz was going to act the way he had been for the last couple of months. He was always trying to test my boundaries, and I for one was tired of his shit. He was the same age as me but he acted as if he was four and not sixteen. I couldn’t understand him at all, but I didn’t understand Sophia either. I knew she was a girly-girl but she had the same training as I did, didn’t she?

I put the rag in the sink and sat down at the table, waiting on my dad or mom to fix my shoulder. It was starting to burn as if it had a hot poker against it. I must have made a sound, but the pain was intensifying. I knew there had to be something wrong with it.

“Quick, someone take my blood and have it analysed, something is wrong with my shoulder. It’s blazing with white, hot pain,” I slurred, my head starting to spin and black dots were spinning out of control, making me sick. I threw up and there was some kind of flake in my vomit, the pain intensifying from white hot pain to hell

My dad ran over to me, catching me before I fell back and started convulsing. “Bring me the red pack by the computers.” When no one moved he sighed. “Now! She will die if I don’t give her the antidote.” It was as if the Shadow Cats were in a race to get to the bag the quickest. Warrior grabbed it and ran back over with lightning speed.

I was almost unconscious when my dad stabbed me with the biggest needle I had ever seen. But, it wasn’t the needle size that hurt, oh no, it was where he stabbed me. You guessed it, right into my shoulder wound. I tried not to make a sound but a scream slipped past my lips as if my body had a mind of its own. I was embarrassed because I have never screamed in my life. I always took a beating and kept ticking. Hell, my nickname was Everyready battery because I was like the rabbit in the commercial. I kept going and going, never once complaining.

My body started cooling down, the black spots lessening. I could breathe again and did with gusto. I felt as if I had been holding my breath for an eternity. I didn’t want to lay on my dad anymore, so I sat up and looked around me, the guys faces were pale but they all smiled at me.

I looked back at my dad. “What the hell was the stuff in my system?”

“It’s a compound the cartel are using now. It’s to keep their cats in line or for us, I guess. I’ve been making an antidote since I found out about it,” my dad told me as he got off the ground and held a hand out to me.

“How did you find out about it?” Madrid asked as he walked into the bunker, making Sophia and Cruz jump, and me to smile. I smelt him before I saw him, so I knew he was here.

“My contacts in Brazil told me about it and sent me a sample. Their people are dying and I kinda promised them I would send some of the antidote to them.” My dad smiled. “Surprise.”

Madrid laughed at my dad. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m very happy you made it and are helping others. Does the antidote keep giving or do you need to use it each time?”

“Nope,” my dad said cheekily, popping the p. “Once you give the antidote you are covered forever. I made sure to bring a lot of it with me, so I could stab a needle into everyone.” My dad smiled at all the guys, giving me a cheeky wink.

What? You mean I don’t get to injure them and then stab it in the wound? How unfair is that?” I asked as the guys shuddered, making me laugh.

“You are vindictive. I’m still stuck on your dad stabbing me with a huge needle. I-” Flirt tried to say as my mom laughed.

“-who said my mate was going to give the shot?” I started laughing as the men started backing up. I saw Madrid smile and shake his head at his men.

“Come on, men, are you Shadow Cats or are you scaredy cats?” I heard Madrid ask his men, causing my mom, dad, and I to snort in amusement. I wondered briefly if my other siblings were adopted or not, they never found stuff funny, it was if they didn’t know how to have fun.

Madrid walked over and stuck his arm out, shaking his head at his men. I could tell he was amused at his men standing against the walls, acting as if they were chickens. I decided to mess with them and made a sound as if I was a chicken, startling the men and making me laugh. I could sound as if there was a live chicken around us but I could make more animal sounds than those, but I think I’ll keep those to myself. The boys were not amused at my chicken impersonation.

“I’ll show you chicken at our next training session, Cat,” Warrior stated, looking at me in challenge.

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