Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 43 - Sorry Excuse


Cruz’s POV

I was told Sophia and I were going to train with Cat and Madrid today, so I showed up at Sophia’s door with Madrid and Cat. I could hear my dad berating my sister for her actions and I knew we needed to do better than we had been.

We finally made it to a training center and were told about our weapons - which i wasn’t listening to. We were to try throwing blades first. I went first and threw mine in the bullseyes. We watched Sophia go next - which was an epic fail. She did better when Cat asked her to use her jaguar, but she still didn’t get them all in the bullseye.

We walked over to the gun range and were told about our weapons, but I was excited to show everyone how well I could shoot and I didn’t listen. Sophia got her weapon and said she wanted her ink today. I wanted mine to and said so. We lined up and I picked up a gun, but before I could shoot Cat threw a blade, knocking the weapon out of my hand. I was mad at her for almost hitting me and told her so. She threw me a band and told me to match up the weapons or I could be killed using the wrong one. I wanted to walk over to her and rip her head clean off of her shoulders. She didn't need to be so nasty to me.

We started shooting and I couldn’t hit the bullseye for nothing. I was getting pissed. I was positive Cat gave me a defective weapon so Sophia could show me up. Sophia didn’t have a problem with her shots and it made me fume even more. But, when Eagle wanted to have a shooting competition we stopped to watch Cat show off. I could only hope she fell and hurt herself.

Shut up! You are blaming everything on our sister when it’s your fault. I told you we should have practiced more, but you wanted to be a lazy ass and fuck around. You thought doing drugs were a better idea! Now, do you understand why I told you to man up?” My jaguar screamed at me. I blocked him and watched Cat get into a harness and take her shot, Eagle following and hitting the bullseye too. Cat got back in the harness and it started raising up and spinning. She took the shot and hit the bullseye again. When it was Eagle’s turn he couldn’t hit the target and ended up puking.

I told Cat I could do the shot as my jaguar was screaming at me for being stupid. But, I knew I could do it. She couldn’t be good at everything. I was the man and she was a girl who couldn’t tie her shoes without getting praise from our parents. I was lifted in the air and I tried to take the shot but ended up puking instead. I was mad at her for speeding up the spin, but she told me it only one speed. Right. No one said anything until my parents showed up and started downing me, telling me I needed to clean up my own puke. Cat’s should have been the one cleaning my puke up. I don't care what she said about the speed of the harness, she sped it up.

My dad talked down to me and told me to quit acting jealous. He told me he loved me very much and wanted me to become a better man, but I needed to get over my little boy stage quickly. I cleaned up all the puke and went to my room. I picked up my phone, one I had hid very well, and called up the twins. I told them what I wanted and told them where we were. I gave them the codes to get into the bunker and then hid my phone.

The next morning I was sleeping, dreaming of the money I would get from the cartel. I was dreaming of the hell Cat would be put through. All of a sudden, my covers were pulled off my bed and I was pulled up. I looked up and saw my uncle Madrid scowling at me, asking why I was late to training.

I got dressed and walked into the main bunker and looked around. I didn’t see Sophia anywhere and got mad. Why wasn’t she here? Why wasn’t she pulled out of bed? Sophia walked around the corner and sat down at the table. I could tell it was planned and Cat had made sure to let me know Sophia had gotten up and was ready to train first.

I was told I couldn't shoot and would hit one of them. I was told we were going to fight and I wanted to prove myself. I could take Cat. I was stronger than her. I was a man and she was a little girl.

After Cat started fighting and I got hit a few times, it was suggested that Cat use a blindfold against me. I let out a soft breath. I didn't expect her to be as good as she was, but I knew better than to say anything. All I could think about was how I was going to kick her ass. It would be a lot easier to hit her with the blindfold over her eyes.

We got back in the center of the fighting ring. I taunted Cat again, calling her a bitch. I wanted to make her mad and mess her up. But, she never said a thing back. She stood in her fighting stance and waited for me to move. I ran at her and tried to hit her but she was fast. There was no way she couldn't see me. She was cheating. I got clocked in the face, breaking my nose and knocking me out. I came to and Doc was getting up and walking off.

For another few minutes I got to hear my mom yell at me. I got to hear tell me I was acting stupid, that I was acting as if I were a child. I never said a word back to my mom and I wasn't going to. When my mom was done yelling at me she walked off and left me. No one said anything about our fight and I wasn't going to bring up Cat's cheating ass.

I was pissed at Cat and decided to get back at her. I snuck into her room and started tearing up everything. I used my claws to tear up her bedding, pillows, and her rucksack. I broke all the weapons in her bag too. I wrote words on her walls, words I knew would piss her off. I wanted my parents to see her get mad and throw a fit. I wanted them to see her act like Sophia.

"All you are going to see is your ass getting beat. How can you be so stupid. I told you to quit taking drugs. How they would screw up your brain, but no, you had to be a drugging and screw-up," My jaguar screamed at me again. He was ridiculous, hell, he wouldn't even tell me his name.

I walked off and went to my bedroom and sat on my bed. I heard someone yell about how pissed off Cat was going to be and lowly chuckled. It was funny, but Cat didn’t throw a fit like I thought she would. I couldn't understand why she took everything in stride. How she never really got mad. I walked back to the main cavern and sat down, smiling inwardly. I wanted to laugh as if I was a crazy person. It was funny.

My mom, dad, Cat, and the Shadow Cat’s walked back into the main cavern and glared at me. They started yelling at me and talking to Cat about having cells in the cavern. I didn’t think she would have any, but I should have known she would have thought of everything Cat showed our parents where the cells were and walked off. I knew she was too chicken to confront me.

“What is wrong with you? You were doing great with training and now you want to slack off, blaming Cat for everything. Do you realize you are being the princess Sophia had been?” I heard Madrid ask as me.

“It’s always been Cat. She’s your favorite child or neice. You never showed me you were proud of me as you have her,” I told my uncle Madrid. I couldn’t understand why he would yell at me, it was only a joke. A harmless joke at that.

Madrid sighed. “We don’t play favorites.” He paused and took in a deep breath. “We praise hard work, loyalty, initiative. Which one of these have you done? Even Sophia is putting in the hard work to make herself stronger and you’ve taken the place as princess.”

“No I haven’t. Sophia’s only doing this to get attention!” I yelled, causing them to wince, but did I give a shit? No! They deserved it for ignoring Sophia and I. Cat always got praised. She couldn’t do anything wrong.

Goody two shoes

Sophia walked around the corner. “I’m not doing this for attention. I want to be able to protect myself and my family. I realized I had been a brat for too long. I wanted to change." She paused and tilted her head to the side. "No, I needed to change. I don’t want to be that weak little girl who fails to protect her family,” I heard her say. I rolled my eyes at her words. Did she think she could be as good Cat?

Not happening

“You are here, so your shadow has to be close. Come out, Cat, if you dare,” I taunted as Cat walked around the corner. “There’s the favorite. I can’t wait for our surprise to show up and do with you what they want.”

“You, asshole, they will kill everyone else off, including you! It doesn’t matter if you have a deal with them or not!” Cat yelled. She gave me a disgusted look. “How about we leave you to them?”

She put a screen up on the wall behind my parents and turned up the sound. She had taped me talking to the cartel. I thought I had covered all the cameras. I should have known she would be sneaky. Everyone turned back around and glared at me. I could tell my parents were disappointed in me, but I didn’t care. I would have a lot of money to disappear and do my own thing. I wouldn’t have to work again and could be as lazy as I wanted. Hell, I could buy a whore every night and be fine.

“You just made the biggest mistake of your life.” Cat said and turned to Doc. “Can you give him something to knock him out?” Doc nodded but looked at my parents for their approval. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them nod their heads. They were going to drug me and leave here for the cartel. They would get me killed. The twins didn’t have to pay me any money if they killed me first. I was going to be the pig, apple in my mouth, waiting to be roasted.

Hell no

I backed up to the wall. “You are not knocking me out! I will be at the mercy of the cartel when they come!”

“Just like you were going to do to us?” Sophia asked, anger on her face.

I knew if they touched me with the needle I wasn’t going to be out long. I had been stealing morphine and other drugs for pain from any med kit I could find. I knew I needed more than a little bit to knock me out, but I didn’t want to be loopy at all. I needed to get out of here before the cartel came. I fought the guys, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good.

I don’t know how long I slept but when I woke up I was in another cell. I didn’t know where everyone else was. I looked around me and noticed I had a good bed, a toilet and sink, and plenty of food and games. I had a tv attached to the cell, but the guts were on the outside, not that I knew how to rig anything. They left me, they really left me.

What the hell?

I didn’t know if they would come back and get me out of the cell. What would happen if they were killed? I would die in this cell. I started screaming and kicking the bars, but my screams bounced back at me, so Cat struck again.

Stupid bitch

You are the stupid bitch! Do you know what’s going to happen if they come get us out of here? We will go to jail, you idiot!” My jaguar screamed at me.

I didn’t know what to do, but I wasn’t going to be in here for long if the cartel blew up the bunker. I should have never called them. I should have never got mad, but I did and now I was going to die. I wanted to apologize, but I would probably never get to.

"So, now you want to apologize for your stupidity? You were going to hand over our family, our sisters, to the cartel. They would have killed the rest of our family and raped our sister's. You are so fucking dumb. Some one please tell how I got the dumbass as my human?" My jaguar lamented. ""Well, it was nice knowing you. Not!"

I cried and screamed at my stupid self, apologizing over and over again. I didn’t know if Cat could see me in my cell, but I needed to let her know how sorry I was. I was doing so good and then I turned into Sophia and acted as if I were a little bitch. My jaguar was right to scold me.

I cried for two hours. I was sorry. I was a sorry excuse for a man, a sorry excuse for a son, a sorry excuse for a brother. I let my anger get the best of me. I knew if I would have trained with Cat I would have been better. My parents and Cat would be proud of me. Now, I don't know if they would ever forgive or come back to get me out of here.

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